Thrills, Fun, and Southern Charm: Welcome to The Island Pigeon Forge

The Island Pigeon Forge, without a doubt, offers an unforgettable blend of natural beauty and man-made marvels, delivering the complete package of entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Nestled amid the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, The Island in Pigeon Forge is a crown jewel of entertainment. This unique amusement area boasts an array of specialty shops, restaurants, and fun-filled activities designed to delight visitors of all ages.

Imagine yourself towering high above, spinning gently on their signature observation wheel, with breathtaking sceneries sprawled out in every direction. If heights aren’t your thing, get your ninja on at the 5-story rope course or try your hand at indoor skydiving at Soar Adventure.

After sundown, the spectacular Island Show Fountain becomes the center stage, weaving together water, fire, and light in sync with hit music. Let the rhythm of live music from local entertainers set the tempo for your exciting adventure.

Are you ready to uncover the mesmerizing charm of The Island Pigeon Forge? Read on!

About The Island Pigeon Forge

Envisioned and brought to life by locals, “The Island” in Pigeon Forge is an emblem of Tennessee’s vibrant entertainment culture. Opening its doors in June 2013, the amusement park rapidly became a premier destination for both natives and tourists.

Today, The Island spans over 23 acres and contains over 60 shops, 20 dining options, and several exciting attractions. Essentially, a universe of fun contained within a compact area, it exudes an atmosphere of unending festivities.

night view of The Island with lights and fountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennesee, USAThe Island Pigeon Forge Tickets

The Island in Pigeon Forge is your playground, and guess what? Getting in is absolutely on the house!

Here’s the deal: you only pay for what floats your boat once you’re here. Fancy a spin on the Ferris wheel? Go for it! Got a shopping itch or a craving for some tasty treats? Take your pick!

Whether you’re in the mood for thrills or just chilling, The Island’s got you covered – without breaking the bank!

What to Know Before You Go

The Island Pigeon Forge Hours

At The Island in Pigeon Forge, the good times never take a day off – they’re open 365 days a year! From 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, the majestic Wheel spins you into a world of stunning views, day or night.

Need a little retail therapy? Retail shops are in on the action, keeping the doors wide open during those same hours for your shopping pleasure.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Visiting during the most wonderful time of the year? Watch the Winterfest Christmas Show in the Fountain Courtyard at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm. It’s like the North Pole made a pitstop in Pigeon Forge, and you’re invited to the party.

With magical shows throughout the evening, The Island is not just a destination; it’s a year-round celebration!

The Island Pigeon Forge Directions

To reach The Island in Pigeon Forge, follow these straightforward directions from various points:

  • From the North: Head south on I-26 to Exit 109 (Parkway South/Pigeon Forge). Turn right onto TN-100 and drive 6.3 miles to reach the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The Island is conveniently situated off the main Parkway, nestled between lights 3 and 4 at Island Drive.
  • From the South: Travel north on I-26 to Exit 105 (Parkway North/Pigeon Forge). Take a left onto TN-100, covering 5.8 miles to reach the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The Island awaits, located directly off the main Parkway between lights 3 and 4 at Island Drive.
  • From the East: Head west on US-70S, taking the Pigeon Forge exit. Make a right onto TN-100 and drive 3.8 miles to reach the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The Island is positioned conveniently off the main Parkway, between lights 3 and 4 at Island Drive.
  • From the West: Go east on US-70E to the Pigeon Forge exit. Turn left onto TN-100 and proceed 1.8 miles to the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The Island is easily accessible off the main Parkway, located between lights 3 and 4 at Island Drive.
The island in Pigeon forge, restaurants and a shopping area with a ferris wheel at sunrise.
Photo Credit: The Island in Pigeon Forge via Facebook

The Island Pigeon Forge Parking

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary parking at The Island in Pigeon Forge, where guests can park in The LeConte Center Parking Lot. The City of Pigeon Forge goes the extra mile by offering free tram rides from the parking lot to The Island during business hours, making your journey from parking to fun hassle-free.

