Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

One of the most thrilling things you can do while in Vegas is tour the Grand Canyon by helicopter. Las Vegas helicopter tours offer amazing views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, and Vegas Strip. A short flight gets you to one of coolest national parks in the US. Don't miss out on a helicopter tour during your Las Vegas trip.

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See Las Vegas in style with this unique aerial helicopter tour. Begin your experience with a limo transfer from your hotel to the airport. Then, enjoy a champagne toast before lifting off for a one-of-a-kind flight over the Las Vegas Strip. Famous sights include St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian, the water fountains of the Bellagio, and so much more! This tour is the ideal way to treat yourself while visiting Vegas! Details
$129.00 $98.75
You Save: $30.25

Ace of Adventures

Grand Canyon Helicopters • Las Vegas, Southwest
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Grand Canyon Helicopters. Sightsee from above the Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River with your friends and family alongside. The tour begins with a limousine ride from your hotel and ends with views of the Strip. Witness the stunning scenery in the best possible way: from the sky! Details
$429.00 $412.50
You Save: $16.50
Experience a luxurious aerial exploit with the Golden Eagle Air Tour. Witness astonishing views from above the Grand Canyon, the iconic Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead while listening to a narration in the language of your choice. This memorable adventure is a few hours long so bring the kids along, and get ready to take flight. This unforgettable tour will take your breath away. Details
$369.00 $355.00
You Save: $14.00
Fly high in luxury while observing some of the best views Mother Nature has to offer. The Grand Celebration Helicopter Tour is lauded as the most in-demand tour from Las Vegas. Sightsee magnificent rock formations of the Grand Canyon, fly above extinct volcanoes, take in the scenic beauty of the Mojave Desert, and more. Get ready for an airborne adventure of a lifetime. Details
$479.00 $442.50
You Save: $36.50

King of Canyons

Grand Canyon Helicopters • Las Vegas, Southwest
Be a “king” of the Grand Canyon with this exceptional tour! Start your excursion with a limo transport to the airport, then lift off in an elite helicopter as you soar above sights like the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, The Grand Wash Cliffs, Grand Canyon West Rim, and much more. Land on the western rim of the Grand Canyon for a once-in-a-lifetime meal before embarking on your return flight where you’ll enjoy an aerial view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Details
$549.00 $486.25
You Save: $62.75