San Diego Zoo Discount: 6 Ways to Save Up to 83% Off

Ready to embark on a wild adventure to the globally renowned San Diego Zoo? Set the course for a roaringly affordable journey, learn insider tips to navigate through the zoo, and explore nearby nests to retreat in after your day of exploration to make your visit simply unforgettable!

Set in a vibrant, lush urban oasis just a couple of hours from Los Angeles, the world famous San Diego Zoo is unmistakably a must-visit attraction for kids and adults alike. Your days will swiftly go by as you journey through its 100 acres of captivating botanic gardens, housing over 650 species of awe-inspiring animals.

If you’re planning a visit, follow along to discover various San Diego Zoo tickets discount options. From exclusive deals to membership perks, get ready to experience the best of nature at a budget-friendly price.

With these San Diego Zoo discounts, your adventure among majestic animals and intriguing exhibits awaits. Read on, and let’s make your dream trip to the fabulous San Diego Zoo a reality!

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San Diego Zoo Discount Tickets

An excellent strategy to save on your San Diego Zoo adventure is pre-purchasing your tickets! This is the optimal method to secure the most recent discount San Diego Zoo tickets.

Evade the queues and stress of on-the-day purchasing when the opportunity to reserve your tickets awaits you right now. Pssst…searching for the best discounted San Diego Zoo tickets?

Consider upgrading your San Diego 1-day pass to the 2-day/2 park pass and save up to $10 per ticket. Keep in mind that any day pass grants you access to:

  • Guided Bus Tour
  • Kangaroo Express Bus
  • Skyfari Aerial Tram
  • And all shows and exhibits
Close up of a family looking at a Polar Bear on a Inside Look Tour at San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California, USA
photo credit: San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Memberships

Interested in regularly unlocking the many attractions of the San Diego Zoo? The San Diego Zoo membership card might be your answer. It can convert your one- or two-day pass into an annual subscription.

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This applies perfectly if you’re a resident of the lively city or are aiming to nurture a lifelong admiration for wildlife. With a myriad of membership offers to navigate, you can gear up for repeated encounters with giraffes, jaguars, and gorillas, among others.

San Diego Zoo Resident Memberships

Embark on a year-round wildlife adventure with the San Diego Resident or San Diego Resident Premium Membership, offering access to San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The premium membership provides unlimited entry to both parks without any blackout dates.

Plus, they both offer:

  • Guided Bus Tour and Kangaroo Bus access
  • Rides on the Skyfari Aerial and Africa Trams
  • Two 50% off admission coupons
  • And a 5% Wild Perks℠ discount on Zoo food and merchandise

To check if you are eligible for the boundless local celebrations and safari adventures, input your zip code here. Note that to reap all the benefits of this membership, it’s vital that the zip code you provide matches your billing zip code.

*Please note that the San Diego Resident Membership does not cover visits on weekends and holidays. For a full overview of the dates when admission isn’t available, see the comprehensive list of blackout dates.

Close up of the San Diego Zoo tiger statue and sign in San Diego, California, USA
photo credit: San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorer Pass

Looking for the perfect way to thrill the young animal enthusiasts in your life? Inspire their curiosity and love for wildlife by choosing a San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorer Pass.

This one-of-a-kind San Diego Zoo pass provides children aged between 3-17 with unlimited access to both the zoo and safari park all year round.

With additional access to the Aerial and Africa Trams, they can observe the zoological and botanical wonders from a bird’s eye view for a more affordable San Diego Zoo cost.

Pro Tip: Visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park and San Diego Zoo. Be sure to check the current San Diego Zoo hours and Safari Park hours to plan your trip accordingly.

The San Diego Zoo is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and the Safari Park operates from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Protector

Who says zoos are just for kids? Adults, too, can appreciate the timeless joy offered by San Diego Zoo with its Wildlife Protector Pass.

With this, visitors get the chance to linger in the mesmerizing presence of playful lemurs or have a heartwarming experience cooing at the zoo’s cuddly grizzly bears all year round.

In addition, this pass also provides:

  • Guided Bus Tour and Kangaroo Bus access
  • Two 50% off admission coupons
  • A SDZWA Journal subscription

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  • One Complimentary Guest Pass
  • Complimentary general parking
  • Use of a special donor entrance
  • And a Wild Perks℠ 10% discount on food, merchandise, and more during each visit.

