Tejas Rodeo Company and Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon: 5 Ways to Save Up to 10% Off

Rustle up some authentic Texas vibes at Tejas Rodeo Company in Bulverde, Texas! From foot-tappin’ music, mouthwatering BBQ, to thrilling rodeo events, experience a slice of the Lone Star state like never before.

Howdy, partner! If you’re hankerin’ for a real taste of Texas, saddle up and head on over to the Tejas Rodeo Company. Tucked away in the corner of Bulverde, Texas, just north of San Antonio, this here’s the place where the Saturday night rodeo is a way of life!

Experience an authentic Western heritage as the air fills with the foot-tappin’ strains of live music and the mouthwatering scent of pulled pork smoking to perfection. And of course, watch real-life cowboys and cowgirls competing in the arena!

Buckaroos and buckarettes, grab your boots and hats, ’cause we’re about to dive deep into this rodeo haven! Follow along as we share the ways to score discount tickets.

Tejas Rodeo Company Discount Tickets

Are y’all are lookin’ to save some greenbacks while gettin’ in on the rodeo action? Score your Tejas Rodeo Company discount tickets over on Tripster and enjoy a rootin’ tootin’ good time without breakin’ the bank!

Just a note–the Tejas Rodeo Company and Tejas Steakhouse and Saloon tickets are two different critters. The Tejas Rodeo Company admission covers rodeo, dance, and parking. But if your belly’s just hankerin’ for some hearty grub, and you ain’t much in the mood for rodeo spectatin’, you can mosey on over to the steakhouse alone and dine to your heart’s content!

Entrance to Tejas Rodeo with their sign over a walk way and a bull statue on the left with trees mixed in and building in the backgroundTejas Rodeo Company Coupons and Discounts

Tejas Rodeo Company Military Discount

When it comes to honoring our brave servicemen and women, we tip our hats with the deepest respect. However, as of now, there are no signs of the Tejas Rodeo Company offerin’ any special military discounts.

For all you cowpokes still lookin’ to save a few silver dollars, Tejas Rodeo tickets are still available at discounted prices on Tripster!

Tejas Rodeo Company AAA Discount

In the vast expanse of the Lone Star State, there is a heap of places where your AAA card will fetch you a fine discount. However, when it comes to the Tejas Rodeo Company, we gotta shoot straight—there ain’t no special AAA discounts waitin’ in the wings.

For all the rodeo enthusiasts still lookin’ to cinch a deal, you can always rustle up some savings by headin’ over to Tripster. That’s one surefire way to join the cowboy festivities without denting your budget!

Tejas Rodeo Company Senior Discount

To grand rodeo fans, although Tejas Rodeo Company stands tall and proud as a family-friendly rodeo, their admission prices ride the same trail, no matter how many sunsets you’ve seen. That means young’uns and wise old wranglers pay the same fare.

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However, if you’re lookin’ to save a couple of bucks and still enjoy the rodeo spectacle, gallop on over to Tripster. You can lasso precious Tejas Rodeo discount tickets even without Tejas Rodeo coupons.

Man on a green chuckwagon being pulled by two dark brown horses in an arenaGo San Antonio Explorer Pass

If you’re aimin’ to get the most bang for your buck in the Alamo City, look no further than the Go San Antonio Explorer Pass by GoCity. With this nifty pass, you can save up to 45 percent on Tejas Rodeo Company tickets! Plus, it’s your golden ticket to explorin’ the best attractions San Antonio’s got to offer, all while keepin’ a tight rein on your expenses.

Tejas Rodeo Company Vacation Packages

If you’re lookin’ to lasso a real deal and experience all the wonders of the Alamo City, then the Tejas Rodeo Company vacation packages might just be your ticket.

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Offered exclusively by Tripster, these packages saddle you up for an unforgettable journey, takin’ in all the best spots, including the heart-thumpin’ excitement of Tejas Rodeo San Antonio!

