Secrets to Saving on Your Disney World Vacation

July 8, 2011

Planning a vacation to Disney World in Orlando?

These special money-savings tips can help you create a vacation experience that will stretch your hard-earned dollar:

1) Take Advantage of FREE Disney Ticket Upgrades:

We offer Disney World Tickets that feature a “Buy a 3 Day Ticket, Get the 4th & 5th Day FREE” special offer. Upgrades are also available on the 6 Day Ticket and 8 Day Ticket. Update: The upgrade on the 3 Day Ticket is no longer available.  4 Day Tickets are now upgraded to a 5 Day Ticket.

2) Buy Disney World Vacation Packages:

Bundle your Disney Tickets with Orlando hotels in order to save even more money on your vacation. Many hotels feature discount package rates that you only have access to when you reserve a package as opposed to a la carte style shopping.

3) Save on Disney Parking:

Parking at Disney World Theme Parks is $14 a day for the average family car.  Keep in mind if you are hopping from park to park with a Park Hopper Pass, be sure to only pay to park once. A Disney parking pass is valid at all parks for an entire day. Another option is to reserve your stay with a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel as they feature FREE shuttles to the park.

4) Use FREE Disney Fastpasses:

Disney Fastpasses are invaluable timesavers that are available at many of the theme park’s most popular rides. Essentially, Fastpasses work as follows: You go to a Fastpass kiosk located at your ride of choice, the kiosk gives you a Fastpass ticket specifying a time window when you can return and skip the line. Plus, a little-known secret of Fastpasses is if you miss your Fastpass window time, you can still show up and use the pass until the day is over.

5) Pack a Snack:

Theme park drinks and food can add up quickly when you are on a family vacation. Luckily, Disney World allows Coolers smaller than 24"L x 15"W x 18"H so that you can bring some snacks and pack a few water bottles that will help you stay hydrated. Also, take advantage of the FREE hydration stations available at any location serving fountain drinks. You can get filtered water from any of these stations.

6) Purchase Disney World Non-Expiration Tickets:

Disney World ticket prices generally increase every year. However, if you purchase Disney World Non-Expiration Tickets you can lock in the price available now and your tickets never expire. If you are an avid Disney fan and know Disney is in your future, this is a great way to save money.

These are just a few of the secret ways to save on your next Disney vacation in Orlando.

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