Nightlife in Maui: Your Guide to After-Dark Fun & Activities

Discover the magic of Maui after dark. From vibrant nightlife to fun family activities, explore what to do in Maui at night. Uncover the island’s secrets today.

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Maui’s after-hour adventures. As the sun slips behind the horizon, transforming the sky into a canvas of stunning hues, the exhilarating nocturnal heartbeat of Maui begins to pulse.

Whether you’re seeking night markets bustling with local artisans, family-friendly sunset beach frolics, or the sizzling buzz of a lively bar scene, you’ve come to the right place.

With this guide, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of Maui evening activities! It will transform your island nights into an unforgettable part of your Hawaiian experience. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of Maui nightlife!

Family Fun: Night Activities in Maui for the Whole Family

Looking for things to do in Maui at night with family? When the sun dips beneath the horizon, and the starry cloak gets draped over Maui, the fun doesn’t have to end.

Even if you’re here with the whole family, there are plenty of things to do at night in Maui that’ll keep everyone enchanted. In fact, some of Maui’s greatest wonders show up only after dark!

For a special Hawaiian cultural experience, watching a Luau under the stars should be on your list. Complete with vibrant hula dances, story-telling through music, and a feast of traditional Hawaiian food, this is a chance to immerse your family in the rich local culture. Not to forget, kids absolutely love the fire dance that usually marks the highlight of Luau.

Ah, and can anything beat a night spent around the calming Maui South Shore? Grab your kids and some good local food, and make a night of it! The gentle sea waves make up a lovely lullaby, and the sky twinkling with stars is something straight out of a storybook!

Alternatively, consider taking one of the sunset dinner cruises. Hawaii Ocean Project and Kai Kanani offer enchanting excursions from Lahaina Harbor and Wailea, respectively.

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Drifting across the calm Pacific Ocean waters with loved ones while enjoying a delicious meal and watching the sunset sky is definitely an unforgettable experience.

One of Maui’s special night events that is perfect for all family members is Warren and Annabelle’s comedic magic show. Appropriate for all ages, both children and adults will marvel at the close-up magic and have some good laughs at the stand-up comedy that keeps the fun night going.

a wide-angle shot of the feast on the Mokapu Luau stage 
photo credit: Carol Lynn Copelin via Facebook

Unwind in Style: Where to Enjoy Sunset Cocktails in Maui

Set against the backdrop of a flaming Hawaiian sunset, Maui offers an assortment of bars and lounges sure to deliver a memorable evening of relaxed fun and tasty libations. Among the options for sunset cocktails is the iconic Hawaii Ocean Project’s dinner cruise setting sail from Lahaina Harbor.

As you sip on a refreshing tropical cocktail, you can take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific, punctuated by the dramatic silhouettes of neighboring islands, and perhaps a surprise visit from playful dolphins.

If you’re situated on the south shore and you’re wondering what to do at night in Maui, consider hopping on the Kai Kanani dinner cruise out of Wailea.

Known for its gourmet cuisine and excellent bar service, it’s one of the preferred ways to enjoy a happy hour and the stunning golden hour palette sweeping across the sky.

For those preferring to stay grounded while enjoying the best Maui things to do at night, there’s no shortage of bars serving up captivating sunset views along with their beverage offerings.

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The Triangle in Kihei is a bustling hub where a diverse range of establishments cater to all tastes. Lifes A Beach offers laid-back charm and ocean views, South Shore Tiki Lounge delivers an authentic tiki bar experience, and the Dog and Duck will transport you to a traditional Irish pub right in the heart of Maui.

If you’re passionate about live music, you won’t be disappointed. Most establishments, including the VIBE bar, host talented local musicians alongside special events to provide entertainment as you soak in the scenery.

