Ultimate Dining Guide to Space 220: What You Need to Know For An Unparalleled Galactic Experience

You don’t need to be an astronaut to explore the final frontier…all you need is a reservation at Space 220! Whether you’re trying to snag a coveted seat at the bar or are curious about making dining reservations for the restaurant, our guide has got you covered.

You’ve heard of dining under the stars, but how about dining amongst them? Brace yourself for a dining experience that’s literally out of this world – Space 220. This remarkable restaurant, nestled within Walt Disney World, provides visitors with the unique opportunity to feast 220 miles above the Earth, providing an unforgettable view of our beautiful planet. Before you strap in for this gastronomic space journey, however, there are a few things you should know.

We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive guide, including information on everything from Space 220’s relaxing lounge to its delectable menu. While you won’t need a spacesuit to dine here, our guide will make sure you are fully prepared for the experience.

Mission Space: The Inspiration Behind the Space 220 Restaurant

Taking inspiration from Epcot’s beloved attraction, Mission Space, Walt Disney World’s Space 220 restaurant brings the thrill of outer space exploration to the dining table. This unique restaurant offers guests the chance to embark on an incredible culinary journey 220 miles above Earth.

Drawing on the technological feats of space exploration and intertwining them with gastronomy, the creatives behind Space 220 have manifested a celestial dining experience like no other. So, loosen your space suits and prep your taste buds for an interstellar journey filled with flavors from around the galaxy!

Boarding the Space Elevator: A Journey 220 Miles Above Earth

Imagine being propelled upwards, breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere, as your seat rumbles slightly beneath you. You’re zooming 220 miles above Earth in the space elevator, the first step of your Space 220 restaurant experience. The cleverly designed simulated trip is as thrilling as it is convincing, offering stunning visuals that make you feel as if you’re truly embarking on a journey to dine among the stars.

Gazing out the ‘windows’, the view shifts from the ground of Walt Disney World to outer space, until you finally arrive at the Centauri Space Station. The astounding realism of the voyage is a testament to the immersive, boundary-pushing experiences Walt Disney World is renowned for!

Orange boarding ticket for space 220

The Space 220 Restaurant: A Closer Look When The Elevator Doors Open

As the space elevator doors glide open, you’re welcomed into a truly out-of-this-world dining experience at Space 220. Everything from the restaurant’s design to its extraordinary menu transports you 220 miles above Earth to the Centauri Space Station. This unique opportunity to dine at Space 220 brings guests face-to-face with splendid vistas of Earth, visible through the restaurant’s panoramic windows.

Filled with a sleek and futuristic vibe, Space 220 features a bar area unlike any you’ve ever seen. Called the Space 220 lounge, this space-age meetup spot is a cozy corner where you can sip on cosmic cocktails while admiring star-studded views. And if you’re feeling peckish, there’s also a selection of appetizers from the Space 220 Restaurant menu.

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With your seat at the bar secured, your attention is soon drawn to the main event: the dining room. With a fully immersive space setting, it’s here that your taste buds venture out into the galaxy. The Space 220 menu is a boastful presentation of both lunch and dinner options. The “a la carte” and “prix fixe” menus at 220 Restaurant provide a fantastic range of food choices that perfectly blend familiar flavors with culinary innovation.

Wide shot of the dining room of space 220 with what looks like space and earth out the windows
Photo Credit: Space 220 via Facebook

Grabbing a Cosmic Cocktail: The Space 220 Lounge Experience

Embarking on an unforgettable journey 220 miles above Earth begins in the Space 220 lounge. Touted as an out-of-this-world pit stop, the lounge greets its patrons with a dazzling array of cosmic cocktails, all curated to elevate your palate beyond the stratosphere.

The Space 220 lounge is not just a place for unique beverages. It also offers panoramic, real-time views of Earth that can compete with any terrestrial backdrop and give you an Instagram moment you won’t easily forget. Space-themed decor, subtly illuminated interiors, and amazing views in every direction create an alluring ambiance that’s hard to resist.

Choose a seat at the bar for an immersive experience, or if you prefer a quieter spot, opt for a cozy corner seat. But wherever you choose, the friendly and expert lounge staff are always on hand to recommend their signature drinks or answer any questions you have about the out-of-this-world lounge menu.

It’s worth noting that the Space 220 lounge operates on a first-come, first-served basis without requiring dining reservations, making it a perfect drop-by destination if you’re strolling around EPCOT in Walt Disney World. However, keep in mind that lounge seating is not guaranteed with Space 220 restaurant reservations – these are two separate experiences.

Pink margarita sitting on a purple shelf with a planet wall behind it
Photo Credit: Space 220 via Facebook

Unforgettable Views of Earth from the Space 220 Dining Room

Gazing through the sprawling panoramic windows of the Space 220 dining room, you’ll be treated to truly spectacular views of Earth. Imagine savoring a sumptuous meal 220 miles above Earth’s surface, all while gazing at the splendid cosmic panorama below, a sight enough to take anyone’s breath away.

Space 220 offers a unique dining experience, seamlessly combining innovative culinary artistry with an out-of-this-world ambiance. From your comfortable seat in the dining room, you can track the progress of real-time satellite movements or simply enjoy the shifting stunning views of Earth. Each seat in the dining room is a window seat, assuring everyone gets a view to remember.

