When is the Best Time to Visit Boston?

November 14, 2019

Planning a vacation to historic Boston? You’ll need to know the best time to visit The Hub.

Even though each season brings its own noteworthy events and beautiful sights, it can be difficult to narrow down when you should book flights and schedule out vacation time. Searching for the best weather, most cost-efficient times to visit, and less crowds? Use our helpful guide below to see the best time to visit Boston.

Of course, there are several factors to consider when planning a trip such as work and school schedules, budgets, and travel preferences. To help you save time while planning, decide which factors are most important to meet your travel needs:

Boston city Skyline with Boats in Harbor at sunset


When Should I Visit Boston for the Best Weather?

The best time to visit Boston for great weather is mid to late spring and early fall. During the day, spring temperatures can rest in the 50s to 70s, whereas early fall temperatures can rest in the low 60s and low 70s. You will most likely need a coat during the day and especially in the evening, but it's bearable compared to bundling up for the snow or sweating during the summer months. And, of course, the city literally blooms in the spring, lasting until mid-fall. Perfect for family outings, you'll definitely want to get outside.

In addition, several noteworthy events happen in the spring and early fall.

Spring Events:

Early Fall Events:

reflection of boston skyline in waterWhen is the Most Affordable Time to Visit Boston?

If you're looking to save during your trip, we suggest heading to the city during the winter months, particularly in January or February. Because late winter is considered a prime off-season, visitors can catch great deals on flights, hotels, and attractions. If you can schedule a winter break for yourself and your kids, pack warm clothes and head to the city. Temperatures can rest, on average, between the 20s and 50s, so we mean it when we say to arrive prepared. You'll be all set for ice skating and walking through falling snow. Moreover, Boston resides fairly close to the mountains, so you and yours can dabble in winter sports.

Further, winter brings many fun events happening throughout the city:

And if it's too cold, the city is home to numerous indoor attractions worthy of perusing such as the Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the New England Aquarium, and many more!

Still sounds too chilly? Early spring showcases better weather and the city hasn't fallen prey to the summer and early fall tourists. You can still receive quality deals and remain within your budget.

Exterior of Faneuil Hall with crowd of people outside and street lamps on a sunny day in Boston, Massachusetts, USAWhat Time of Year is Ideal for Families?

Considering school lets out in late spring or early summer throughout the country, summer is the optimal time for families to explore the city. With that being said, seasonal prices may rise due to larger crowds and annual celebrations, but those factors don't need to negatively influence your trip! In fact, while Boston stands as a thriving tourist destination, the city still doesn't come close to the chaos of New York City or other incredibly crowded destinations. In addition, keep in mind to book preferred destinations and attractions in advance to avoid waiting in longer lines and save money.

During the summer, prepare for warmer, more humid weather, with temperatures resting in the 70s and 80s typically. Visitors will find other tourists navigating the city streets, sports arenas, and parks, or even nearby beaches like Revere Beach and Signing Beach. Further, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket are a short drive (and ferry rides) away as well.

Wondering why summer is so popular? Aside from the premium weather, which gives more opportunities for exploring the city's markets, historic sites, and glorious parks, the city boasts scores of family-friendly events.

Major Sumer Events:

An image of the street with cars parked on it

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When is the Best Time to Visit Boston?

In order to escape crowds and frigid temperatures, planning a trip in the spring is the best time to visit Boston. If you go between March and May, the weather will be crisp but not too cold, and you’ll see gorgeous spring foliage bloom. Further, flight and hotel prices remain reasonable because of fewer crowds, so you can’t beat visiting during spring.

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