Best Snorkeling on Big Island: 5 Ways to Save Up to 9% Off

Immerse yourself in Hawaii’s vibrant underwater world with Big Island Snorkeling Tours. Dive deep into crystal-clear waters, swim among remarkable marine life, and experience the heart of the Pacific like never before.

Discover the aquatic wonderland that awaits you in the warm, emerald waters of Hawaii’s tropical paradise. Experience the best snorkeling on Big Island through the uniquely captivating Big Island Snorkeling Tours.

With every dive, you immerse yourself in a world that’s home to vibrant coral reefs, marine life, and gracefully swimming sea turtles! Whether you’re a novice snorkeler or an experienced diver, the Big Island’s crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life promise to leave an unforgettable impression.

Besides, let’s not forget the joy of basking under the golden Hawaiian sun! Excited already? Wait until you explore the various budget-friendly options and insider tips to make this tropical escapade an absolute dream. So, let’s plunge in!

Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling Tours Discount Tickets

Ready to dive into the vibrant underwater world of Hawaii’s Big Island? Ensure your entrance to paradise is smooth by grabbing your best places to see turtles on the Big Island tickets.

Wave goodbye to worries and dive into savings when you pre-purchase your tickets with Tripster. Not only does it streamline your vacation planning, but it also offers access to some of the most splash-tastic deals around.

Spirit of Aloha Catamaran Snorkel Sail

Embark on the Spirit of Aloha Catamaran Snorkel Sail, a top-rated Big Island snorkeling tour renowned for its coastal beauty and marine biodiversity. As you sail along the island’s lush coastline, immerse yourself in the cool ocean breeze paired with picturesque surroundings.

The tour takes you to the island’s best snorkel spot, plunging you into the vibrant underwater world. On your snorkeling venture, relish the sight of beautifully hued fish and exquisitely formed corals.

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The highlight of this excursion is the opportunity to observe playful spinner dolphins and even massive whales in their natural habitat. Get ready to set sail from the Waikoloa Beach Resort’s Anaehoomalu Bay, nestled at 69-1081 Kuualii Place, Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738!

close up of man underwater with snorkelling gear holding sea urchin at Spirit of Aloha Catamaran Snorkel Sail in Big Island, Hawaii, USA
photo credit: Port Waikiki Cruises via Facebook

Deluxe Snorkel & Dolphin Watch

Join a lifetime marine adventure with the Deluxe Snorkel & Dolphin Watch in Hawaii’s paradise. Splash into fun from the lively Kailua Pier, nestled in the quaint Kailua-Kona hub, a mere seven miles away from the bustling Keahole Kona Airport.

This unique 4.5-hour journey not only allows you to indulge in exceptional snorkeling but also soothes your senses with a serene sail. Step onto the 65-foot catamaran and take in the convenience of its spacious deck and outstanding amenities.

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Enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities offered by the cruise, such as a 20-foot water slide, a high dive platform, and a fully-stocked bar. They even serve a scrumptious breakfast and lunch, topped off with a mouth-watering BBQ burger, an assortment of snacks, and cooling beverages.

Kona Snorkeling & Sailing with Lunch

Discover the charm of Kona coast as you embark on one of the best Kona snorkeling tours – Kona Snorkeling & Sailing with Lunch. Enjoy the breathtaking seaside views marked by towering sea cliffs and untouched sandy sceneries aboard the majestic catamaran, “Honi Olani.”

This 53-foot sailing vessel offers a memorable snorkeling adventure with comfort-focused amenities and the chance to experience diverse marine life in its natural habitats. You can also enjoy a spectacular sunset cocktail cruise amidst the twilight magic of the sea.

In addition, the cruise ensures your palate is entertained with single-serve snacks, unlimited soda, juice and water, and two alcoholic beverages.

End your day of aquatic exploration as you return to the serene Honokohau Small Boat Harbor, the point of departure, carrying with you memories of an unmatched adventure.

