Walking Tour St Augustine: 2024 Best Deals

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Bring your appetite and a comfortable pair of walking shoes for Tasting Tours’ flagship St. Augustine food tour—Corks and Forks! Experience a diverse range of local cuisine paired with delicious wines at some of St. Augustine’s hottest dining destination, as well as a casual stroll through the St. Augustine Historic District. Details
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Total Price: $137.70 (USD)
Filled with haunts and ghosts galore, the oldest city in America has a darker side begging to be explored. Experience it for yourself by joining this guided St. Augustine ghost tour! Look for signs of the supernatural on the grounds of Castillo de San Marcos Fort, a structure that has stood for centuries and survived more than 300 years of battles and storms. Details
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Total Price: $35.70 (USD)
Join the Creepy Crawl—the thrilling St. Augustine haunted pub crawl that blends spirits with your spirits! Led by an experienced guide, explore haunted bars, learn ghost-hunting techniques, and sip on your first drink for free. Discover bizarre tales, learn ghost-hunting techniques, and conduct your own investigation using provided EMF meters and equipment. Details
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Total Price: $25.50 (USD)
Take an adventure into the haunted back alleyways of St. Augustine to search for the supernatural and paranormal on this lantern-lit walking tour. You’ll learn all about the city’s true, dark past and secrets, along with hidden stories and personal ghost encounters. But keep a watchful eye and be aware of the shadows. You never know what ghostly haunts will follow your tour, too. Details
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Total Price: $25.50 (USD)
Taste your way through historic St. Augustine! This unique craft beer and history tour offers a fun way of seeing America’s oldest city and learning how the state's beer industry has evolved. Enjoy a curated experience through historic landmarks, local brewpubs, and state-of-the-art tap rooms – while sampling some of Florida’s best craft beers along the way! Details
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Total Price: $111.18 (USD)
Experience the charm of America's oldest city on this St. Augustine walking tour! The city’s history spans over 450 years and is influenced by several nations who once colonized the area. Stroll the St. Augustine Historic District from Castillo de San Marcos to Plaza de la Constitución with a guide who will cover the history, sites, famous residents and more! Details
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Total Price: $30.60 (USD)
Enjoy tasting your way around St. Augustine's chocolate scene! Your expert tour guide will discuss the local history and fascinating facts about the area throughout this tour. Enjoy the sweet local offerings while passing the Governor's House Cultural Center and Museum and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Details
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Total Price: $76.50 (USD)
Experience the culinary scene of St. Augustine, Florida, a city with a rich heritage that has spanned hundreds of years. On this St. Augustine food tour, savor the best food and wine it has to offer as you visit iconic landmarks like the Old City Gates, Castillo de San Marcos, Plaza de la Constitución, and America’s oldest thoroughfare, Aviles Street. Details
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Total Price: $141.78 (USD)

Prepare for a stroll that is anything but ordinary with the St Augustine Walking Tour. Strolling around the historic streets of America's Oldest City, you'll feel the echoes of the past all around you. Enchanting in its authenticity, every cobblestone underfoot teems with stories that are centuries old. The delightful breeze flowing in from the nearby Atlantic Ocean is a reminder of the city’s strong maritime links. At the same time, the towering Spanish colonial architecture transports you back to Saint Augustine's earliest settlements.

With your first step on the walking tour St Augustine, you're embarking on a journey through time, one that weaves a rich tapestry of history, culture, and adventure. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply a traveler with an eye for beauty, the historic tour captures the imagination.

While wandering through the enchanting labyrinth of narrow streets, you'll discover hidden gems nestled amongst the city landmarks. The historical walking tour of St Augustine provides a deep dive into St Augustine's history, with your tour guide walking you through the historic downtown area where ancient forts stand as reminders of past conflicts.

As you journey through St Augustine Historic District, you'll encounter a unique blend of colonial and Victorian architecture in quaint, historic houses and awe-inspiring museums like Lightner Museum, each whispering age-old legends through their splendid architecture.

What truly sets the St. Augustine guided walking tours apart is the sense of immersion it offers. You're not just a distant observer; you are an active participant exploring St Augustine first-hand.

Without a doubt, the paid and free tour in St. Augustine are a perfect blend of educational enlightenment, cultural enrichment, and outright fun visitor experience. A walk through St. Augustine is not just a stroll through a city - it's a walk through time to appreciate the fascinating narrative of the city.

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Don't miss out on this remarkable journey through American history! St. Augustine, steeped in traditions and rich in legendary tales, awaits your exploration. Experience the breathtaking sights, delve into the mysteries of the oldest occupied settlement in the United States, and see history come alive like never before. Whether it's a close encounter with wildlife or the thrill of stepping into the aged forts, your St. Augustine adventure with Tripster is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Get on board and book your St. Augustine walking tour today via Tripster!