Earth Day San Francisco: 2024 In-Depth Guide

Find joy in connecting deeply with our planet at Earth Day SF 2024!

Every year, San Francisco becomes the stage for Earth Day SF, a city-wide event that provides an exciting opportunity to learn about our magnificent planet.

Earth Day SF is an enthralling festival that bubbles up with a host of exhilarating activities promoting sustainable living. From captivating live music performances to thought-provoking art installations, it is a spectacle designed for everyone.

Yet, underlying all the fun and excitement is a purposeful agenda – engaging you toward adopting a responsible consumption behavior that aids in conserving our ecosystem.

The festival masterfully combines activism, motivation, and innovation, sparking a beacon of optimism for future generations. In a march towards sustainable dietary practices, the festival introduces you to an enticing range of vegan culinary marvels.

But your adventure doesn’t just end with the delectable food. In addition to the diverse food offerings, this tradition provides the opportunity to hear enlightening lectures from esteemed keynote speakers.

You will be astounded by their depth of knowledge and their unwavering commitment to propagating eco-friendly living practices.

Earth Day SF also invites you to participate in environmental initiatives. Through commendable activities such as habitat restoration projects, it emphasizes the importance of local flora and teaches you the fundamentals of establishing functional edible gardens.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic gathering. Savor the opportunity to enjoy music and food, creating all in one place. The seamless fusion of music, art, and community engagement efforts forges a deep sense of unity between you and Mother Earth.

Follow along to discover the endless activities at Earth Day SF.

Save the Date for San Francisco’s Earth Day Celebration

Keep April 21, 2024, free for Earth Day SF! The events will roll out from 11:00 AM and wrap up at 7:00 PM.

Mapping Your Journey to SF’s Phenomenal Earth Day Event

San Francisco’s Earth Day celebrations are hosted at The New Farm, located at 10 Cargo Way San Francisco, CA 94124, USA.

Join the Excitement at SF’s Earth Day Celebrations

Arts & Culture

The Earth Day SF Festival invites you to indulge in a cornucopia of multicultural music. A wide array of genres, from Psychedelic and Rock to Zydeco and Global beats, will resonate from our stages performed by top musicians.

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The energetic rhythms and soulful harmonies of the Sunshine Garcia Band are returning for another thrilling year.

Zydeco music fans will delight in Andre Thierry’s tunes. Catch the festival’s newest artists addition, the Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble.

Speakers & Workshops

Public engagement with numerous causes and solution-based actions is what Earth Day Festival SF champions through our Eco-Teach-Ins.

man working on installation and crowd walking around looking at booths at San Francisco Earth Day, San Francisco, California, USA
photo credit: Earth Day San Francisco via Facebook
(photo by Marco Sanchez)

If you’re interested in hosting an interactive workshop on April 21, 2024, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can look forward to hands-on activities and seminars with a real purpose.

Our Earth Day workshops are designed to show you the ways to promote activism inspiration innovation through reducing waste, cultivating organic gardens, and adhering to a clean diet among other things. Experience it all and much more on this special day.

Earth Day’s Prior Keynote Speakers

Earth Day SF in San Francisco is a hub for cultivating environmental consciousness through thought-provoking exchanges.

Be part of compelling meetups that fuel collective action and provide feasible Earth Day activities in SF geared towards enhancing our world.

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Seize the opportunity to interact and learn from noteworthy keynote speakers:

  • Adam Savage: Well-known for his role in Mythbusters, Savage is a Special Effects Designer, Actor, and Educator
  • Dolores Huerta: An influential Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist
  • Senator Mark Leno: Representative of the 11th District, serving until 2016
  • Bill McKibben: A respected Environmentalist, Author, and Journalist

SF Earth Festival Parking Options

The festival brings into focus the use of public transportation over private vehicles as a step towards reducing emissions. But if you’re driving, you’ll find ample parking available at the location.

San Francisco Earth Day Tickets

Joining the SF Earth Day festival in 2024 is absolutely free. However, any contributions to the Green City Project are greatly appreciated. This organization is dedicated to promoting community-focused, environmentally-conscious activities.

Other Attractions in San Francisco

From breathtaking views to world-renowned dining scenes, the Bay Area is exploding with limitless fun. Encounter the stunning Golden Gate Bridge and, of course, taste the city’s famous sourdough bread!

Embark on a quest to see some of the city’s treasures for free or with these deals:

Feel the Buzz of Earth Day Celebrations in SF’s Bay Area

Immerse yourself in the urban embodiment of connecting to the Earth at the premier Earth Day Festival in SF. As a beacon for sustainable living, this annual SF Earth Day Festival represents more than just a celebration; it is a commitment towards inspiring hope for our children and a brighter future.

From humble beginnings, Earth Day has blossomed into a day of impactful consumer choices, symbolizing the power of collective action. The SF Earth Day Festival adopts a comprehensive approach, offering information to guide you towards living sustainably.

Delighting in the verdant splendor of San Francisco, including native plants and abundant edible gardens. These edible gardens are celebrated for their potential to empower communities and revolutionize urban environments, demonstrating how one can transform urban spaces into thriving ecosystems.

Throughout the celebrations, you’ll have the opportunity to partake in hands-on Earth Day Activities SF, that blend enjoyment with education and embody the green revolution. Revel in music, food-creating art, and more, all while connecting deeper with our planet.

The Earth Day Events SF offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Earth through music, art, and various activities.

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Visitors are encouraged to bring their reusable water bottles, join at the farm to learn about farm-native plants and explore the myriad of eco-friendly choices they can make every day.

In essence, the SF Earth Day Festival is more than just a date on the calendar; it is an inspiring movement for adopting sustainable habits, celebrating biodiversity, and empowering communities to take significant action for our planet’s future.

Meanwhile, you can turn your visit into a full-on family vacation with a San Francisco Vacation Package.


Start Date:

April 21, 2024 @ 11:00 am CDT

End Date:

April 21, 2024 @ 7:00 pm CDT




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