Where are the Best Places to See Niagara Falls?

November 26, 2019

One of the most beautiful, recognized natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls borders New York and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Visited by millions each year, it's worth the trip to see the Falls in person. But where is the best vantage point? Well, Niagara Falls State Park encompasses multiple lookout areas for visitors to gain the best views from various angles. Additionally, there are areas outside of the park that enable guests to capture a fantastic bird's eye view as well. Read below to discover the best places to see Niagara Falls.

Best Places to See Niagara Falls

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1) Skylon Tower

One of the best places to see Niagara Falls involves heading to the top of Skylon Tower. Guests take a 52-second trip to the top of the tower to gain sweeping bird's eye views of the Falls from 775 feet above. Once you reach the Observation Deck, you can experience both an indoor deck and outdoor deck that provide unique views of the gorgeous Falls, the Great Gorge, the Niagara wine district, and the city skylines of both Toronto and Buffalo. Furthermore, you can see the Falls illuminated at night as well as seasonal fireworks displays. Note that if you dine here, you can visit the decks for free.

2) Observation Tower

Enabling visitors to see each of the Falls, the views from the Observation Tower capture their beauty and strength. Jutting out beyond the Falls' ravines, the tower stands at 282 feet high. Providing the only panoramic view of the three falls, you don't want to miss out on the one of the best places to see Niagara Falls in all of its glory. Furthermore, the elevators at the tower give access to the boarding site for the Maid of the Mist boat tour. Also, visitors can go to the base of the gorge and take a series of stairs to the Crow's Nest, where guests can enjoy air conditioning and blasts of misty Niagara spray.

3) Table Rock Welcome Centre

The Table Rock Welcome Centre features a two-level indoor viewing gallery, the Grand Hall, where visitors can gain an up-close view of the Falls. Further, guests can opt for the Journey Behind the Falls attraction, which takes guests 150 feet through bedrock to tunnels that overlook Horseshoe Falls from directly underneath them.

Another attraction available at the Centre includes Niagara's Fury, a ride that allows guests to experience the creation of Niagara Falls! The floor trembles beneath you as the elements crash around you. You'll feel like you were at the formation of the Great Gorge 10,000 years ago.

Additionally, the Centre offers a myriad of shops and the Elements Restaurant as well.

Best Places to See Niagara Falls

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4) Terrapin Point

The viewing ledge at Terrapin Point on Goat Island is the closest point to Horseshoe Falls. We suggest visiting around sunset or dusk to catch some of the best views. Afterward, you can grab a bite to eat at the Top of the Falls, which overlooks the Falls.

5) Whirlpool Aero Car

Ride if you dare! Guests can soar across the Niagara Whirlpool from the Whirlpool Aero Car. Safety traveling more than 3,600 feet across the River, the cable car allows visitors to capture magnificent views from an intriguing perspective. Note that the ride takes about ten minutes and is open from April to November.

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Excursion under Niagara Falls

6) Prospect Point Viewing Area

Prospect Point in Prospect Park gives premium views of the American Falls and Rapids. You can enjoy incredible views without paying admission fees or waiting in line; however, crowds can still gather. Think of visiting near sunrise or dusk, and you'll realize why it's considered one of the best places to see Niagara Falls.

7) Whirlpool State Park

Located two miles north of the falls, Whirlpool State Park gives one the opportunity to escape the bustle of the crowds and spend the day in the park. One of the best places to see Niagara Falls, visitors can hike, bike, or run across the Niagara Gorge Rim Trail and then descend along the raging edge of the river to see breathtaking views. Note that it's free to visit and public restrooms are available mid-April through mid-November.

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Enjoying beautiful view to Niagara Fall

8) Cave of the Winds

Known locally as the Hurricane Deck, the Cave of the Winds staircase leads visitors beneath Bridal Veil Falls. Before descending into the Gorge, you can learn how Nikola Tesla harnessed the current of the Falls to create alternating current as well as the history and popularity of the falls via The World Changed Here Pavilion. Note that visitors first take an elevator ride 175 feet deep into the Gorge and then utilize the Cave of the Kids staircase. Furthermore, prepare to get wet because of the tropical storm-like conditions. We suggest wearing ponchos and sandals, and to cover anything valuable.

Want to say drier visiting after October? You can take a shorter tour, The Cave of the Winds Gorge Trip, which allows you to view the Falls from observation platforms.

9) Luna Island

Although tiny, Luna Island offers a lovely vantage point of the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Named after the lunar rainbow phenomenon, Luna Island is located along the north side of Goat Island at the edge of the Gorge.

Best Places to See Niagara Falls

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Boat Tours 

If you don't mind getting wet, try seeing the Falls from one of the several historic boat rides that allow visitors to gain up-close views. We suggest bringing ponchos and following these helpful tips on visiting the Falls in general.

Top Boat Tours

Place Niagara Falls on Your Travel List

Now that you know the best places to see Niagara Falls, which lookout point will you try? Let us know where to get the best views.

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