Disneyland Fireworks Time and Schedule: Everything You Need to Know for a Magical Show

September 21, 2022

Spectacular fireworks are back at Disneyland! Stake out the perfect spot for watching the fireworks during your visit to Disneyland Park.

One of the most magical parts of a visit to Disneyland is seeing the fireworks at the end of the night. It’s one of the most anticipated (if not the most) events at Disneyland, so much so that the best places to watch the Disneyland fireworks, both in the park and outside the park, get crowded a few hours before the actual show!

Follow along for great tips on the best places to watch the fireworks at Disneyland Park. Whether you have Disneyland Park admission, want to watch it for free outside, or perhaps in a nearby hotel room, here’s everything you need to know.

Is Disneyland Doing Fireworks?

The fireworks show at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney parks worldwide were temporarily halted during the COVID-19 pandemic to stop crowds from gathering. However, with the country’s recovery from COVID-19 came the slow re-opening of our favorite Disney attractions and events, including the Disneyland fireworks shows!

So the short answer is yes, Disneyland is doing fireworks once again!

There are different fireworks shows throughout the year. In addition, there are seasonal Disneyland fireworks, such as the Halloween Screams, where themed magical fireworks complement villainous visions and haunting tunes from early September 2 to the end of October. However, Halloween Screams only features fireworks during weekends. Weekdays are projections only.

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If there is no holiday-themed or seasonal Disneyland fireworks show, Disneyland Park guests are treated to Mickey’s Mix Magic Show on a normal schedule, which usually runs from January through August and between Halloween and Christmas.

Disney describes Mickey's Mix Magic as a "high-energy projection show celebrating the one and only Mickey Mouse." The show heavily uses projection technology on the buildings of Main Street USA, mist screens on the Rivers of America, and the front of the "it's a small world" building.

photo credit: Charlie King via Facebook

What Time is Disneyland Fireworks?

Eager to plan your Disneyland trip around the Disneyland fireworks time? The Disneyland fireworks schedule is easy to remember! Shows generally start at 9:30 PM, but some start as early as 9 PM. Check the schedule of fireworks events on the Disneyland app before you go!

Does Disneyland Do Fireworks Every Night?

Unlike Walt Disney World, fireworks don’t happen at Disneyland every night.  In most cases, fireworks shows at Disneyland only occur during weekends, holidays, or special occasions. This means that even if there are different fireworks shows year-round, generally, weekdays mean projections only.

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However, during the summer or days when the park expects high foot traffic, the schedule for fireworks can be every day. When planning your trip, you can look at Disneyland’s entertainment schedule, which displays fireworks show schedules at least a month prior.

In addition, even when the Disneyland fireworks schedule indicates that there is a fireworks show on a specific day, it is not guaranteed that you will see any.  If the winds are too high, if there’s lightning in the area, or if the weather is bad enough, there is a possibility that the fireworks show will be canceled. 

fireworks behind disney castle at disneyland

photo credit: Disneyland via Facebook

Where to Watch Disneyland Fireworks

Are you wondering, "what’s the Best Place to Watch Disneyland Fireworks?" We have the inside scoop! Keep reading to find out where to get the best view!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

A few hours before the fireworks, you will find that most people will already be crowding in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough. The area is big enough for a standing crowd to watch the fireworks and projections without any obstruction above, such as trees, walls, or massive statues.

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If you want to watch the Disneyland fireworks show and projections just in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough, we recommend planning. The rest of the crowd will want to be in front of the castle just as much as you do, so consider letting someone hold a spot in front for the group about 3 to 4 hours before the fireworks show starts.

This is a long time to wait for the fireworks show and projections, but as many would agree, if watching the show is your priority, there is no doubt that the view will be fantastic when you’re right front and center.

Main Street USA

If the crowd beat you to it at the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough, don’t fret! You can still watch the fireworks show from Main Street U,SA if the castle projections are not your priority. In addition, Main Street USA is the best place to “camp” until the fireworks show! There are sufficient nearby restrooms, restaurants, and stores if you need anything beforehand. Note, however, that people usually start sitting on Main Street 30 to 45 minutes before the fireworks show stbegins

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If you stay put after a showing of Fantasmic!, Rivers of America is another in-park location where you’ll get great views of the fireworks show. You'll have about three minutes between the end of Fantasmic! and the beginning of the fireworks — that’s two shows from one location! The fireworks are perfectly centered above the Fantasmic! stage between two water screens, while the projections will be shown on three water screens. 