For those who want to spend their weekends experiencing wildlife and breathing in the beauty of awe-inspiring botanical gardens, the Wildlife Protector Premium pass is just the ticket.

The premium pass offers benefits similar to those of the Wildlife Protector pass but with the added benefit of zero blackout dates.

family of three holding food for giraffe standing outside and smiling at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Diego, California, USA

San Diego Zoo Coupons and Discounts

Rediscover nature’s wonders without emptying your wallet by booking your San Diego Zoo tickets through Tripster. The trick is to take advantage of their hefty savings by simply using the San Diego Zoo discount code.

With a magical discount code for San Diego Zoo, you unravel an adventure like no other, and at a bargain to boot! Grab those tickets, pack your binoculars, and prepare for a memorable, budget-friendly day amidst stunning wildlife!

San Diego Zoo Local Discount

Sadly, it seems like hometown advantages aren’t a thing, with no local San Diego Zoo discounts available.

But don’t fret! Booking your San Diego Zoo tickets through Tripster promises savings that’ll make your wallet dance, always with the lowest price.

San Diego Zoo Military Discount

Although there isn’t a straight-up San Diego Zoo veteran discount, don’t let that steal your sunshine!

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Active duty military personnel are free of charge, while spouses and eligible dependents can delight in a 10% reduction on San Diego Zoo tickets price.

San Diego Zoo Student Discount

Students living in San Diego County enjoy a 10% markdown on various memberships, including San Diego Resident, Resident Premium, Wildlife Protector and Wildlife Protector Premium memberships.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Zoo prices for students residing outside of the county also assure a 10% price slash on Wildlife Protector and Wildlife Protector Premium memberships, making it a budget-friendly experience for all.

Children and handler crouched on the grass next to a cheetah at The San Diego Zoo - San Diego, California, USA

San Diego Zoo AAA Discount

Are you an AAA member looking for discounted San Diego Zoo tickets online? Good news! You can get a 10% discount on one-day passes for up to 6 guests at the San Diego Zoo.

To take advantage of this perk, simply present your valid AAA membership card. Head to your local AAA branch for more exciting deals, including up to 20% off at the zoo or safari park.

San Diego Zoo Senior Discount

San Diego Zoo deals offer a 10% discount for seniors residing in San Diego County for memberships like San Diego Resident, Resident Premium, Wildlife Protector, and Wildlife Protector Premium memberships.

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For seniors who live outside of San Diego County, they can avail a 10% discount on Wildlife Protector and Wildlife Protector Premium memberships.

San Diego Zoo Vacation Packages

While the San Diego Zoo remains a highlight, take time to explore the other top San Diego attractions too!

To make your trip more economical and convenient, consider Tripster’s money-saving San Diego Zoo packages.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park Package

If you’re torn between the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park, why not experience both? By securing a package deal through Tripster, you can see all the wonders of the animal kingdom and save yourself some cash – it’s a win-win!

Zoo employees standing with a large green sign with orange lettering saying "San Diego Zoo Safari Park" with a rhino on top of it on a sunny day in San Diego, California
photo credit: San Diego Safari Park Zoo via Facebook

Hotels Near San Diego Zoo

Have you ever frantically searched for a great hotel near San Diego Zoo, only to be bombarded with a sea of options and confusing rates? We sense the simmering frustration. But don’t let that ruin the excitement of your vacation planning.

With Tripster, sorting through options becomes a breeze, leaving you more time to daydream about the amazing animals you will meet! Book your hotel through Tripster and find the best deals in just a couple of clicks.

Pocket some serious savings when you reserve your stay at:

San Diego Zoo and Hotel Package

Pounce on the chance to bundle your San Diego Zoo tickets with stellar local hotels, a move as wise as an owl that ensures you save big.

Roar with delight at the savings as Tripster’s San Diego Zoo and Hotel Package is sure to make your vacation as majestic as a lion’s kingdom!

San Diego Attractions

USS Midway Museum

After a day of wild encounters at the San Diego Zoo, why not keep the adventure going at the USS Midway Museum? Just a short drive away, you’ll step onto the deck of one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers.

