La Jolla is a Must-See Seaside Stop

February 11, 2015

Every time I’m in La Jolla, I’m reminded of why I’m so lucky to hail from such an incredible place.

Its gorgeous coastline, beautiful homes, marine wildlife, and the happy people who call it home all make La Jolla a true San Diego gem. Anyone who visits San Diego should make it a point to visit La Jolla.

The beaches in La Jolla are unparalleled. You won’t find a busy boardwalk or street performers at these beaches. Instead, you’ll find surfers, kayak tours through caves, leopard sharks, tropical fish, seals and sea lions, and athletic swimmers. There is so much diversity! The best beaches are Wind and Sea and La Jolla Shores. Wind and Sea is a local’s beach where surfers gather for some of the best waves in San Diego. La Jolla Shores is a family beach, and attracts many visitors. At any given time, you’ll see about 30+ kayaks off the shore. As a kayaker or snorkeler, you can see leopard sharks lurking at the ocean’s floor. The view of the iconic caves is quite remarkable from this beach.

Aside from the beaches, the La Jolla community is quite cultured. You can visit the popular Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. It sits right on the coast overlooking the water, amongst many other art galleries sprinkled throughout the Village. From photographic arts to abstract art, any art aficionado will enjoy a day in the area. If you’re into performing arts, you can watch an original musical or play at the La Jolla Playhouse up at the UCSD campus, or get a good laugh in at the original Comedy Store. I love coming to La Jolla with a plan to visit the galleries or shows, but I always make it a point to visit a good restaurant before or after.

In La Jolla, you can find an array of restaurants. They range from fine dining with spectacular views to a local take out joint perfect for a beach picnic meal. I find myself drawn to these restaurants the most when I’m in the area:

Eddy V’s – This is probably my favorite spot in La Jolla. It is a chain, but the views are breathtaking, and they have a nice lounge area on the terrace outside with a fire pit, as well as jazz music every day starting at 5:00pm. Seriously…I LOVE coming here!

La Valencia – This hotel has a great restaurant with a terrace that overlooks the water on the west side for the perfect sunset spot.

La Jolla Sunset Cliffs

Puesto – This is a casual taco shop that was introduced to the area by young locals who went to La Jolla High School. The restaurant was automatically popular, and since then, they have expanded their La Jolla location as well as opened another restaurant in Downtown San Diego.

El Pescador – I love getting the fish sandwiches here. This fish market/restaurant is a casual, local spot, and ideal for a to-go beach picnic.

Whisknladle - If you’re a foodie, you must check this place out. Its non-pretentious vibe and really good food will surprise you. From octopus to bone marrow, to a legitimate Caesar salad, and homemade pasta, this place please my palate every time.

There is so much to see in La Jolla. It’s impossible to put it all in one article. However, all you really need to know is that La Jolla will absolutely take your breath away. If you are interested in getting to know La Jolla a bit better, you can always take a tour with my friend's Tour Guide Tim or We Love Tourists. They will certainly entertain and enlighten you with facts and history of the gorgeous neighborhood.

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