Magic Show Myrtle Beach SC: 5 Ways to Save Up to 24% Off

Looking for a magic show complete with comedy and audience participation? The Magic Show starring Michael Bairefoot offers magic and then some.

If you’re looking for a place where magic truly comes to life, look no further than Magic Show Myrtle Beach. Picture this: An aroma of popcorn fills the air as you walk into the dimly lit theater with mystic vibes.

You settle in your seat, the lights fade out, and suddenly, an enchanting evening of spellbinding illusions unfolds. From mind-bending mentalism to classic sleight-of-hand tricks, prepare to be amazed and astonished. Here, magic knows no bounds.

This, ladies and gentlemen, are Magic Shows in Myrtle Beach, where the unbelievable becomes believable!

Magic Show Myrtle Beach SC Discount Tickets

Who needs a magic spell to save on a fun Myrtle Beach outing? The Myrtle Beach Magic Show offers discounts for military heroes (active and veterans!), older citizens, local residents, and even groups!

Don’t worry if these special offers disappear in a puff of smoke – Tripster offers discounted tickets to make this Myrtle Beach must-see even more magical.

Magic Show Starring Michael Bairefoot

Get ready to be amazed by the award-winning magician Myrtle Beach, Michael Bairefoot! This unforgettable performance blends comedy with mind-blowing magic at 8901 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572.

Experience the unique magic and illusions that have made Michael Bairefoot a local favorite!

Charles Bach Wonders – A Magical Experience

Step into the world of magic of illusionist Charles Bach, a magical experience located at 1320 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

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Prepare to be enthralled by spectacular illusions, clever magic, and interactive dance routines that defy explanation.

Don’t miss this enchanting show that promises to delight audiences of all ages at Broadway at the Beach.

Exterior of GTS Theatre with large sign above entrance during sunny day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
photo credit: GTS Theatre via Facebook

About GTS Theatre Myrtle Beach

Explore the intimate setup of the GTS Theatre seating chart, ensuring you pick the perfect spot for the show. Located at 1220 Port Drive Myrtle Beach, the GTS Theatre offers unique entertainment options like the Comedy Hypnosis Hour and Magic Dance, reminiscent of iconic venues like the Magic Castle in Hollywood and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

This venue, known for its diverse performances that have captivated audiences from over 55 countries, brings a slice of global entertainment magic to Myrtle Beach.

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Pro tip: Craving even more entertainment? The Carolina Opry, a multi-award-winning variety show in Myrtle Beach, wows audiences with a 36-person cast, dazzling visuals, and two hours of family friendly music, from Broadway to pop and gospel. Carolina Opry local discounts are available, as well.

Magic Show Myrtle Beach Coupons and Discounts

Military Discount Tickets Myrtle Beach

Special rates for veterans and active-duty military! A magical salute to your service.

AAA Myrtle Beach Discount

Unfortunately, such isn’t available yet, but you can always purchase discounted tickets from Tripster.

Senior Discount

Older citizens, prepare for an enchanting evening with discounts just for you!

Have a blast with savings on Magic Show Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Local Discount

Locals get to experience magic at a discount! Feel the magic right in your backyard.

Myrtle Beach Magic Show Vacation Packages

Maximize your Myrtle Beach Magic Show adventure with Tripster’s exclusive vacation packages! Enjoy bundled deals that include tickets and other thrilling Oahu attractions.

Dive into more fun with less hassle—book your magical getaway today!

Magician on stage performing a trick with a member of the audience sitting next to him
Photo Credit: Michael Bairefoot via Facebook

Hotels Near Magic Show Myrtle Beach

When planning your magical getaway in Myrtle Beach, consider staying at a nearby hotel for ease of access to the spellbinding performances.

There are several accommodations to choose from that offer a range of amenities geared towards enhancing your visit:

Regardless of where you choose to stay, early booking is advised. Hotels tend to fill up quickly, particularly during the peak tourism season.