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Feel the rush of naval history come alive through interactive exhibits, restored aircraft and immersive flight simulators. It’s not just a museum; it’s an engaging, hands-on journey that promises fun and discovery for all ages!

Entrance to the USS Midway Museum in San Diego California

San Diego Natural History Museum

Take a fascinating journey through time at the San Diego Natural History Museum, just a stone’s throw away from the San Diego Zoo. Stimulate your curiosity about the natural world with its exhibits showcasing dinosaurs, fossils, and captivating planetarium shows.

Don’t miss the Giant-Screen Theater, where nature comes to life in vibrant, larger-than-life detail. Visiting San Diego Natural History Museum is an experience that both kids and adults will treasure, making your San Diego trip more memorable.

Belmont Park

Nestled in the heart of breezy Mission Beach, Belmont Park offers endless fun with a vintage touch. This oceanfront amusement park sweeps you into a nostalgic world of classic seaside entertainment.

With adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, captivating arcade games, and the historic Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, it’s an exciting detour on your zoo adventure.

Wrap up your day with stunning Pacific sunsets as you savor the seaside treats, completing a truly unforgettable San Diego experience.

Insider San Diego Zoo Tips

What to Bring

Starting your journey through the fascinating animal kingdom at San Diego Zoo, there are a few essentials you should pack. Firstly, wear comfortable footwear as the zoo covers expansive grounds, providing an immersive wildlife experience that involves a lot of walking.

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Equally crucial is carrying sunscreen to protect your skin from potential sun-related issues, given that most areas of the Zoo are open. For hydration purposes, a reusable water bottle could serve you well.

Several water refill stations are conveniently located across the park for your use.

Family standing with rhino at San Diego zoo in California

Can I Bring Food and Drinks Into San Diego Zoo?

If you have concerns about the cost of meals during your visit to the San Diego Zoo, here’s some good news: The zoo allows you to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks, reducing your overall expenses.

Pack your snacks in suitable containers, and avoid glass bottles for your drinks. Remember that disposable straws and lids are not allowed in the zoo.

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For those who prefer to buy food at the zoo, there are budget-friendly options, too. Check out San Diego Sandwich Co. or the Front St. Cafe for some truly affordable fares.

And did you know? You can also indulge in some delicious treats exclusive to the zoo, such as soft-serve ice cream or a warm, crispy churro from Hua Mei Cones. Wallet-friendly doesn’t mean less fun at the San Diego Zoo!

San Diego Zoo Parking

San Diego Zoo takes pride in its place in the vibrant heart of Balboa Park, a vast urban oasis in San Diego, California, filled with museums, gardens, and theaters. Its exact location is at 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, United States.

No need to worry about pricey parking expenses when planning your visit to the zoo. The San Diego Zoo ensures a more budget-friendly day out by offering free parking to all its guests.

So you can save those extra dollars for a memorable souvenir or a tempting treat from one of the on-site eateries.

San Diego Zoo Reviews

Don’t take our word for it; dive into the sea of rave reviews out there! Fellow explorers just like you have been raving about their ultra-special experience.

Their first-hand accounts are like tiny treasure maps, pointing you toward invaluable tips and the zoo’s must-see highlights.

Exploring the Animal Kingdom: Adventures at the San Diego Zoo

If a journey into the wild heart of nature sounds appealing, then pack your explorer’s hat for an adventure at San Diego Zoo! This is not your ordinary park; it’s an animal kingdom brimming with intriguing curiosities.

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Picture yourself strolling amidst colorful parrots, gazing at towering giraffes, or watching frisky monkeys frolic. Appreciate nature’s spectacle through close encounters with creatures from the tropical rainforest to the icy poles.

Share in the thrill of your kids’ first lion’s roar or a sweet panda’s coy glance. Embark on this grand zooventure; it’s a wildlife wonderland waiting for you!

San Diego Zoo Discount FAQs

Throughout the entire month of October, children 11 years old and younger get free admission to the San Diego Zoo. One adult with a valid ticket can bring up to 5 kids for free during this period.

Weekday mornings are optimal for visiting the San Diego Zoo due to smaller crowds, making navigation easier and reducing wait times at popular exhibits.

Planning your visit during this time ensures a more relaxed experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the diverse wildlife without feeling rushed.

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