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Get ready for an exciting baseball season with the Miami Marlins! Secure your tickets for Marlins home games at the vibrant loanDepot Park. From the thrill of Opening Day to family-friendly Sunday Fundays, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the chance to see the Marlins in their Red City Connect uniforms.

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Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Miami Travel Experts
  • With two National League (NL) pennants and two World Series titles, a Miami Marlins game is a must-do for baseball fans visiting Miami.
  • With its retractable roof and modern amenities, loanDepot Park offers a comfortable viewing experience regardless of weather.
  • Children age 3 and under are admitted free and do not require a ticket to enter the ballpark
  • The ballpark allows guests to bring one clear bag per person; bags must not exceed 16"x16"x8". Al bags are inspected at the entry gates.
  • Electronic payment is required at all concessions and retail locations. If you only have cash, you can find cash-to-card kiosks on site at section 3
  • Once you exit the ballpark, you will not be able to re-enter using the same ticket.
  • Ramps and elevators are available for guests with strollers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids.


from Miami Marlins Tickets
Get ready for an exciting baseball season with the Miami Marlins! Secure your seat at the vibrant loanDepot Park for a series of unforgettable games and events. From the thrill of Opening Day to the family-friendly Sunday Fundays, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the chance to see the Marlins in their Red City Connect uniforms.

With a multitude of big names and key opponents coming to town, you won't want to miss out on the action live from the ballpark. Located in the heart of Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, loanDepot Park is home to the Miami Marlins and is known for its retractable roof, vibrant Miami-inspired color scheme and the rich culture and festive passion of its fans.

With a wide range of concessions, facilities and matchday entertainment on hand, whether you're a solo traveler or attending with friends and loved ones, a trip to the ballgame to see the Miami Marlins is an experience not to be missed!

Miami Marlins Schedule:

  • Los Angeles Angels Apr. 2 6:40PM
  • Los Angeles Angels Apr. 3 6:40PM
  • Atlanta Braves Apr.12 7:10PM
  • Atlanta Braves Apr.13 4:10PM
  • Atlanta Braves Apr.14 1:40PM
  • San Francisco Giants Apr.15 6:40PM
  • San Francisco Giants Apr.16 6:40PM
  • San Francisco Giants Apr.17 12:10PM
  • Washington Nationals Apr.26 7:10PM
  • Washington Nationals Apr.27 4:10PM
  • Washington Nationals Apr.28 1:40PM
  • Washington Nationals Apr.29 6:40PM
  • Colorado Rockies Apr.30 6:40PM

  • Colorado Rockies May 1 6:40PM
  • Colorado Rockies May 2 12:10PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies May 10 7:10PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies May 11 4:10PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies May 12 1:40PM
  • New York Mets May 19 1:40PM
  • Milwaukee Brewers May 20 6:40PM
  • Milwaukee Brewers May 21 6:40PM
  • Milwaukee Brewers May 22 6:40PM
  • Texas Rangers May 31 7:10PM

  • Texas Rangers Jun. 1 4:10PM
  • Texas Rangers Jun. 2 1:40PM
  • Tampa Bay Rays Jun. 4 6:40PM
  • Tampa Bay Rays Jun. 5 6:40PM
  • Cleveland Guardians Jun. 7 7:10PM
  • Cleveland Guardians Jun. 8 7:35PM
  • Cleveland Guardians Jun. 9 1:40PM
  • St. Louis Cardinals Jun. 17 6:40PM
  • St. Louis Cardinals Jun. 18 6:40PM
  • St. Louis Cardinals Jun. 19 12:40PM
  • Seattle Mariners Jun. 21 7:10PM
  • Seattle Mariners Jun. 22 4:10PM
  • Seattle Mariners Jun. 23 1:40PM

  • Boston Red Sox Jul. 2 6:40PM
  • Boston Red Sox Jul. 3 6:40PM
  • Boston Red Sox Jul. 4 1:10PM
  • Chicago White Sox Jul. 5 7:10PM
  • Chicago White Sox Jul. 6 4:10PM
  • Chicago White Sox Jul. 7 1:40PM
  • New York Mets Jul. 19 7:10PM
  • New York Mets Jul. 20 4:10PM
  • New York Mets Jul. 21 1:40PM
  • New York Mets Jul. 22 6:40PM
  • Baltimore Orioles Jul. 23 6:40PM
  • Baltimore Orioles Jul. 24 6:40PM
  • Baltimore Orioles Jul. 25 12:10PM

  • Cincinnati Reds Aug. 5 6:40PM
  • Cincinnati Reds Aug. 6 6:40PM
  • Cincinnati Reds Aug. 7 6:40PM
  • Cincinnati Reds Aug. 8 6:10PM
  • San Diego Padres Aug. 9 7:10PM
  • San Diego Padres Aug. 10 4:10PM
  • San Diego Padres Aug. 11 1:40PM
  • Arizona Diamondbacks Aug. 19 6:40PM
  • Arizona Diamondbacks Aug. 20 6:40PM
  • Arizona Diamondbacks Aug. 21 6:40PM
  • Chicago Cubs Aug. 23 7:10PM
  • Chicago Cubs Aug. 24 4:10PM
  • Chicago Cubs Aug. 23 1:40PM

  • Washington Nationals Sep. 3 6:40PM
  • Washington Nationals Sep. 4 6:40PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies Sep. 5 6:40PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies Sep. 6 7:10PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies Sep. 7 4:10PM
  • Philadelphia Phillies Sep. 8 1:40PM
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Sep. 17 6:40PM
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Sep. 18 6:40PM
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Sep. 19 4:40PM
  • Atlanta Braves Sep. 20 7:10PM
  • Atlanta Braves Sep. 21 4:10PM

Please note: All dates, times, and opponents are subject to change

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Frequently Asked Questions about Miami Marlins Tickets

Where do the Miami Marlins play?

The Miami Marlins' home games are played at loanDepot Park, located on the site of the former Miami Orange Bowl in the Little Havana neighborhood about 2 miles west of Downtown. The address is 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL, 33125.

What are the parking options at loanDepot Park?

loanDepot Park offers four parking garages on the North and South sides, and six surface lots on the East and West sides. Parking operates on a free flow model. Guests register their vehicle's license plate via PayByPhone App using the garage-specific code found on signs. Validation occurs during the game based on registration.

What amenities are available for guests with disabilities?

loanDepot park offers wheelchair accessible seating, Braille and tactile signs, and other ADA services.

What can I bring into loanDepot park?

Clear bags are permitted. Bags must not exceed 16”x16”x8” in size and must be plastic, vinyl, or PVC material. Exceptions will be made for small clutches no larger than 6”x8” and bags for medical or infant purposes.

Can I leave and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket?

Guests are not permitted to leave the ballpark and return using the same ticket.

Does loanDepot Park have bag locker rentals?

Yes, medium and large lockers are available to rent. Bag locker rentals are located on the north side of the park in between the North Ticket Office and PNC Club Entrance. All bags will be inspected prior to storing.

Can I take pictures or video during the game?

You can take photos during the game for personal use. However, video recording and streaming are prohibited due to MBL restrictions. Tripods, cameras with zoom lenses, and selfie sticks are prohibited.