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So start planning your trip today and secure the perfect spot to rest your head in between awe-inspiring performances!

Myrtle Beach Attractions

Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show

Set sail for an evening of swashbuckling excitement at Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show, 8907 North Kings Highway. Cheer on the Sapphire and Crimson crews as they battle on land, on deck, in water, and in the air.

Enjoy a feast fit for a pirate while watching this thrilling dinner show filled with spectacular acrobatics and sea shanties.

aerial view over the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show arena in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
photo credit: Pirates Dinner Adventure – Orlando Florida via Facebook

Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

Dive into an underwater adventure at Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, located at 1110 Celebrity Circle. Marvel at the colorful and fascinating marine life through the mesmerizing glide path beneath the Dangerous Reef.

Encounter sharks, rays, and sea turtles up close in this aquatic wonderland—a must-visit for families and marine enthusiasts!

SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

Soar to new heights on the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach, perched at 1110 North Ocean Boulevard. Experience breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the city from one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the nation.

This iconic attraction lights up the night sky and offers a memorable ride, day or night—a true gem in Myrtle Beach’s crown!

coastline of myrtle beach during daytime with ferris wheel in background Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Insider Magic Show Myrtle Beach Tips

If you are planning to visit the Magic Show at Myrtle Beach, here’s some insider information to ensure a truly magical experience. Rest assured, these tips are all about enhancing your enjoyment of the spectacle.

  • Firstly, seats are on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is always a smart idea to arrive early. Not only does this guarantee a good seat with a great view, but it also builds up the anticipation for the world-class show of magic, dance, comedy, and grand illusion.
  • Remember, both Charles Bach Wonders Magic Show and the show by Michael Bairefoot are family-friendly, making them perfect entertainment options for all ages. So, feel free to include the children or grandparents in the excursion!
  • It’s also noteworthy that Michael Bairefoot’s unique style of magic has earned him over 30 first-place awards, making him the most award-winning magician in America. The very realization that you are watching performances by such eminent artists adds to the thrill.
  • Last but not least, consider your context and dress up accordingly. While there’s no strict dress code, smart casuals are usually the norm. You want to be comfortable, but remember, it’s part of the enjoyment to get a little dressed up for a Magic Show!

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We hope these tips help make your experience at the Magic Show Myrtle Beach unforgettable. Enjoy the show!

Can I bring food into Magic Show Myrtle Beach?

While the experience at Magic Show Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly spellbinding, unfortunately, outside food and drinks are not permitted within the venue. This policy ensures comfort and safety for all attendees.

Don’t let this dissuade you; the venue provides several food and beverage options to keep you satiated all through the magical spectacle.

Aerial View of People on the Beach at Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Magic Show Myrtle Beach Parking

Parking is provided on-site for spectators to assure convenience and ease with the venue’s location. With ample allocated space, you won’t need to worry about the hassles of finding a spot.

Just arrive, park, and let your magical evening commence with the breathtaking spectacle of Magic Show Myrtle Beach.

Magic Show Myrtle Beach FAQs

Magic shows are a whirlwind of excitement and curiosity for all ages! Kids love to see the magician performing feats that seem impossible, filling the room with awe and wonder.

Meanwhile, the older ones are trying to figure out how the tricks are done, turning every performance into a thrilling puzzle.

Magic captivates us because we are fascinated by mystery, drawn into a world where the impossible becomes possible right before our eyes. Each trick and illusion invites us into an exciting realm of curiosity and surprise, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

We delight in the challenge of deciphering how the magic happens, all while being swept away by the spectacle of the show!

Magic Show Myrtle Beach Reviews

For a sneak peek into the spellbinding world of Myrtle Beach magic, check out reviews for Charles Bach Wonders! A Magical Experience and Magic Show Starring Michael Bairefoot.

See what other guests are saying, and get ready to be dazzled by their magical performances!

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