Haunted Williamsburg: Where to Have the Spookiest Experiences

August 30, 2017

Wondering where to find the spookiest experiences in haunted Williamsburg? Read on. That is, if you dare.

Williamsburg, Virginia is the foundation of American history. As the most influential colony in early America, Williamsburg has become one of the top historic sites in our country. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and George Mason all called Williamsburg home at one point in their legendary lives. With such a rich history surrounding the area, it’s no wonder residents began reporting spooky and mysterious experiences in buildings and homes throughout the town. After years upon years of ghost sightings and unexplained experiences, haunted Williamsburg became a renowned place for fans of the paranormal to visit.

Colonial Williamsburg

For a chilling paranormal experience, you have to visit Colonial Williamsburg. The historic site boasts original buildings, homes, shops, and architecture from the Revolutionary war era — and endless ghost stories and sightings.

George Wythe House/Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Wythe House

The first stop on your Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour is the Wythe House. George Wythe, an influential figure in Williamsburg, was poisoned by a dastardly, greedy relative and passed away inside his home. While his body was buried in Richmond, the legend states that he visits his home each year on the day of his death.

But George isn’t the only ghost occupying the Wythe House. Ann Skipwith, a frequent visitor of the Wythe’s, died during childbirth and her footsteps can be heard running up and down the stairs of this haunted historic house.

Peyton Randolph House

Peyton Randolph House

Next, head over to the Peyton Randolph House, one of the most haunted places on the East Coast. This house has an enormous history, and not all of it pleasant. Betty Randolph, Peyton’s wife, was known to mistreat her slaves. The story goes that one of the attendants cursed the house when Betty separated her from her son.

After the Randolph’s occupied the home, the Peachy family moved in. Let's just say, all was not "peachy" for this family. The children of this family met an unfortunate fate, as many of them perished from illness and other extraordinary injuries or circumstances. Other Peachy family members met a similar fate shortly after the passing of the children. Rumor has it that family members still occupy the house today.

Starting in 1824 with the French General of the American Revolution’s visit to the Peyton Randolph House, visitors have mentioned hearing voices and noises, seeing apparitions, feeling unexplainable forces, and witnessing objects move oddly about the house. If you dare enter this haunted Williamsburg house, you are sure to experience something rather strange.

man in costume driving horse drawn carriage through Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Hangman's Road

Hangman’s Road is your next spooky stop in Colonial Williamsburg. When Blackbeard the pirate was caught and executed for his crimes, 14 of his men met a similar fate soon after. In 1719, those men were hung along the side of this now famous road as a result for their crimes. Visitors say they encounter unsettling noises, yet have difficulty truly describing what they heard on this road. Others describe the sound of a wooden wagon slowly traveling along the road.

exterior view of the wren building

The College of William and Mary

Imagine going to school at one of the most haunted Williamsburg locations. The College of William and Mary is home to terrifying ghost stories, tragic history, and unexplainable paranormal events.
One tale is of a soldier who died on the 3rd floor of the college during the war. Visitors claim he still roams the floor at night. Students have described seeing a floating figure in the hallway while others have reported specific characteristics equivalent to that of a soldier during the Revolutionary war era.

The Wren Building on campus is home to numerous haunted Williamsburg ghost stories. The oldest academic building in the country once served as a hospital during the Revolutionary war and has gone up in flames on three separate occasions. Beneath this college building is a crypt home to many of Williamsburg’s famous historical figures and those who did not survive the war. With so much tragic history surrounding this building, it’s no wonder students and visitors hear shrieking screams, frantic footsteps, and experience ghostly forces.

The entire campus experiences paranormal activity as the result of hundreds of years of haunting history. Think you can handle this haunted Williamsburg landmark?

Fort Magruder Hotel/Facebook

Fort Magruder Hotel

The Fort Magruder Hotel is where fans of the paranormal go for chilling Civil War ghost stories and encounters. This chilling hotel directly faces historic Civil War battlefields and features authentic cannons throughout the property. Guests have reported the ghosts of Confederate Soldiers perched on their beds at night and roaming their hotel rooms, along with hearing chilling sounds throughout the night. Could you make it through an entire night at this haunted Williamsburg hotel?

King’s Arm Tavern

King’s Arm Tavern opened its doors in February of 1721. The ghostly legend says that “Irma” worked at the Williamsburg tavern and met her demise in a fire that started as the result of a dropped candle. Tavern employees confirm that Irma still occupies the tavern today, but she isn’t a mean spirit at all. In fact, she blows out candles to ensure the safety of the tavern, staff, and customers, and helps out with tasks around the restaurant. Not all haunted Williamsburg stories are frightening!

Will you make it out of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl-O-Scream alive?

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Perhaps true Busch Gardens Williamsburg haunts are a bit much for you. If so, check out 's Howl-O-Scream event. Each year, ghouls, goblins, and other Halloween spirits descend on the park for select nights throughout the fall season. Featuring extreme haunted houses, immersive (and terrifying) scare zones, and thrill rides that are sure to make you scream, Howl-O-Scream is a "do not miss" Halloween event. That is, if you think you can make it out alive!

Where Will You See a Ghost in Haunted Williamsburg?

If you’re into ghost hunting and paranormal experiences, reserve your trip to haunted Williamsburg today. You never know where you might run into a spirit from the past.

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