Halloween in Williamsburg VA: 12 Spookiest Experiences in 2024

Haunted sites, civil war battles, and an overflow of colonial ghost stories. Virginia may be for lovers, but Colonial Capital is a haven for pursuers of the paranormal.

Follow along as we unravel the most spine-tingling experiences for Williamsburg Halloween.

Is Williamsburg really haunted? This Southeastern city happens to be one of the most haunted locales in the United States. Chock full of creepy history, blood-torn battlefields, and possessed hotels, haunted Williamsburg is the real thing.

From spine-tingling Williamsburg VA haunted tours through cemeteries and mental institutions to spooky pirate-themed sojourns, the Burg is a pitch-perfect Halloween destination.

Whether you scream yourself silly on Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens after dark or tempt fate with an evening visit to the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg’s spooky experiences will leave you clamoring for more. 

Haunted Hotels in Williamsburg, VA

Creaky stairs, spooky specters, and disappearing jewels oh yes! Thanks to her war-torn history, Virginia is full of ghostly lodgings.

Whether you are searching for a Williamsburg Hotel Halloween spot or would rather be tended to at a scary spa, paranormal accommodations abound in the Old Dominion:

Not quite ready to spend the night atop an ancient burial ground or be serenaded by skeletons? Book any of our delightfully non-haunted Williamsburg Hotels and Resorts for plenty of ghost-free relaxation. 

Fort Magruder Hotel Haunted

If you’ve never had the bone-chilling thrill of hearing some of the Fort Magruder Hotel haunted stories, let us regale you with its sinister history. While this hotel may look like the picture of serene Virginia beauty sitting on the Pocahontas Trail, it actually sits on the site of some of the most intense combat of the Battle of Williamsburg.

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In fact, when building on the property, construction workers stumbled on many skulls, bones, and artifacts from the Civil War. During this time period, mass graves for fallen soldiers were quite common. Today, many hotel guests have reported paranormal happenings, including moving furniture, vanishing keys, and sightings of Confederate soldiers. 

Entrance Sign to Fort Magruder Hotel - Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
photo credit: Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center via Facebook

Haunted Hotels in Virginia

The Martha Hotel & Spa

Willing to escape the spooky confines of Williamsburg? Fortunately, the Burg does not hold a monopoly on edifices marked by the undead. The Martha Hotel and Spa is well worth a stop in Abingdon, VA. This haunted hotel in Virginia may be one of the state’s finest four-star resorts, but guests have reported inexplicable occurrences for years.

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A former mansion turned hotel; it was even used as a hospital during the Civil War. Legend has it that a bloodstain from a shot Confederate soldier appears from time to time on its ancient floorboards. In addition, terrified visitors have spotted phantoms, mysterious sounds, and more. 

Want to take care of both your lodgings and your Williamsburg activities? Consider some of our premier Williamsburg Vacation Packages. Delight in massages at your hotel and 18th-century mead in Colonial Williamsburg when you book together.

photo credit: The Martha Washington via Facebook

The Cavalier Hotel

A stately combination of brick and white columns, the Cavalier Hotel’s luxurious Virginia Beach simply screams luxury. However, this almost century-old property is known for way more than its classic architecture. Often referred to as the ‘haunted hotel on the hill,’ this 85-room property has entertained plenty of presidents, celebrities, and ghosts.

Occult sightings and apparitions have included WWII soldiers, ghostly bellmen, unexplained cold spots, and a feline specter. Perhaps most well-known is the story of Adolph Coors. The founder of Coors Beer was found dead on the grounds after an unexplained ‘fall’ from his room, though his windows were reportedly closed.

photo credit: The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club via Facebook

Haunted Places in Williamsburg VA

Who you gonna call? Get ready to join the ghost-busting team when you check out the Burg’s numerous haunted sites. Whether you are dying to wander through a haunted house in Williamsburg, VA, or get scared silly by the legions of terrifying Williamsburg ghost stories, you must stop by these spirited places:

The Public Hospital

Also known as ‘America’s First Insane Asylum,’ this structure has seen decades of abuse, torture, and punishment of the mentally ill. Back in the 1800s, it was common for patients to be treated more like prisoners than people. In addition to squalid living conditions, patients suffered from electroshock therapy, cold water dunks, and copious overmedication.