But the mesmerizing views aren’t the only thing that will have you head over heels at Space 220 restaurant. The carefully selected interiors, adorned with a subtle space theme, are designed to truly immerse visitors into the stellar experience. The softly glowing lights, the deep blue color scheme, and the general air of cosmic elegance all serve to make your dining experience truly cosmic.

The Specialties of the House: A la Carte and Prix Fixe Menu at Space 220

Entering Space 220 restaurant is like embarking on a culinary odyssey. Your taste buds are about to be launched into a universe of scrumptious flavors that you’ve likely never experienced before.

At lunchtime, you can enjoy an indulgent two-course meal from the prix fixe menu. Start with the main course, where you may choose between options like Galactic Miso Salmon or Rocket Flame Seared Tuna. Don’t forget to make room for dessert; the options range from vegan Carrot Cake to the tantalizing Blue Planet Chocolate Cheesecake.

As the stars light up and it’s dinner time at 220 miles above Earth, the prix fixe menu now offers a slightly more indulgent experience with a three-course meal. Start with your choice of appetizers and then select a glorious entrée like the Space Pad Thai or Gemini Burger, followed by a decadent dessert.

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If you prefer à la carte dining, head to the Space 220 lounge. Here, you can order delectable dishes such as Crab Nebula, Big Bang Buratta, or the renowned Galactic Lobster Globe and pair them with cocktails that are literally out of this world.

Dining at Space 220 is as much about the experience as it is about the food. So, whether you select the prix fixe menu or choose to dine à la carte at the lounge, both guarantee an unmissable interstellar dining experience.

Plate of food and two drinks sitting on a blue table
Photo Credit: Space 220 via Facebook

Savoring the Stars: A Review of Space 220

If there’s one thing that has been consistently echoed in many Space 220 restaurant reviews, it’s the immersive experience that sets it apart. Taking the concept of a theme restaurant to an entirely new level, indeed, a new galaxy, the dining experience that awaits you at Space 220 is certainly awe-inspiring.

Imagine dining 220 miles above Earth, looking down on our vibrant blue planet from the vast expanse of outer space. The views are astounding; images from Earth orbiting in real time provide moving scenery that will take your breath away.

Despite the distraction of gazing upon the stunning views of Earth, the menu at the Space 220 Restaurant is deserving of your full attention. To provide an unforgettable culinary journey, the à la carte menu has been carefully developed, or you can select the two- or three-course prix fixe option for lunch and dinner. Whether you are a gastronome or a food aficionado, the menu is bursting with interstellar inspiration.

Once you have enjoyed the intergalactic views and taken a gastronomic journey among the stars, it’s understandable that you might feel a bit hesitant to take the space elevator back to Walt Disney World. But don’t worry; you are just a few steps away from Mission Space, another Walt Disney World attraction that’s equally thrilling.

Making Your Reservation: A Guide to Booking a Table at Space 220

Excited to embark on a cosmic culinary journey? Here’s a step-by-step guide to securing your Space 220 reservations.

Firstly, visit the official Walt Disney World website or use the My Disney Experience mobile app. You would want to ensure you’re looking at the dining reservations section. In the search bar, type “Space 220” and click on the restaurant’s name when it appears in the dropdown menu.

Next, select your preferred date and meal time – remember, Space 220 offers both lunch and dinner service. You’ll see available time slots—if any—listed. If nothing comes up, don’t lose hope. Try adjusting your desired dining time or date as future slots might be open.

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Once you have found a suitable spot, click on it to reserve your table. The system will ask you to log in to your Disney account or create one if you don’t already have one.

families dining at Space 220 restaurant at Epcot in Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Space 220 via Facebook

Managing Your Reservations: How to Make Modifications and Cancellations at Space 220

Are you ready to blast off to an out-of-this-world dining adventure? Making your dining reservations at Space 220 restaurant is a breeze, but sometimes, plans change. No worries! We’ll walk you through how to modify or cancel your reservations, so you can always enjoy a hassle-free experience at the Space 220 restaurant.

To modify your reservation, simply log in to your account on the Walt Disney World website or mobile application. Find your reservation details under ‘My Plans’, then select ‘Modify Reservation’. Depending on availability, you can adjust the dining date, time, or size of your party. Remember to always review your changes before confirming them.

What if you need to cancel your reservation? Just as easy. From your reservation details, select ‘Cancel Reservation’. If you cancel within 24 hours, you might be charged a cancellation fee. So, try to let Space 220 know ASAP if your plans change.

Space 220 FAQs

When considering dining at Space 220, it's worth noting that the experience tends to lean towards the pricier side. The upscale menu, immersive dining experience, and unique views of Earth contribute to the higher cost. However, the consensus from many Space 220 restaurant reviews is that the unforgettable experience justifies the investment.

Space 220 isn't a real elevator in the traditional sense. Rather, it's an ingenious blend of restaurant design and storytelling that creates the illusion of taking you 220 miles above Earth. Using state-of-the-art visual technology, you are made to feel as if you're traveling in an elevator up to the Centauri Space Station for your dining expedition.

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