It’s not just free parking; it’s a thoughtful and seamless experience to ensure you make the most of your visit without worrying about the logistics. So, park stress-free, hop on the tram, and let the excitement at The Island begin!

Can I Bring Food or Drinks to The Island Pigeon Forge?

Pack your picnic basket and grab your favorite drinks because at The Island in Pigeon Forge, you’re welcome to bring your own food and beverages. It’s a laid-back vibe where you can munch on your go-to snacks while enjoying the attractions.

But, if you’re feeling a bit fancy or just want to treat your taste buds to something special, explore the diverse range of restaurants and eateries waiting for you at The Island. It’s your call – whether it’s a homemade feast or a culinary adventure, The Island is all about making your visit as tasty as it is fun!

Restaurants in The Island in Pigeon Forge

Indulge your taste buds with a diverse range of The Island Pigeon Forge restaurants. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen offers a homely experience with a menu inspired by Paula Deen’s famous TV show, featuring mouthwatering dishes like chicken on a stick and her renowned biscuits.

For a casual dining affair, Timberwood Grill is the go-to spot, providing an extensive menu that caters to all tastes. From soups and salads to sandwiches, burgers, steaks, pork chops, and ribs, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Mellow Mushroom adds a unique twist to your dining experience with various pizzas, including vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, Margaritaville – Pigeon Forge serves up a lively atmosphere with a menu that includes a variety of dishes, from hearty burgers to refreshing margaritas.

For a dining adventure with a side of humor, Dick’s Last Resort offers a unique experience where servers bring a sarcastic twist to your meal. Savor American classics like steak, shrimp, mac and cheese, and fried chicken while enjoying the playful banter.

Experience a colorful culinary journey for every palate with the enticing food at The Island Pigeon Forge.

Things to Do at The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island Pigeon Forge Rides

Hold on tight and get ready for a rollercoaster of fun at The Island with thrilling drops, family-friendly track rides, and the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, a 200-foot tall centerpiece of this entertainment district.

Experience an adrenaline rush on rollercoasters like the Double Shot, which rockets you up a 125-foot tower before free falling back down. Families can also enjoy gentler options like the Flying Horse Carousel or clash into each other on bumper cars.

Arcade games like mini bowling, basketball, and vintage Skee-Ball can provide hours of entertainment. With rides for all ages and thrill levels, The Island has everything you need for a day filled with heart-pumping fun.

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel Entrance in pigeon forge tennesseeThe Island Pigeon Forge Entertainment

The Island features live music, entertainment, and various performances throughout the day. Sit back and be wowed by talented musicians, comedians, dancers, and more on stages across the park.

Catch the mesmerizing The Island Show Fountain, showcasing a state-of-the-art, multi-tiered show fountain that choreographs a spectacular dance of water and light to 14 pieces of music. The show is a visual feast enhanced by color-changing lights that illuminate the water shoots. You’ll find the Island in Pigeon Forge photos are the best from near the fountain!

The Island Pigeon Forge Shops

At The Island in Pigeon Forge, you’re in for a shopping extravaganza with over 60 stores catering to every taste and interest. Emery’s 5 & 10, the oldest five and dime store in the south, is a treasure trove of nostalgic items.

Plus, The Island Trading Post is a must-visit for a fun-filled shopping spree, offering an extensive selection of souvenirs, candy, toys, sauces, clothing, jewelry, and more. TN Sock Company adds a quirky touch with its unique selection of socks, including Smoky Mountain-themed designs.

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Indulge your sweet tooth further at Big Rock Candy Kitchen, where you can savor treats like saltwater taffy and creamy fudge, all made from scratch. For fashion enthusiasts, Be Free Boutique is a chic haven with a variety of women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts.

With The Island’s diverse shopping options, finding the perfect Pigeon Forge keepsakes and taking home a slice of the Smokies has never been more enjoyable.

aerial view over Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA, from The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel
photo credit: Phil Nancy Bergstresser via Facebook

Pigeon Forge Attractions


Dollywood isn’t your run-of-the-mill park – it’s a rollercoaster of world-class rides, entertainment that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear! Experience the daring drops of rollercoasters like Lightning Rod and Wild Eagle, which reach heights over 200 feet and speeds over 60 mph.

