Museums in Chicago: 2024 Best Deals

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An affordable and convenient way to see some of the best attractions Chicago has to offer, the Chicago Explorer Pass offers exclusive discounted rates for up to 30 days after its first use. Guests can enjoy saving up to 35% on several different hotspots, including Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and Museum of Science and Industry. Details
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Total Price: $85.68 (USD)
Experience one of the world's greatest museums with an expert tour guide! This skip-the-line guided tour explores major artworks and hidden gems from the expansive Art Institute of Chicago collection, which can be overwhelming to explore on your own. The tour begins half an hour before the museum opens allowing you to stroll among the galleries at a leisurely pace. Details
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Total Price: $135.15 (USD)
Visit Medieval Torture Museum Chicago and discover the most extensive Middle Ages torture exhibits in the U.S. Located in the Chicago Loop, explore the interactive museum’s elaborate torture devices and realistic execution depictions that are not for the faint of heart! Do you have the courage to endure a visit to the horrifying evidence of human cruelty? Details
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Total Price: $38.19 (USD)
In the heart of downtown Chicago, the Writers Museum on Michigan Avenue walks you through centuries of American history and culture from the writers' perspective. The American Writers Museum-Chicago is the only museum devoted to diverse US writers and writings, with fun multi-sensory exhibits to celebrate the past and promote the future of American literature! Details
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Total Price: $14.28 (USD)
You Save: $2.00

Embark on a journey spanning through centuries of fascinating discoveries, artistic masterpieces, and phenomenal scientific milestones right in the heart of Chicago. Visiting the city's museums is indeed an exhilarating experience that offers you more than just a day out - it's a gateway into the world's history, technology, and culture. The world-renowned Chicago museums merit the widespread acclaim they have received over the years. They serve as intellectual hubs, encouraging curious minds to learn, explore, and find inspiration.

The second you step into these impressive establishments, you're greeted by welcoming guides ready to walk you through a labyrinth of knowledge, music, laughter, and whispers of hushed awe echo through the grand, awe-inspiring halls adorned with captivating exhibits. Masterfully curated collections capture your gaze and kindle your curiosity, with exhibits encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects, from fine arts to natural history and from science to ancient civilizations.

Visiting the museums in Chicago is not merely about viewing art or historical artifacts in person; it is a direct encounter with the minds that shaped the world. Each exhibit in museums like Field Museum promises a captivating story, a tear-jerking historical event, or an awe-inspiring scientific breakthrough. It's in these spaces where your mind expands, your curiosity is sparked, and your perspective of the world is broadened.

  • There's a constant hum of activity with planned workshops, seminars, and children's programs, which only enhances the shared space of learning and exploration.

  • The architecturally stunning buildings hold their own charm, adding to the overall mesmerizing experience one feels when walking through the halls.

  • If your stomach starts to rumble, rest assured that these venues often house excellent cafes and restaurants within their walls, giving you the chance to refuel and carry on your adventure.

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