iFLY Queens: 4 Ways to Save Up to 49% Off

Are you ready to take flight? Welcome to the ultimate guide to iFLY New York Queens, your ticket to the thrilling world of indoor skydiving! This guide will provide the insider knowledge you need to create the ultimate indoor skydiving experience.

Touted as one of the most unique venues on earth, iFLY Queens New York provides challenging and rewarding vertical wind tunnel experiences like no other. This guide will be your road map for anyone daring to defy gravity.

From revealing the hottest discounts and deals for pocket-friendly fun to insider tips that will ensure an unforgettable day out, we’ve got it all covered from start to finish.

Whether you’re planning a memorable team-building corporate event that will become the talk of the office, or arranging an adrenaline-fueled private party, iFLY New York Queens is perfect for all occasions. Let’s jump right in and discover how iFLY Queens NY can deliver an experience that takes your breath away!

iFLY New York-Queens Discount Tickets

If you’re looking for “indoor skydiving near me” that doesn’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at the exclusive discounts on iFLY New York-Queens tickets waiting for you on Tripster.

You don’t want to miss these unbeatable prices that will let you experience the thrill of indoor skydiving deals. Grab your ticket today and experience the most unique venue on earth at an incredible discount!

iFLY New York-Queens Coupons and Discounts

iFLY New York-Queens Military Discount: We appreciate the sacrifices that those in the military make for our country. To say thank you, iFLY NYC Queens offers a special discount to active military personnel.

When making your booking, make sure to ask about the military discount to make your indoor skydiving experience even more affordable. Don’t forget to bring a military ID!

iFLY New York-Queens AAA Discount: Wondering if there’s an iFLY New York-Queens AAA Discount? Yes, there is! AAA members can secure premium discounts at iFLY New York-Queens.

If you hold an AAA card, you’re entitled to enjoy special prices that aren’t available to the regular crowd. Just remember to present your valid AAA membership card upon purchasing your tickets.

iFLY New York-Queens Senior Discount: If you’re above the age of 65 and seeking an exciting new activity to engage in, iFLY New York Queens has got you covered. They offer some of the best senior discounts you’ll find in any indoor skydiving venue.

Seniors can enjoy a significant discount on regular ticket prices, making it affordable to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Before you visit, it’s a good idea to call ahead and check about current discounts as they occasionally change.

Remember to bring a valid ID as proof of age. With these savings, your golden years can be even more golden at iFLY New York-Queens!

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iFLY New York-Queens Group Travel Deals: Want to plan a memorable event without breaking the bank?  Whether your group consists of family members, friends, or colleagues, iFLY New York Queens offers some remarkable group travel deals that will enable you to save more while making your event the talk of the office or family gathering.

This unique venue on earth is perfect for all occasions and delivers an experience you and your group will never forget. Group packages offer significant discounts, particularly for larger parties. If you’re planning for a private event, access to a private party room can also be a part of your package.

With an iFLY staff member assigned specifically to your event, you can expect smooth management from start to finish. And it’s not just about the savings, iFLY New York Queens group packages are most notably focused on providing challenging and rewarding indoor skydiving experiences.

From soaring in a vertical wind tunnel to bonding with your team or loved ones, the experience is nothing but amazing.

Kid indoor skydiving with an instructor behind him holding onto his legs as a crowd watches from the background

Hotels Near iFLY Indoor Skydiving New York-Queens

The dazzling array of hotels near iFLY Indoor Skydiving New York-Queens are as diverse and vibrant as the city itself, each offering its own unique ambiance and style.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious suite with all the modern amenities, a cozy inn steeped in the charm of historic Queens, or a budget-friendly spot that still delivers quality, you’ll find the perfect accommodation tailored to your travel needs on Tripster.com.

Booking through Tripster not only guarantees you great prices but also ensures seamless convenience and customer satisfaction from start to finish. Why not combine your unforgettable iFLY experience with the perfect stay? Start exploring your options on Tripster today!

New York City Attractions

Edge NYC Observation Deck: There’s no denying that the Edge NYC Observation Deck is an incredible experience. Offering breathtaking 360-degree views of New York City, it provides you with a unique perspective on the city’s stunning skyline.

Add to that, its glass floor gives you a thrill that’s hard to match, as you stand high above the city. It’s an experience that’s hard to top when in New York City.

The Museum of Modern Art – MoMA: Experience the inspirational creativity at The Museum of Modern Art – MoMA, one of the most influential art institutions in the world. This iconic museum houses an incredible collection of contemporary and modern art that promises to captivate and stimulate your imagination.

Its global reputation and continually evolving exhibits make MoMA a must-visit attraction in New York City. Whether you’re an avid art lover or a casual observer, the MoMA will leave you enriched and inspired.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: A seamless blend of magical theatrics and tantalizing storytelling makes Harry Potter and the Cursed Child an absolute must-watch.

The spellbinding performances transport audiences back to the much-loved wizarding world, encapsulated within meticulous sets that bring the magical realms alive.

This Tony-award-winning sensation isn’t just performed but experienced. Embark on this enchanting journey, sure to captivate not just Harry Potter enthusiasts but theater aficionados alike.

Two wizards leaning back from a suitcase billowing green smoke
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

iFLY New York-Queens Reviews

Want to find out what other readers think of iFLY New York-Queens? Check out the most recent iFLY Queens reviews and iFly Queens photos. Planning a memorable event at the iFLY New York-Queens indoor skydiving venue is not only challenging and rewarding but also perfect for all occasions.

Whether you want to organize corporate events or private parties, this unique venue on earth will make your celebration the talk of the office. With the wide array of discount tickets available, you can create the ultimate experience without breaking the bank.

Get ready to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one with iFLY New York-Queens – a unique experience awaits!

iFly Indoor Skydiving New York-Queens FAQs

Once you've bought your discounted tickets for iFLY New York Queens, you'll need to plan how to get there.

The facility is conveniently located in Ridge Hill Shopping Center, Yonkers, bypassing the hustle and bustle of downtown New York. Public transportation is an option, but if you prefer driving, iFLY offers plenty of parking.

Parking here is a breeze. No need to circle block after block searching for a spot. iFLY has a dedicated parking lot with ample spaces available.

It's also lit well into the night, so your walk back to the vehicle after an exhilarating jump should be less of a hassle. Remember to bring some change with you, as the lot is pay-to-park, but the rates are reasonable.

Once you've parked, you'll find the iFLY New York Queens location to be quite convenient. It's only a short stroll from the parking lot to the venue, and the journey is user-friendly for people of all abilities.

But don't rush, take your time to enjoy the ambient atmosphere of the Ridge Hill Shopping Center as you make your way to the unique venue on earth.

The location of iFLY New York Queens at 10-20 Borden Ave, Queens, NY 11101 also brings together the elements of fun and convenience.

Once your indoor skydiving experience is over, you can easily explore the numerous dining and shopping options available nearby. So, make a day of it!

Are you ready to experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of a plane? With its unparalleled excitement and safety, indoor skydiving is absolutely worth it for both adrenaline seekers and novices alike.

Imagine floating mid-air, defying gravity, and feeling the rush—it's an unforgettable adventure you won’t want to miss!

An iFLY session lasts for approx. 60 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the exhilarating experience of indoor skydiving.

During this hour-long session, you'll receive thorough instruction, gear up, and spend around two unforgettable minutes in the wind tunnel.

It's a compact but thrilling introduction to the world of body flight, perfect for those seeking a taste of adventure.

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