Four children snorkeling with an instructor who is petting a Manta Ray in the water in Oahu, Hawaii
photo credit: Sea Life Park via Facebook

Big Island Snorkel Tours Coupons and Discounts

On your vacation, don’t miss out on exploring the captivating underwater world of the Big Island. With Tripster, you can take advantage of irresistible deals on snorkeling adventures, offering you the opportunity to discover Hawaii’s volcanic coastline and its rich marine life.

Big Island Snorkeling Tours Local Discount

Don’t be washed over with worry, Big Island locals! Dive into substantial savings on your next Big Island Snorkeling Tours by booking through Tripster, your treasure chest of tropical discounts!

Big Island Snorkeling Tours Military Discount

While the sea-kissed shores of the Big Island may not offer exclusive military discounts for snorkeling tours, fear not, ocean adventurers!

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As an illustrious beacon in the calm Hawaiian waters, Tripster calls out to you, ready to navigate those budget waves with some fantastic deals!

Big Island Snorkeling Tours AAA Discount

Unfortunately, the sea turtles and spinner dolphins of Hawaii’s Big Island Snorkel Tours aren’t honoring AAA discounts at the moment. But don’t let your excitement sink just yet, as fantastic water-splashing deals are still making waves on Tripster.

Woman snorkeling with Sea Turtle

Big Island Snorkeling Tours Senior Discount

While Big Island Snorkel Tours relish providing unforgettable experiences for grandparents, it’s important to note that they currently do not offer specific senior discounts for their tours. Instead, plunge boldly into the deep savings of booking through Tripster!

Big Island Snorkeling Tours Group Discount

If you and your crew are eager for adventure beyond the usual manta ray snorkel journey, Big Island Snorkeling Tours promises to dial up the fun to a whole new level!

This adventure is particularly enjoyable with a small group, adding a layer of intimacy and exclusivity to your undersea exploration.

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Fortunately, Tripster sprinkles a little fairy dust of savings on your snorkeling squad’s expedition. So, even if Big Island Snorkeling Tours stays mum on group savings, your savvy booking can still lead to some sweet dollar delights!

Snorkeling Tours Big Island Vacation Packages

Dive into savings with Tripster’s vacation packages, bundling Big Island snorkeling tours with other water-rustling, marine life-rich attractions of the Hawaii seascape.

Twist, twirl, and twine multiple Big Island adventures, maximizing your savings while you bask in the vibrant vitality of the island’s natural wonders.

people aboard Spirit of Aloha Catamaran during day with blue sky and clouds in Oahu, Hawaii, USA
photo credit: Port Waikiki Cruises via Facebook

Hotels Near Snorkeling Tours on The Big Island

There’s nothing like a soft bed and luxurious amenities waiting for you after an eventful day of marine exploration on the Big Island. Retreat to utmost comfort provided by nearby boutique hotels and beachfront resorts!

Many of these can be found on Tripster, such as:

Relax in these accommodations after a day of observing magnificent sea life. Experience the tranquility of island life as you rejuvenate for your next Big Island snorkeling adventure.

Big Island Attractions

Captain Cook Dinner Cruise to Kealakekua Bay

For an alternative to Captain Cook snorkeling, consider embarking on a remarkable Captain Cook Dinner Cruise to Kealakekua Bay. With a local historian at the helm, this 3-hour cruise becomes an enlightening voyage where you will learn about over 50 historic sites and points of interest.

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As you journey to Captain Cook’s monument, be prepared to be amazed by the magnificent view of Hawaii’s volcanic coast. Upon arrival at Kealakekua Bay, your senses will be awoken with a delightful Hawaiian-style dinner, accompanied by a breathtaking tropical sunset and live entertainment.

So, seize this opportunity to discover another side of Hawaii, where history meets natural beauty in a spectacular fusion. This dinner cruise could be the perfect end to a day spent Kealakekua Bay snorkeling, providing a wholesome Big Island experience for every curious traveler.

close up of Sea Turtle with snorkelers
photo credit: Hawaii – via Facebook

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Embark on an 8-hour tour with the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure, traversing the contrasting landscapes from the dry resort area to the lush greenery of Kohala.

Drive up the North Kona and Kohala coastlines near lava flows, where breaching humpback whales or splashing spinner dolphins might be visible from the shoreline.