It’s an integral part of Maui nightlife and undoubtedly one of the most pleasant ways to end your day on the island. So whether you choose an elegant dinner cruise or a charming beachside bar, remember to raise your glass to the magic of Maui at sunset.

sunset cruise ship in kaanapali beach in maui hawaii
photo credit: Kimberly Cowan Meinhardt via Facebook

From Dusk till Dawn: Maui Night Activities for Thrill Seekers

If adventure is in your blood and you’re scouting for exciting things to do in Maui at night, the island doesn’t disappoint! It’s flush with nighttime activities that will undeniably satisfy your thrill-seeking spirit.

For the adrenaline junkie, consider nighttime scuba diving options, a truly exceptional experience that allows you to explore a different underwater environment.

Picture this: you, swimming alongside reef sharks and eels in the company of bioluminescent plankton who light up the ocean’s darkness. It’ll be a story to tell, that’s for sure!

Alternatively, join a night trek to Haleakala. As dusk falls in Maui, the sky comes alive with millions of stars, offering an unrivaled opportunity for stargazing.

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A night hike up to the peak of Haleakala comes highly recommended by every thrilled adventurer. The formidable elevation, paired with Maui’s clean air, makes it one of the best spots in the world to gaze at celestial bodies.

Still not had your fill of moonlit adventure? No worries! Discover the fun side of nightlife in Maui. Engage in a lively Maui bar crawl, an adventure of a different kind.

Meet like-minded travelers and locals alike, sampling the island’s best brews. It’s a social, fun night out that lets you explore Maui’s vibrant nightlife and, more importantly, let your hair down.

Up close shot of an octopus
Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaii

Nighttime on the Beach: Things to Do in Wailea at Night

For the best night life in Maui, Wailea is undoubtedly a gem that sparkles a little brighter as the sun sets. The south shore welcomes you with delightful activities that seamlessly blend fun and relaxation, making it a perfect spot to savor Maui nightlife.

Looking for things to do in Maui tonight? For lovers of the sea, one can’t overlook a soothing sunset dinner cruise.

With options like the Kai Kanani dinner cruise, your evening will be sprinkled with the charm of Hawaii’s enchanting ocean. Savor a delicious meal against the backdrop of a stunning sunset while you glide on serene oceanic waves. It doesn’t get more tropical than this!

If you’re wondering what to do in Maui at night that doesn’t involve the beach directly, consider participating in the cultural treasure that is the Luau. With vibrant Hawaiian music, soul-stirring performances, and a feast laid right under the open sky, a Luau is a must-have experience when enjoying Maui at night.

Regardless of what your nighttime preference might be, Wailea offers an unforgettable blend of fun things to do in Maui at night, making every night here truly special.

A distance view of Wailea resort
photo credit: Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort via Facebook

Looking for More Things to Do in Maui at Night?

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From the soothing rhythm of live music that fills the air in different corners of Maui to thrilling nighttime scuba diving experiences that introduce you to an exotic underwater world, everything you need to enjoy a fun night in Maui is available.

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Maui Nightlife FAQs

Maui nightlife is an eclectic mix of laid-back Hawaiian charm and vibrant energy. You'll find everything from thrilling nighttime activities such as scuba diving and stargazing to a variety of bars with live music, luau feasts, and special events at local breweries.

Whether you're looking to unwind with sunset cocktails or seeking after-dark adventures, there's something for every night owl in Maui.

If you're seeking the ultimate bar experience, the Triangle in Kihei is a must-visit locale that hosts a vibrant cluster of bars like Lifes A Beach, South Shore Tiki Lounge, Dog and Duck, and VIBE bar.

Another highlight is Mahalo Aleworks in Pukalani, Maui's newest brewery, offering weekly events such as live music and trivia.

Although Charleys in Paia and Dirty Money are closed, places like Paia Bay Coffee and Amakua Kava Lounge continue to offer an enchanting blend of amazing drinks and live music.

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One of the best things to do at night on Maui is go to Warren & Annabelle’s! It was our most fun night of our entire Maui vacation! Advanced reservations are required.

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