A whole world of rodeo and more awaits with these unbeatable vacation packages:

Hotels Near Tejas Rodeo Company

As the saying goes, “The rodeo ain’t over till the last bull bucks!” And sometimes, that means these shindigs stretch into the late hours of the night. If you’re ridin’ in from afar, we recommend staying the night at one of the nearby hotels.

There are a couple of Western-style accommodations just a stone’s throw away, blendin’ that ol’ cowboy charm with all the modern comforts of home. Plan your perfect Texas vacation with these hotels near Tejas Rodeo Company:

view of downtown skyline of San Antonio Texas USA at sunsetSan Antonio Attractions

SeaWorld San Antonio

If you’re hangin’ around San Antonio a bit longer, don’t forget to mosey on over to SeaWorld San Antonio. It ain’t all cowboy boots and spurs in these parts—you can also dive into a world of splashin’ sea creatures, thrilling roller coasters, and mesmerizin’ aquatic shows. It’s a rootin’ tootin’ marine adventure right in the heart of Texas!

Natural Bridge Caverns

Hankering for a subterranean adventure? Set your compass to the Natural Bridge Caverns! Touted as the grandest cavern in the San Antonio stretch and one of Texas’ biggest underground treasures, it’s a must-visit!

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Wander through awe-inspiring chambers, marvel at ancient formations, and feel the thrill of explorin’ one of the Lone Star State’s most iconic natural wonders.

Wide shot of cavern underground at Natural bridge caverns in san antonio
Photo Credit: Natural Bridge Caverns via Facebook

The Buckhorn Museum and Texas Ranger Museum

Ever been face-to-face with a two-headed calf or a 78-point buck? At The Buckhorn Museum, you can! There are over 500 species of animals to marvel at and if that ain’t enough, the Texas Ranger Museum is right next door.

Relive tales of Texas justice, pore over historic artifacts, and get a taste of what it took to wear that lone star. The Buckhorn Museum and Texas Ranger Museum tickets are your passport to these two top attractions!

Insider Tejas Rodeo Company Tips

What to Bring

Before you enter the gates of Tejas Rodeo Company, you best come prepared! Here’s a handy-dandy list to make sure you’ve got all you need:

  • Best Camera to capture those priceless Tejas Rodeo photos
  • Hanky to cover up that nose of yours (protection from dust!)
  • Leash if you’re bringing Fido, who’s welcome to join the fun!

Couples dancing on a concrete dance floor with woods and hanging lights in the backgroundSeating chart

Wonderin’ where to plant your boots when the rodeo action starts? General admission gives you access to open bleacher seats. No fancy reservations or assigned spots here. Just old-fashioned, first-come, first-served.

Now, if you’re lookin’ for a tad more luxury, a ticket to either Reserved Bleacher Seating or Skybox Reserved Seating is the key!

Can I Bring Food into Tejas Rodeo Company?

We know a rodeo can work up a mighty appetite, but you can’t be packin’ in your own grub! Outside food and beverages aren’t allowed on the grounds.

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Onsite, the Smokehouse and Mercado are walk-up concession-style spots where you can rustle up some mouth-watering eats like hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ plates, and lip-smackin’ BBQ sandwiches. You can carry your snacks right up to the stands and chow down while the action ensues!

Tejas Rodeo Company Parking

Tejas Rodeo Company is located at 401 Obst Rd, Bulverde Texas.

The cost of parking your ride is already included in the admission, so no need to rustle up extra coins. If you’re heading straight to the Steakhouse, just drive over to the Steakhouse gate, and you’ll find a place for your steed.

Bullrider on a bull coming out of a gate into a dirt arenaTejas Rodeo Company Reviews

Want to find out what other readers think? Check out the most recent reviews.

Attending a Tejas Rodeo is one of those genuine Texas experiences that’ll stick in your memory like a catchy country tune. Especially if you’ve never set foot in a rodeo arena! It’s a hootin’, hollerin’, unforgettable celebration of Authentic Western heritage.

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With family-friendly rodeo events, a slab of mouthwatering KC steak, and foot-tappin’, hand-clappin’ live music that’ll have you dancing into the starlit night, don’t miss your chance to live out a real Lone Star adventure!

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