A brief break at the Kohala Mule Station provides a breathtaking coastal view before proceeding to an exhilarating off-road drive on a former cane road over private ranchland.

Equipped with necessary gear and a hearty lunch, guests of all ages are primed for an unforgettable experience.

Big Island Deluxe Volcano Tour

The Big Island Deluxe Volcano Tour provides a unique chance to explore the dazzling lava tubes and other remarkable points of interest in Kailua-Kona.

Over approximately 12 hours, you’ll journey from the high-altitude Saddle Road to Hilo and the awe-inspiring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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Not only will you witness the nighttime glow at the Halema’uma’u Crater, but you will also enjoy a three-course dinner at the renowned Kilauea Lodge.

This isn’t just any tour; it’s a celebration of Mother Nature in all her fiery grandeur, paired with a feast of Hawaiian flavors.

night sky over lava flow and volcanoes at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park - Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Big Island Snorkeling Tours Insider Tips

What Should I Bring?

Preparation is key to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience when embarking on this marine escapade. Be sure to pack a beach towel to dry off post-snorkeling, and consider bringing extra clothing for comfort.

Of course, don’t forget essentials such as your ID, reef-safe sunscreen, and anti-nausea medication, especially if you’re prone to sea sickness.

For gear, consider bringing a pair of flip-flops for easy navigation on the boat, your swimsuit, and a hat or sunglasses to guard against the sun’s rays.

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An underwater camera can be a fantastic addition to capture vibrant underwater scenes of dazzling coral and tropical fish. Last but not least, extra cash can come in handy for those unexpected expenses or gratuities.

Can I Bring Food and Drinks onto the Big Island Snorkel Tour?

There’s no need to burden your backpack with snacks or drinks since all Big Island Snorkeling Tours come with a delightful lunch and refreshing beverages.

You can leave your packed bites at home and, instead, spend your time immersed in the underwater beauty that Big Island has to offer.

Aerial view of the beach at Halona Blowhole in the day time with crisp blue water in Oahu, Hawaii
photo credit: Halona Blowhole via Facebook


The Spirit of Aloha Catamaran Snorkel Sail tour does not provide complimentary parking. However, free parking is available for the Deluxe Snorkel & Dolphin Watch at 75-5629 Kuakini Hwy., Kailua Kona, which is a short block from the dock.

Similarly, free and convenient parking is provided for Kona Snorkeling & Sailing with Lunch near Honokohau Small Boat Harbor. Arrive early for your snorkel tour to ensure good parking, sufficient prep time, and a chance to chat with the guides.

Big Island Snorkeling Tour Reviews

If you’ve never been on a snorkel tour in Big Island before, then taking a look at the reviews can be a real lifesaver. Experienced travelers often comment on the best places to see turtles on the Big Island tours, resulting in a great snorkeling experience.

They provide information about vibrant marine life, clear waters, and the exhilarating feeling of swimming alongside Hawaii’s diverse underwater fauna.

Most reviews comprise a common theme: a snorkeling tour at the Big Island is an adventure that’s highly recommended for all visitors to this island paradise.

Join Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling Tours: Book through Tripster Today!

The allure of the best snorkeling on Big Island is undeniable. From swimming with playful dolphins to encountering humpback whales and surface-feeding mantas, your experience will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Plus, the opportunity to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the famed Kealakekua Bay adds a memorable touch to your adventure. With such tailor-made snorkeling expeditions, you’ll realize that this might just be the “best Big Island snorkeling near me.”

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So, whether you are a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic escapade, or a family trying to create unforgettable memories, there’s an underwater marvel waiting for you.

Start planning your snorkeling tour on the Big Island; it’s the adventure of a lifetime awaiting discovery!

Big Island Snorkeling Tours FAQs

Kahalu'u Beach Park is an ideal location for novice snorkelers, thanks to its lifeguard presence and sheltered, shallow waters that are easy to access. This spot boasts a rich array of fish and even features tide pools for additional exploration!

The Big Island, being less crowded and popular than Oahu, offers more pristine coral reefs due to reduced human impact. One of the highlights of snorkeling on the Big Island is the convenience of accessing excellent snorkel spots directly from the beaches.

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