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A must-see on any walking Williamsburg ghost tours, guides, and guests from all over the country flock here to spot the spirit of Dr. John Falt, the former administrator of the hospital in 1841. It is said that after dying from a particularly bloody drug overdose, his ghostly form roams the grounds. 

Not a fan of the scary stuff? Try a purely historical perspective with The Colonial History Tour. Dive into the Declaration of Independence, George Washington trivia, and tons of patriotic spirit.

photo credit: Mom Things via Facebook

The Wren Building

Wounded soldiers, a ransacked burial ground, and heaps of American history, oh my!

It’s no wonder paranormal fanatics flock to the oldest college building in the U.S. Built in 1695; the Wren Building is actually part of the College of William and Mary’s campus. This building has served as a palace of education for hundreds of years. However, thanks to its former life as a hospital site for both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, it is well known as a stop on any haunted Williamsburg ghost tour.

Furthermore, the Wren building has also suffered multiple unexplained fires and was constructed on top of a crypt. Scared students have been cited as saying they often see soldiers patrolling the halls late at night, screams coming from the crypt below, and mysterious instances of moving furniture!  

photo credit: Pete Feds Photography via Facebook

The Peyton Randolf House

Bizarre deaths, unexplained instances, and mysterious movements have all marked the very spooky past of this extremely haunted house in Williamsburg, VA. In fact, the Peyton Randolf House is widely considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United States.

Built in 1715, the sprawling structure eventually included three wings, a 12-horse stable, a 2-story kitchen, and a dairy. Over its 300+ year history, the house has seen numerous bizarre deaths and medical issues.

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Locals claim this is due to its location on a Native American burial ground and the fact that it was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers after the Battle of Williamsburg. Visitors have reported feelings of violent shaking, movements of furniture, and even strange medical emergencies. 

Beautiful haunted buildings aren’t the only offerings on deck in Williamsburg. Swing by during autumn, and see why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Visit Williamsburg.

photo credit: University of Virginia Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians via Facebook

Haunted Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Haunted Tour

Are you looking for a little fife and drums to go with the colonial ghosts of Williamsburg? Then, transport yourself to the time of Thomas Jefferson and experience life like our forefathers when you complete a Colonial Williamsburg Haunted Tour.

Discover the spooky significance of the public ‘gaol,’ keep an eye out for bloodthirsty pirates, and more when you complete a one-hour colonial candlelit walking Williamsburg ghost tour.*

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Already spotted your Colonial Williamsburg ghost? Get your fill of American history, folk art, and 18th-century culture when you spend the daylight hours exploring over 300 acres of Colonial Williamsburg. Take part in a witch trial, visit an art museum, or relax with a pint of ice-cold ale. This living history museum is chock full of family-friendly entertainment.

*Please note that Haunted Williamsburg is the official ghost tour for Colonial Williamsburg and is the tour with the most exclusive access to historic outdoor spaces, sights, and costumed storytellers. 

black and white horses pulling a green carriage under autumn and fall foliage down the streets of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Photo Credit: Colonial Williamsburg / Facebook

Psst…yearning for even more Revolutionary War landmarks and attractions? Spend a week exploring some of our Nation’s most storied settlements, battlefields, and more with America’s Historic Triangle Pass.

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This convenient pass delivers seven days’ worth of unlimited admission to Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Battlefield, and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.

Witness America’s first permanent colony, tour a Powhatan Indian Village and see archeology up close at the 1607 James Fort excavation.

Can’t get enough of tri-corner hats and horse-drawn carriage rides? Make the most out of your Colonial getaway when you conquer every last Can’t Miss Thing to Do in Colonial Williamsburg.

The Haunting on DoG Street

Prepare for a spine-tingling experience at The Haunting on DoG Street. An annual Colonial Williamsburg Halloween extravaganza that grips the city in eerie enchantment and brings Duke of Gloucester Street to life.

On October 29, let the magic of fall engulf you with the glow of cressets, the allure of painted horses. And the bewitching presence of spectral street performers haunting the Historic Area.

