How to Plan a Vacation to Pigeon Forge on a Budget

September 16, 2019

No one enjoys going over budget, even when traveling.

There’s nothing worse than painstakingly planning out a travel budget, only to exceed it within a few days. Fortunately, visiting Pigeon Forge on a budget is easy thanks to affordable accommodations, attractions, and activities.

When putting together your budget Smoky Mountain vacation, keep our tips in mind.

Visiting Pigeon Forge on a budget is simple.

5 Quick Tips for Visiting Pigeon Forge on a Budget

1) Visit in the Off-Season

The Smoky Mountains have a few distinct peak tourist seasons: summer and winter.

Essentially, any time kids aren’t in school, families are traveling to Pigeon Forge. And why wouldn’t they? From the majestic Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Dollywood, there’s so much to do on a family vacation here.

However, for those wanting to travel on a budget, these seasons experience a significant hike in prices. To avoid this price increase, plan your trip for mid-fall, late winter (January through early March), and late Spring. These seasons are equally as beautiful and less hectic than peak tourist times!

During the off-season, you’ll enjoy lower accommodation and attraction ticket rates. After all, hotels need to keep their rooms booked and shows need seats filled even in the off-peak times of the year! Plus, for those flying into the Smokies, flight prices are low during the off-season, too.

2) Be Flexible with Accommodations

You don’t have to camp in the Smokies to visit Pigeon Forge on a budget.  The area is filled with all kinds of accommodation types, from budget hotels to luxurious (yet still affordable) cabins.

Do your research and determine which type of accommodation is best suited for your budget:

  • Hotel Rooms: Often offer discounts and promotions and include a variety of amenities.
  • Cabins: Allow you to save money by cooking your meals and split the cost of accommodations with others.
  • Motels: Extremely affordable option, but with limited amenities.
  • Camping: Requires advanced registration and camping fee.

Do your research and see what accommodations meet your Pigeon Forge budget and travel plans.

Also, it never hurts to ask a hotel or cabin company what discounts or promotions they might be running. You may be able to save nightly or receive a free upgrade!

Be sure to browse Tripster’s selection of affordable hotels, cabin rentals, and other accommodations when booking your Pigeon Forge vacation, too.

Bundle your tickets and go to Pigeon Forge on a budget

3) Bundle it!

As you wonder how to visit Pigeon Forge on a budget, you may consider looking at vacation packages. While these options do provide valuable discounts, these packages may be a bit rigid in vacation dates, accommodations, etc.

Instead, bundle your Pigeon Forge attractions and activities with your choice of a hotel and save when you book with Tripster.

No matter if you’re reserving Dollywood tickets, the Titanic Museum, or Anakeesta, you’ll take advantage of huge discounts when you add a hotel to your order. The same goes for Pigeon Forge show tickets, too!

The best part about bundling your Pigeon Forge vacation is how customizable it is. You’ll be able to design the perfect package to fit your vacation plans and budget with a few clicks.

4) Book in Advance

One of the easiest ways to vacation in Pigeon Forge on a budget is to book everything in advance. Don’t wait until the last possible minute or you’ll pay full price!

Start planning and making a reservation several months ahead of time to take advantage of seasonal deals and promotions. And, again, it never hurts to ask if you can get a discount for securing your tickets and hotel room before the masses do.

Certain accommodations also provide savings for those who guarantee their reservation by paying in full (or a portion of the total) prior to the vacation. While this may seem like a budget-friendly option, double check the fine print. You may not have the ability to get your deposit back should your vacation not take place as planned.

5) Consider Group Discounts

Are you visiting the Smokies with a large group like a family reunion? If so, always ask about group discounts. From cabin rentals to tour tickets, most places offer significant discounts for large groups.

Inquire about these promotional opportunities as much as possible throughout your trip. You may be able to visit some of the area’s top attractions at a small price!


Book Your Budget Pigeon Forge Vacation

Ready to visit the Smokies on a budget? Use our money-saving tips and book your trip with Tripster today.

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