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Join the Creepy Crawl—the thrilling St. Augustine haunted pub crawl that blends spirits with your spirits! Led by an experienced guide, explore haunted bars, learn ghost-hunting techniques, and sip on your first drink for free. Discover bizarre tales, learn ghost-hunting techniques, and conduct your own investigation using provided EMF meters and equipment. Details
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Take an adventure into the haunted back alleyways of St. Augustine to search for the supernatural and paranormal on this lantern-lit walking tour. You’ll learn all about the city’s true, dark past and secrets, along with hidden stories and personal ghost encounters. But keep a watchful eye and be aware of the shadows. You never know what ghostly haunts will follow your tour, too. Details
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Filled with haunts and ghosts galore, the oldest city in America has a darker side begging to be explored. Experience it for yourself by joining this guided St. Augustine ghost tour! Look for signs of the supernatural on the grounds of Castillo de San Marcos Fort, a structure that has stood for centuries and survived more than 300 years of battles and storms. Details
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Enjoy an evening of fear and fun aboard the Ghosts and Gravestones haunted trolley tour of St. Augustine! Hear harrowing tales of ghosts and ghouls, and walk among the dead in old cemeteries. This St Augustine ghost tour will take you to the most haunted places in this historic city including the Old Jail and Tolomato Cemetery. Details
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Perhaps the myths and legends are not quite as untrue as they may seem at first glance! With captivating storytelling, a glimpse of history, and a double dose of chills and thrills, the ghost tours in St Augustine are ready to give you the scare that will keep you up at night! Beyond the historic landmarks, America’s Oldest City hides a haunted secret from a bygone era.

Fill your St Augustine ghost tour with paranormal investigation, spooky stories, and accounts of paranormal experiences. Unleash your inner ghost enthusiast and fright-seeker as you step into the darkened corners of the city on each walking tour. Embark on a journey to the other side that will send shivers down your spine! To help you find the top paranormal experience, we’ve carefully curated a list of must-try ghost tours St Augustine!

Glimpse to the Other Side

Take a seat on the Trolley of the Doomed and brace yourself for a night of fright! Ghosts and Gravestones St Augustine - Haunted Trolley Tour is guided by a ghost host that will regale you with infamous ghost stories, making the experience more informative and thrilling. Hear the stories of mayhem and misfortunes turn into tales of ghouls and ghosts in this historic city.

Along the way, you’ll stop at the most haunted places, including Tolomato Cemetery and Old Jail. Pass by some of the scariest places and final resting places of the victims of yellow fever in Huguenot Cemetery. Watch out, may also see Elizabeth, a child victim of yellow fever, waving at the City Gates. Conclude your ghost tour St Augustine, with a nighttime visit to the Potter’s Wax Museum, and find out about the gory execution of pirate Andrew Ranson. Buckle up for a night of mystery and intrigue on this ghost tour of St Augustine!

Expert-Led Exploration

With grim history and ghostly encounters, the night comes alive in this 2-hour long St Augustine ghost tours. Paranormal Investigation of Old Fort Grounds Tour is the first group to explore and research the city’s haunted history. Experience the truth behind the tales of St Augustine firsthand with licensed guides and paranormal experts. Walk in the footsteps of the long-gone residents that are now believed to roam around Castillo de San Marcos Fort.

Join the terrifying investigation of haunted buildings and gruesome military history in the Santo Domingo Redoubt and the infamous City Gates and Huguenot Cemetery. This tour includes paranormal investigation equipment such as EMF meters and spirit boxes that allows you to have a hands-on experience. Follow along with the expert tour guides as they reveal techniques and theories behind supernatural research, making this the best ghost tour St Augustine!

Thrill-Seekers Paradise

Ever dreamt of an experience that sets your pulse racing and your curiosity soar? Get a taste of horror on these ghost tours in St. Augustine now! Fear has no room on these tours. Awaken your courage as you delve into the dark mysteries of the city. Uncover the whispers of old tales and secrets in the cobblestones streets on Ghosts and Gravestones St Augustine - Haunted Trolley Tour. But wait, there’s more! Dare to take the eerie adventure further and become a ghost hunter on the ancient walls of the fort with the Paranormal Investigation of Old Fort Grounds Tour. These are not just a tour – they are a thrill-seeker’s paradise and a double dose of adrenaline-packed exploration. Dare to embrace the heart-pounding thrill that awaits in the heart of the Oldest City!

Unveiling St. Augustine’s Hidden Delights

Ghost tours St Augustine FL have helped shape the enchanting charm of America’s Oldest City. From the dark side of history to the unexplainable encounters and unknown realm, St. Augustine is a melting pot of eerily outstanding experiences. Wondering what else St. Augustine has up its sleeve? Look no further! If you’re ready to go beyond the ghostly thrills, the city offers an array of the best things to do in St. Augustine. Explore our lineup of carefully curated attractions and activities that will help you unlock St. Augustine’s old-time charm!

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Quench your thirst for thrills with the St. Augustine Ghost Tours! From hidden mysteries tucked away in the unknown that will make you on the edge of your seat to hands-on investigations that will ignite your inner paranormal investigator. Get ready for a journey through history and hauntings, and unravel the enigma after dark. So, if adrenaline-inducing adventure, hair-raising narratives, and unearthly excitement are your thing, dive into these ghost tours tailor-made for the brave-hearted.

The best part? You won’t have to waste your precious time planning and preparing. We’ve done the work and scoured the internet to offer you the best St. Augustine tours. Choose from our carefully curated ghost tours, and book your tickets now!