Brace yourself for a night of Halloween-themed evening programs, chilling ghost tours, and museum experiences that will leave you spellbound. And for the young thrill-seekers, trick-or-treating awaits, ensuring a hauntingly good time for families.

Haunted Williamsburg Tour

Ghosts, Witches & Pirates Tour

Ready to tackle Williamsburg under cover of darkness? Muster up your mettle; you’ll need every ounce of courage to complete this almost two-hour Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates tour. Led by a costumed guide, this leisurely walking tour will regal you with gut-wrenching details, legends, and more regarding the 1600s witch trials.

Learn all about Blackbeard’s captured crew and Ida Jones as you stroll through some of Williamsburg’s most haunted streets. Your expert ghost guide will weave together history, lore, and strange rituals as you meander through the jail and Jones Graveyard. Real ghostly fiends can even spring to rent an official Ghost Detector for an additional fee.

Group of people dressed at pirates, ghosts, and witches on the The Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates of Williamsburg Tour with a fire behind them in Williamsburg, Virginia, USAColonial Williamsburg Ultimate Pirate Tour

Argg! Set sail for the seven seas when you complete the Colonial Williamsburg Ultimate Pirate Tour. Strap on your walking shoes as you prime yourself for the inside scoop on all things pirate. With a magical mix of history, sightseeing, and tall tales, your knowledgeable pirate-dressed guide will bring the legend of Blackbeard to life.

Check out the Colonial Williamsburg Capitol Building, pose for a pirate selfie, and more on your nearly two-hour journey. 

Traveling with tiny tots in tow? Make sure your mini-mes enjoy all the 18th-century offerings by checking out our tips for Colonial Williamsburg for Kids.

Colonial Dark History Tour

Grab your cloak and dagger as you disappear into the inky darkness of Colonial Williamsburg’s cobblestone streets. Your 1.75-hour Colonial Dark History Tour peels back the curtain on our founding father’s beliefs, theories, and conspiracies. Listen up as your expert guide exposes the conspiracy theories, secret societies, and more that marked the birth of our nation.

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From twisted rites and rituals to whispers of the Illuminati, this walking tour is ideal for lovers of the influential occult. Discover hidden histories of Thomas Jefferson and the Rockefeller’s Williamsburg as you cover .5 miles of Williamsburg’s cemeteries, jails, and gallows.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Halloween

Calling all ghouls, goblins, and ghosts! Kick-off this scary season in the best possible way when you celebrate with a Busch Gardens Halloween Williamsburg. Beginning in September, brace yourself for oodles of undead fun, sinister shows, and nighttime roller coaster rides.

Not for the faint of heart, parental discretion is advised for the murderous attractions of Howl O Scream in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This year promises all new types of terror, including five signature Busch Gardens Williamsburg Haunted Houses. Discover the fiery inferno and the deathly celebrations of the Death Water Bayou. Catch up with the lively vocal stylings of the Skeletones, or grab a themed drink at a BOOze bar. 

Not sure how to best take on the European villages and world-class roller coasters of Busch Gardens at James City County? Prime yourself for a perfect Williamsburg theme park day when you read our Ultimate Guide to Busch Gardens

people screaming in terror inside of a haunted house at Howl-O-Scream in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VIrginia, USA
Photo Credit: Busch Gardens / Facebook

Haunted Williamsburg Reviews

Not quite ready to sign up for a weekend with Casper, Blackbeard, and some colonial witches? Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, read real bone-chilling reviews from ghost hunters just like you here

How Will You Celebrate Halloween in Williamsburg VA?

Eerie insane asylums, Blackbeard’s skull, and otherworldly apparitions around every turn. A haunted tour of Williamsburg is overflowing with spooky sightings and fascinating American history.

Whether you love a good conspiracy theory or wish to swing by a very haunted public gaol, the Colonial Capital is pitch perfect for an after-dark experience.

Visit the most famous haunted house in Williamsburg and brace yourself for a heart-stopping poltergeist encounter. Or head to Busch Gardens for the exhilaration of Pantheon and plenty of ungodly horrors at the possessed Killarney Diner. 

Ready to discover the darker side of Williamsburg? What are you waiting for? Book your Williamsburg haunted tour today!

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Where else are your favorite Williamsburg Halloween haunted spots?

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