For young thrill-seekers, Wildwood Grove offers kid-sized rides and imaginative play areas perfect for the whole family. Satisfy your need for speed on the high-octane FireChaser Express or race side-by-side on the dual Launch Coasters.

When you need a break from the rides, enjoy Dolly Parton-themed shows that highlight everything from gospel to pop music. From thrills to entertainment, Dollywood offers an experience filled with downhome charm and adventure around every turn.

roller coaster ride at dollywood in pigeon forge
Photo Credit: Dollywood / Facebook

Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes of detectives and criminals throughout history? Through interactive exhibits and original artifacts, visitors of Alcatraz East Crime Museum can explore crime solving, famous cases, and the consequences of criminal behavior.

See Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle, John Dillinger’s death mask, or the famous OJ Simpson chase vehicle. Learn about cybercrime, counterfeit goods, and the science of solving cold cases.
Take a behind-the-scenes look at law enforcement through police training simulators and CSI interactives. Whether you’re a crime history buff or simply curious, Alcatraz East provides an educational and memorable museum experience for all.


Looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Pigeon Forge? Gather your family, friends or co-workers and take on the escape rooms at Escapology.

With immersive sets and intriguing storylines, you’ll need teamwork and quick thinking to unravel clues and puzzles against the clock. Choose from popular rooms like Goodman’s Treasure, Antidote, or Budapest Express – each with unique challenges set in creative environments.

For an extra thrill, check out their new “Escape the Upside Down” room inspired by the hit series Stranger Things. With flexible hours, you can tackle the rooms any time of day. Will you escape in time or will the clock run out?

external view of Margaritaville Island Hotel pool and deck in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAThe Island Pigeon Forge Hotels and Lodging

Discover the ideal accommodation for your Pigeon Forge getaway by exploring hotels near the Island in Pigeon Forge. For ultimate convenience and proximity to the popular Island amusement park, these hotels offer the perfect home base for your sojourn.

Consider family-friendly options and quality inns near The Island Pigeon Forge that provide a comfortable retreat after a thrilling day of shopping, dining, and rides, such as:

Wake up to stunning mountain views in the morning, and within minutes, find yourself at the entrance to The Island. With an array of dining and entertainment options right outside your door, staying at hotels near the Island ensures you maximize fun and minimize travel time.

The Island Pigeon Forge Reviews

Gear up for a dose of pre-adventure excitement by checking out The Island in Pigeon Forge reviews! It’s like getting a sneak peek into the thrill-filled experiences and hidden gems that await you.

Dive into the stories of fellow explorers to ensure your visit is not just good but absolutely epic! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

aerial view over Pigeon Forge Outlet mallConquer the Pulse-pounding Action at The Island Pigeon Forge

With its scenic mountain setting setting and blend of thrills, food, and true southern hospitality, it’s no wonder The Island Pigeon Forge TN has become a must-visit destination.

From family frolics to adventure-seeking duos, friends, and solo wanderers, The Island is your ticket to a wholesome escapade that promises unforgettable moments and a whole lot of joy!

Feel the adrenaline surge as you conquer the towering Smoky Mountain Wheel, providing breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains and beyond. Brace yourself for the Splash-Tacular adventures, where water meets gravity in an epic dance of excitement.

As day turns to night, The Island at Pigeon Forge transforms into an after-dark bonanza, with dazzling lights, live entertainment, and an electric atmosphere that ignites the senses. It captures the spirit and natural beauty of the Smokies, while providing modern entertainment for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to The Island Pigeon Forge for a whirlwind of adventure, lights, and smiles!

Tell Us, Have You Recently Been To Pigeon Forge The Island?

What other tips would you add to our insider’s guide on The Island of Pigeon Forge? Share with us in the comments below!

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