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Partners Statue

If you want to watch great Disneyland fireworks and projections show, the best place to be is right in front of the Partners Statue. Many people consider Partners Statue the best fireworks viewing spot because it’s close enough to see the castle projections yet far enough to enjoy the fireworks’ grandiosity. In addition, there are no trees, poles, or walls that could obstruct your vision.

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However, sPartners Statue seats are sometimes unavailableto the general public. The seats in front of the Partners Statue are sometimes reserved for those who booked a Disneyland VIP Tour for the day or for those who are special guests of the Disneyland Resort.

photo credit: Andrew Serrano Photography via Facebook

Storybook Land Canal Boats

If you did not get a VIP tour, don’t fret! There are other best places to watch Disneyland fireworks. For instance, you could go on a canal boat ride at the Storybook Land Canal Boats. If you time it just right, you will arrive at Storybook Land Canal Boats and be able to get on the ride just before the fireworks show starts.

The purpose is to be on a boat when the Disneyland fireworks show starts because the staff will stop your boat in the water. Then you’ll be able to watch the whole show from your boat! A magical experience indeed!

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Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience

The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience is another best place to watch Disneyland fireworks. For $60, you have an unobstructed and uncrowded place to hang for the evening’s fireworks show. Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience is located on the second-level balcony of Star Wars Launch Bay.

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You can watch the fireworks from there while enjoying a delicious package meal. Note, however, that no refunds are given if the fireworks are canceled.

How Long are Disneyland Fireworks?

We wish the fireworks show would run longer, but for years now, fireworks viewing at Disneyland typically run approximately 16 minutes long.

However, there’s much to take in during the fireworks show! You will not just see fireworks. You will also be treated to music, narration, and fantastic projections. The addition of projections a few years ago enhanced nighttime entertainment tremendously.

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Projection mapping is shown on the front of the Sleeping Beauty castle, on the sides of buildings down Main Street, and on the It’s a Small World facade. So yes, for approximately 16 minutes, fireworks and projection will enhance the magical night at Disneyland Park!

photo credit: Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel via Facebook

Where to Watch Disneyland Fireworks Outside the Park

Did you want to see the fireworks at Disneyland, but don’t have tickets to Disneyland Park? No worries! There are multiple ways to watch the Disneyland fireworks for free.

Downtown Disney

The best thing about Disneyland fireworks is that the light explosions are so big – they can be seen anywhere near Disneyland Park. The Esplanade or Downtown Disney is the best place to see them, but any restaurants along Harbor Blvd. will have some view.

Since admission into the Downtown Disney District is free, this is a great option if you want to be on Disney property without paying for theme park admission. Downtown Disney, which opened in 200, is a walkable shopping, dining, and entertainment area outside the gates of Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

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If you book a table at any of the delicious restaurants with a balcony or outdoor dining during a scheduled fireworks show, you will treat yourself to a special dinner with free Disney fireworks!

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mickey mouse mascot on stage with dragon with fireworks for the Fantasmic Show at Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA

photo credit: Fantasmic via Facebook

Can You See Disneyland Fireworks from California Adventure?

Disneyland Resort comprises two theme parks, Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure. Naturally, the best places to watch Disneyland fireworks and projections are inside Disneyland Park; however, if you don’t mind missing the projections; you can still watch the Disneyland fireworks from California Adventure.

Guests like to gather in Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure for unobstructed views of the fireworks lighting up the night sky. 

Meanwhile, the Esplanade is another great location for fireworks viewing. The area is just between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park and is considered a hot spot for viewing the fireworks show outside the Park since it is less crowded.

What’s the Best Disneyland Hotel Fireworks View?

There are perks to staying at a hotel at or near Disneyland Resort. For one, you can ask for a room with a Disneyland hotel fireworks view. California's Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel has one of the best viewing spots for Disneyland Resort's spectacular nightly fireworks show outside of the park.

Hotels near Disneyland California, such as Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Anaheim at Disneyland Park and Desert Palms Hotel and Suites, the former less than a mile from Disneyland park and the latter just short of 2 miles, offer rooms with great spots to watch Disneyland Fireworks from a distance.

Package Your Disneyland Resort Vacation

Disneyland Resort is one of the most magical places to be in California at any season! However, it's most magical when you get a chance to watch the Disneyland fireworks show at its full grandiosity.

With a Disneyland Resort Vacation Package, you have the choice to watch the Disneyland fireworks show at Disneyland Park, at a hotel near Disneyland Resort, or both if you spend a few nights!

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