Busch Gardens Howl o Scream Williamsburg: 2023 In-Depth Guide

Feel spine-tingling horror and try to beat evil creatures, if you dare, at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream!

Howl O Scream will again bring unspeakable fear, and you can’t do anything but face it. So enter the dark passageways of haunted houses and brave the dimly lit scare zones. Plus, experience hair-raising terror as you pass by the roaming haunts and specters on your way to the bar. This after-hours Halloween event is full of surprises and scares. 

Make sure to assemble your bravest friends and arm yourselves with courage. 

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Follow along as we dare to step into the chilling world of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O’ Scream, where the shadows hold secrets and screams echo throughout the park.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream Tickets

The Howl O Scream event is included with park admission.

Package Your Busch Gardens Williamsburg Tickets

Take a captivating journey through time in Williamsburg, where history comes alive and you’ll witness the best it has to offer. Bundle your Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets with other fun area attractions and hotels:

Howl O Scream Highlights

Haunted Houses

ALL-NEW! Lost Mines: The Descent

Journey into the depths of an underground gem mine, where an ancient community of human origins safeguards their treasures. This mutated society has evolved with supernatural attributes – eerie skin, dagger-like claws, and ghastly sores – that serve as their twisted disguise.

As you delve further, you’ll experience their grim desire for both sparkly things and the flesh of trespassers daring to navigate their abandoned domain.

Due to frightening elements, this attraction is not for kids.

REVAMPED! Death Water Bayou: Full Moon

Enticed by unseen creatures, many diabolical supporters venture deeper into the bayou, where this swamp resides as a mysterious bridge between the real world and the beyond. As death’s flame casts its shadow, the Voodoo Queen seeks her next victim.

REVAMPED! Nevermore: Chapter 3

The pages are once again flipping open to reveal a new chapter in the Nevermore saga. Stories of agony and fright come to life as Poe’s poignant words resurface, now drenched in blood and infused with an even more sinister reality. Will your wits and courage be enough to guide you through this terrifying epilogue and guarantee your survival?

REVAMPED! Witch of the Woods™: Scorched

Years of destruction by the Witch of the Woods led villagers to burn her forest. But her power persists, screaming through charred trees. Ready to meet her and feel the force of her vengeance?

REVAMPED! KILLarney DIEner: Infested

Step right into an unsettling dining experience where the tables have turned and terror is on the menu.

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Step inside this demented diner, where unsuspecting patrons are about to face a bone-chilling revelation. The bistro has been overrun by bloodcurdling bugs and ghastly creatures, creating an atmosphere of crawling horrors.


NEW! Fest-Evil

Experience a Mardi Party like no other, where the shadows of sinister secrets from the bayou intertwine with the echoes of joyous celebrations. However, beware, for the evil energy within the spirits of the swamp has tainted this gathering, turning it into a night of darkness and dread.


Avert your gaze from the lifeless eyes of the serpent sisters, for meeting their stare leads to a chilling fate and an eternity of stone-cold anguish. Once caught in their grip and added to their garden of souls, there is no escape from their sinister grasp.


Long ago in a world of fantasy, idyllic landscapes and valiant heroes enticed you into slumber. But now, the odds of survival are slim, as these treasured childhood icons have been plucked from their stories and now infest your dreams with haunting presence.


Fresh meat alert! Inside this sinister terror tory, the residents are feasting on delectable dishes while savoring human hors d’oeuvres.


Don’t wander the streets of Whitechapel after dark – you never know who you might run into. Murder, mayhem, and mistaken identities abound in the back alleys of this English town.

Sinister Shows


Witness the vibrant musicians and singers of San Marco’s stage in Italy, whose energetic performances leave nothing but bones behind. Locations dates and times of this show vary daily and are subject to change.

Phantoms of the Festhaus

Watch an unusual singing contest, where your favorite ghouls sing to eerie tunes, and the winner is determined by the audience’s vote.

Jack is Back

Prepare to groove as the highly anticipated disco dance celebration returns to Ireland village, joined by scarecrows, pumpkins, and the iconic character of Howl-O-Scream, Jack.

Monster Stomp on Ripper Row

Experience a contemporary rock and rhythm show that presents Jack the Ripper in a way you’ve never witnessed before. Monster Stomp® on Ripper Row starts September 28, 2023.

Eerie Experiences

Roaming Hack Pack

Beware of this wandering group of monsters, united by a singular mission – to remind even the boldest and least suspicious visitors that nowhere is safe at Howl-O-Scream®. Listen intently for the unnerving rumble of chainsaws, or brace for a surprise.

Sinister Smiles Photo Opportunities

Let your wicked smile shine with Jack, the mischievous Howl-O-Scream® pumpkin. He’s front and center for his close-up. Are you ready to join the spotlight?

BOOze Bars & Bites

Make sure to swing by the six themed BOOze bars spread throughout the park. Enjoy some liquid courage and indulge in snacks, giving you the strength to face your deepest fears. Must be 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages. Proof of age with valid ID required.

  • NEW! OktoberTaps – Oktoberfest
  • BarKastle Spirits – Oktoberfest
  • Frost Bar – Oktoberfest
  • Stone-Cold Spirits –Italy Gardens
  • Jack’s Nightcap – Ireland
  • Pete’s Provisions – New France

Sinister Shopping

Browse and shop an assortment of spine-chilling gifts, from eerily stylish apparel to haunting home decor, at our selection of spooky shops. And don’t forget, face painting artists are stationed throughout the park, ready to help you transform into frightening demons, eerie skeletons, and everything in between.

Howl O Scream Busch Gardens Williamsburg Date and Details

This event haunts from September 4th through 31st, 2023. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl o Scream hours are from 6:00 PM to the park close.

Keep in Mind: Due to gore and frightening elements families with young children should use discretion. This after-hours event is not for kids or the faint of heart as terrifyingly mature content such as violence and blood take over the park. Experiences locations dates times are subject to change and cancellation without notice.

Howl O Scream Busch Gardens Williamsburg Venue

Located at 1 Busch Gardens Blvd Williamsburg, VA 23187.

Experience Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Angry spirits are onto you, so do your best to escape! Muster your bravery and celebrate Halloween at your favorite theme park with this after-hour event. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O’Scream promises a stellar line-up of scares.

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Once you’ve had your fair share of shrieks and startles, you can enjoy mesmerizing musical dance shows or get in on the fun and groove along in the dance zones. There are bars and dining areas to drink and rest. Plus, don’t miss the opportunity to ride your favorite rides and attractions after dark. Sinister interactive adventures await at this park.

Don’t forget to grab your Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl or Scream map before visiting the park after 6 00 PM to locate and enjoy all the festivities easily.

Get your Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets today and experience the pulse-pounding haunts. Plus, you can make a vacation out of it to marvel at Williamsburg’s sights with Williamsburg vacation packages.


Start Date:

September 4, 2023 @ 6:00 pm CDT

End Date:

October 31, 2023 @ 11:00 pm CDT



Busch Gardens Williamsburg

1 Busch Gardens Blvd
Williamsburg, VA 23185 United States


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