Get an Inside Look at the Shoji Tabuchi Show

August 17, 2015

Get an inside look at the popular Shoji Tabuchi show in Branson, Missouri from the performances to the award-winning bathrooms.

Shoji has been performing in Branson since 1990 and is one show not to miss!  I recently went to one of his shows and was delighted with what I found. Shoji Tabuchi excels on the violin, and his talents shine as he plays a variety of music.  From gospel to country to rock and the rest, he can cover it all. Purchase Shoji Tabuchi tickets to see this show firsthand!

About the Shoji Tabuchi Show

Shoji Tabuchi and family have been performing this popular Branson, MO show since 1990. His wife and daughter, Dorothy and Christina, also perform is select shows throughout the year. Talent really does run in this family.

When you get your tickets for the Shoji Tabuchi show, you’re in for a real treat. This show features a variety of music genres and cultures including:

  • Big Band
  • Showtunes
  • ‘50s
  • Rap
  • Japanese Taiko Drumming
  • Gospel
  • Country

And that’s only a handful of the entertainment audiences get to experience! Shoji ensures that audiences have the opportunity to learn about the Japanese culture by incorporating Japanese flags, costuming, history, songs, and more. Depending on the performance you select, you may also have the opportunity to hear Dorothy and Christina sing a song entirely in Japanese.

While the show is outstanding, sneak off to the restroom to marvel at the incredibly detailed decor. The men’s restroom appears to be straight out of the 1930s including a billiards table, while the women’s restroom is intricately decorated with Victorian fixtures!

Get Your Tickets to the Shoji Tabuchi Show

Of course, you can watch our video to get an inside look at the Shoji Tabuchi show. But the real fun is at the show! Purchase your family’s tickets today and experience the talent, the performances, and yes, the bathrooms, for yourself.

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