Six Flags Over Georgia Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

July 25, 2019

A premier family destination, Six Flags Over Georgia is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast United States.

Located west of Atlanta, Six Flags hosts over 40 rides and attractions as well as its Hurricane Harbor water park. With so many attractions to see and experience, you want to come prepared to get the best deals and avoid long lines. Use these Six Flags Over Georgia tips to have a guaranteed great trip!

Six Flags Over Georgia Tips

Before You Arrive

Preparing before you arrive at the theme park is key. Consider the weather, how you want to eat that day, and how you want to spend the day at the park. Some general helpful tips include:

  • Bring sunscreen! Southern heat is no joke. 
  • Bring outerwear for cooler weather. You can keep it in a locker until you wish to wear it.
  • Download the Six Flags app on your phone
  • Prioritize preferred rides and attractions 

Beat the Lines by Arriving Early and Prepared

No one likes to wait in a long line of people, especially with eager little ones. We advise arriving when the park opens with purchased tickets to better avoid the lines. Furthermore, Six Flags frequently opens the main gate 30 minutes before its scheduled opening for the day. Check to see when the park opens on the day you plan on going and arrive 30 minutes early, especially if you want to ride the popular roller coasters. 


You can save time by paying for parking online before you arrive, especially since the price is the same as at the gate. Daily parking costs $25, but it's worth it to get the season parking pass for $75 if you live locally.

Six Flags App

Download the Six Flags’ app before you arrive to purchase tickets, monitor wait times, as well as look at show schedules and restaurant menus. It’s also great to try to plan out which rides you plan to visit first to avoid meandering and long lines. Moreover, the app is free.

Six Flags Over Georgia Tips


If you need a stroller, wheelchair, or electronically controlled vehicle, visit Stroller Rental to meet your needs. Please note that you should arrive early since they are given on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Rides to Hit First

Most people wander around the front of the park and work their way towards the back. In order to avoid longer lines, start with the rides in the back of the park and work your way up front. Head to Metropolis Park to ride Batman or Superman before the crowds gather if you want to get to these thrill rides early.

Additionally, water rides tend to have longer lines in the afternoon due to the heat, so visit Thunder River early for less wait times. Also, Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags’ adjacent water park, operates in the same manner. Get soaked in the morning and dry off in the afternoon.

Best Times to Visit 

To beat the weekend crowds, visit mid-week. Saturdays are typically the busiest, so if you do go on a weekend, Sundays are better. Furthermore, if you arrive after dinner time around 5 pm, ride lines typically thin out. 

Unsure of which months to visit? Weekdays during the summer and April, May, June, and September tend to be less packed. 

Eat During Off-Times 

You’re welcome to bring your own food, eat outside of the park, or eat at any of the multiple restaurants within the park. However, lines and wait times can be long, so try to eat earlier around 11:30 am or after 2 pm. Also, if you do happen to be a season ticket holder, it’s worth it to purchase a dining plan.

Six Flags Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, so take advantage when you can:

  • Reserve tickets with Tripster to save $20
  • AAA members receive a discount, so show your card at the ticket booth.
  • Most military bases provide military discounts. 

General Tips 

  • Stay hydrated. Once again, the heat is no joke. To save, bring a bottle of water that you can refill throughout the day.
  • Receive a schedule and map at the entrance to help determine which attractions you care to see throughout the day and the park’s layout. 
  • The park is a smoke-free facility, but there are 11 designated smoking areas listed on all Park Map and Guides.
  • Choose a meeting place in case your party becomes separated. Additionally, if you become separated from your child, head to the Lost Parents Center. 

Have Fun and Let Loose at Six Flags Over Georgia

With our advice in mind, you're ready to have a great trip at Six Flags! Which thrill rides will you stop by first?

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  1. S.t.f. says:

    Is there a senior discount available, for those of us bringing our grandchildren??

    • avatar of Teresa in blue tripster shirt
      Teresa Tripster says:

      Hello! Unfortunately, Six Flags Over Georgia is not offering senior discounts at this time.

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