Comedy Shows Orlando: 2024 Best Deals

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Located on iconic International Drive, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows features three intimate theaters showcasing a variety of interactive two and a half-hour comedy mystery shows. Guests of all ages can enjoy taking on the role of detective while solving a mysterious crime filled with outrageous characters, hidden clues, a delicious meal and lots of side-splitting laughter. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
1879 Reviews
$72.95 $62.95
Total Price: $68.20 (USD)
You Save: $10.00
An award-winning interactive dinner show featured at the WonderWorks attraction on International Drive, The Outta Control Dinner Show is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience the whole family can enjoy. Guests can enjoy non-stop comedy and audience participation while dining on unlimited pizza, salad, soda, beer, wine, and dessert. Nightly shows are performed at 6 p.m. Details
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$35.99 $33.99
Total Price: $36.86 (USD)
You Save: $2.00
If you're looking for a compelling and enticing show full of amazing stunts, then Teatro Martini is for you! This Orlando dinner show combines adult-themed comedy, exciting music, aerial ballet, astonishing magic tricks, and more with gourmet cuisine, delicious cocktails, and excellent service! This unique show is geared to grown-ups, so leave the kids with a sitter. Details
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5
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$73.95 $63.84
Total Price: $69.17 (USD)
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In the heart of the Sunshine State, Orlando comedy shows present an unforgettable experience. Bursting with energy, these performances are a kaleidoscopic blend of raw hilarity, dynamic stage presence, and original thought. You'll find yourself doubled over with laughter one moment, then contemplative the next as the comedians guide you through a unique introspective journey.

Whether you're a seasoned comedy lover or just looking for a fun night out, there's an award winning comedy show in Orlando to suit every taste. From Matt Mathews' captivating stand-up acts in intimate locales to uproarious ensemble events at Hard Rock Live and laugh-out-loud sessions at SAK Comedy Lab, not forgetting the whimsical dinner shows, Orlando's comedy scene is undeniably diverse and abundant with laughter.

The comedy shows Orlando showcase both renowned international acts and local talent promising to amuse, entertain, and surprise you. The wide-ranging styles of comedy, from observational humor to political satire, and from slapstick silliness to the sharpest of wit, mean engagement and belly laughs are pretty much guaranteed.

As the lights dim and anticipation builds, the experience extends beyond the artists on stage. Savor the camaraderie with fellow audience members, the shared laughter, and the reactions as jokes land their punchlines. It's an invigorating atmosphere, where both joy and empathy reverberate through the room.

So, what's it like to watch an Orlando comedy show? Enjoy an evening filled with laughter, a safe space for creative expression, and a platform that turns everyday realities into poignant and comical insights.

Your cheeks will hurt from smiling, and your eyes might well up, either from laughing too hard or from connecting with a performer's heartfelt story, but most importantly, your spirit will be lifted. Come and immerse yourself in the vibrant, lively, and always unpredictable world of Orlando comedy.

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