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Learn the infamous legends of Alcatraz escape attempts while cruising around Alcatraz Island, also known as “The Rock”. From Al Capone to Billy Cook the Killer, you’ll hear chilling tales about the most feared prison in the United States. The 90-minute cruise also includes views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco sites. Details
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$48.00 $33.00
Total Price: $33.66 (USD)
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If you want to capture San Francisco’s picturesque views, landscapes, and sights with your camera, then you have to go on the San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure. Perfect for photographers, families looking to create memories, and travel junkies, this cruise shows you everything the beautiful San Francisco Bay has to offer — from Pier 39 to the gorgeous skyline. Details
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1061 Reviews
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Discover the historic Richardson Bay houseboat community and see San Francisco's cityscapes from Sausalito with Blue and Gold Fleet, the premier provider of ferry services on San Francisco Bay! Enjoy convenient ferry travel along with spectacular sightseeing throughout the entire ride. Details
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1059 Reviews
Total Price: $14.98 (USD)

Blue & Gold Fleet offers fun and exciting cruises around San Francisco Bay. There's no better way to get up-close views of famous sites like the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz. Blue & Gold Fleet cruises leave from Pier 39 in San Francisco. Book a bay cruise in advance so you don't miss out on these great tours.