Searching for Valentines Day vacations ideas? We've got you covered! What’s with the month of February? Why, Valentine's Day, of course! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway with your significant other. From cozy bed and breakfasts to thrilling outdoor adventures, there's a world of experiences waiting for you in the U.S. this February!

Picture yourselves cuddled up in a mountain cabin or walking through the twinkling lights of a bustling city. Every corner of the country offers unique opportunities to celebrate love, whether it's a quiet retreat or an action-packed adventure.

Envision yourselves enjoying a candlelit dinner on a rooftop overlooking a glittering skyline, or taking a peaceful morning walk along a misty, secluded beach. And for those seeking a little excitement, try out activities like dance classes or a fun cooking workshop together.

To give you some Valentines Day vacations ideas, we’ve laid out incredible activities below that will make the day unforgettable. Each one is designed to bring you closer together and create lasting memories! So, here are some places to travel for Valentine's Day!

Hand in Hand Adventures

Imagine strolling hand in hand through picturesque locales. Walk along the sandy shores of South Carolina's beaches or explore the historic streets of East Coast cities. These are the perfect settings for creating those special Valentine's Day memories.

Wander through charming vineyards in California, or experience the magic of a sunset cruise along a scenic coast. Dance to street musicians in New Orleans' French Quarter or share an ice cream while exploring a whimsical theme park.

Romantic Retreats in Bed and Breakfasts

For a classic and romantic Valentine s Day experience, bed and breakfasts offer a charming and intimate setting. Tucked away in quaint towns or nestled in scenic countryside, they provide a personal touch to your Valentine's Day vacation.

Many bed and breakfasts also offer special Valentine's packages, including candlelit dinners and couple's massages. Choose a historic inn for a touch of old-world romance, complete with modern comforts. Or wake up to a gourmet breakfast in bed, surrounded by stunning views of the countryside or sea.

Hit the Slopes for a Wintry Romance

If you and your partner love the thrill of winter sports, hit the slopes in destinations like Stowe Vermont. The crisp mountain air and exhilarating runs make for a day filled with fun and romance. After a day on the slopes, cozy up by a fireplace with hot cocoa, or unwind in a hot tub under the stars.

Enjoy the thrill of snowboarding down powdery slopes, or maybe try snowshoeing for a quieter, picturesque experience. End the day with a candlelit dinner at a mountain lodge, complete with local cuisine and a warm, inviting atmosphere. These Valentine s Day destinations are as romantic as they could get!

Valentine's Day Destinations for Horseback Riding

For couples who love a bit of adventure, horseback riding is a wonderful way to explore. Ride through a national park or along a beach, and experience nature together in a unique way.

Find a ranch that offers sunset rides for an extra touch of romance, followed by a cozy campfire evening. Imagine riding through tranquil trails or along breathtaking cliffs, creating a bond and memories. Some places even offer guided moonlight rides, adding a magical element to your adventure. After the ride, unwind with a romantic picnic in a secluded spot, surrounded by nature's beauty. It’s the perfect Valentine s Day date!

The Charm of Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

There's something undeniably romantic about a horse drawn carriage ride. Whether it's through a bustling city like San Francisco or a quiet mountain town, it's a perfect Valentine's Day treat. Some carriage rides even offer blankets and hot drinks to keep you warm as you explore the sights in comfort and style.

These rides can take you through historic districts, past famous landmarks, or even along scenic waterfronts. In some cities, you can book a private carriage ride, complete with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. It’s a timeless way to enjoy each other's company and take in the sights at a leisurely pace.

Day Getaways for Busy Couples

Even if you can't get away for long, day getaways can be just as romantic. Enjoy a day trip to a nearby city, a local winery, or a scenic spot for a quick but memorable Valentine’s Day escape. Consider a culinary tour in a nearby city or a relaxing day at a local spa for a rejuvenating escape.

Explore a botanical garden or take a leisurely paddle boat ride in a city park. Art lovers can spend the day browsing galleries or attending a special Valentine's Day exhibit. For something unique, try an outdoor adventure like zip-lining or rock climbing, followed by a well-deserved dinner at a cozy restaurant.

Wine Tasting for Two

What's more romantic than to wine taste in a picturesque vineyard? Visit regions known for their wineries, enjoy the scenic views, and savor the taste of different wines together. Many wineries also offer cozy, intimate settings perfect for a romantic day out, complete with gourmet food pairings.

Some vineyards may even host Valentine's Day events, featuring live music and dance. Don’t forget to take a stroll through the vineyards themselves – it’s a serene and beautiful experience. Ending the day watching the sunset over the vineyard can be the perfect romantic conclusion to your wine-tasting adventure.

Unwind in Hot Springs

For relaxation, visit hot springs for a soothing and romantic experience. Places like Hot Springs National Park offer a serene environment to unwind and reconnect. Surrounded by natural beauty, it's a peaceful way to spend quality time together, soaking in the warm, healing waters.

Many hot springs are located in areas with stunning natural landscapes, perfect for a romantic hike or picnic. Some hot springs resorts also offer couples spa treatments, adding an extra layer of relaxation. At night, the clear skies above many hot spring areas make for incredible stargazing opportunities.

City Love in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Urbanites can find romance in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. From sunset walks on the beach to exploring vibrant neighborhoods, these cities offer a blend of romance and excitement. Discover hidden rooftop bars with stunning views or enjoy a romantic dinner at a high-end restaurant overlooking the city lights. In Los Angeles, take a scenic drive along the coast or visit the iconic Santa Monica Pier. San Francisco’s cable car rides offer a charming way to see the city's famous hills, while a ferry trip to Alcatraz Island can add a unique twist to your city adventure.

Planning Perfect Valentines Day Vacations with Tripster

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Those are just some of the best places to travel for Valentine's Day! So, take the opportunity to explore and create new memories with your loved one. With so many options across the U.S., from serene retreats to bustling cities, your perfect Valentine's Day vacation awaits.

Plan with Tripster to make it an experience you'll cherish forever, without the stress of overspending. Let this Valentine's Day be a celebration of your love, filled with moments that will become cherished memories. Whether you're basking in the quiet of nature or dancing the night away in a lively city, this Valentine's Day is your chance to reignite the spark and deepen your connection.