Expert Tips on Visiting the San Diego Zoo

November 10, 2015

To give you a head start on visiting the San Diego Zoo, follow along as I share expert insider tips. You’ll save time, money, and avoid unneeded stress by using these Zoo tips.

If you're planning a vacation in San Diego, the San Diego Zoo is a must for your itinerary. This world-class animal attraction is massive, with over 3,700 acres to see on over 100 acres.

Before You Get to the Zoo

Before I head into the Zoo, I like to relax with a great cup of coffee and a good, hearty breakfast. I would suggest going to the nearby neighborhoods of Banker’s Hill or Hillcrest for breakfast and coffee. Pappaleccois an Italian café that serves my favorite cappuccinos, and great breakfast Paninis, but if you’re looking for delicious American fare, head to Snooze. The benedicts are amazing, and you can mix and match flavors, which is a nice way to taste more of their menu!

The Zoo opens at 9am, so I usually get here before 10am. The San Diego Zoo parking is free, but since there is no parking structure, you may find yourself walking quite a long way to the entrance. The Zoo does allow outside food and water, so I usually bring a bag of trail mix and a bottle of water to hold me over. Sometimes I come in my workout gear to charge through the park, but if I don’t, I always wear comfortable walking shoes since the park is about 100 acres.

Once at the Zoo

Views aboard the Skyfari

If you’ve never been to the Zoo before, I would suggest hopping on the bus tour. It will take about half an hour, and will cover about 60% of the park. The guide on the bus provides insightful information about the San Diego Zoo animals. The bus tour will pick up and drop off near the entrance and is included in the admission.

To get my day started, I usually head straight to the Lost Forrest through Treetops Way. You’ll automatically get a sense that you’re no longer in San Diego, let alone in the U.S. The Zoo boasts tens of thousands of plants, and is considered a botanical garden, which is seen, smelt and felt on this trail. It’s magical! You’ll see various gorillas, monkeys, and birds as you travel through this section of San Diego Zoo.

Next up is the Northern Frontier to see the Polar Bears. A walk up a slight hill is required, so be prepared with water. You can catch your breath at the 4-D Theater while you watch the Ice Age show. Keep in mind, however, that the show is an additional cost of $6 for non-members and $5 for members.

After the show, you can take the Skyfari – the Zoo’s iconic gondola that will have you ride over the entire length of the Zoo – back to the main entrance where you can head to the petting zoo and/or the sea lion show at 12:30pm.   Once you’ve watched the show, it’s fun to see the reptiles in the newer Discover Outpost. You’ll meet the Zoo’s oldest residents, the Galapagos tortoises who have been at the zoo since 1928.

Some of my favorite animals are toward the north side of the zoo at the Outback and Urban Jungle. You can walk here on Front Street. You will pass the main entrance and the souvenir shops on your right all the way until you get to the koalas. Watch these adorable creatures sleep and cuddle before turning around to see the rhinos and giraffes. It’s amazing how close you can get to these animals! They are so beautiful and strange looking. At this point, you may want to catch the Kangaroo Express Bus, which is a hop on and off shuttle that will take you to see the elephants, cheetahs, kangaroos, and pandas. You will see signposts along the path for the stops, and it picks up every 15 minutes, or so.

After you’ve cruised around on the Express Bus, you’ll have covered most of the Zoo and have probably worked up an appetite. Before leaving the Zoo, don’t forget to get your hand stamped in case you want to catch one last glimpse of your favorite animal.

After the Zoo

Koala and Joey sitting in tree together at San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California, USAAfter a day at the Zoo, I’m happy, a little tired, and hungry. I’m all about heading into Balboa Park for a snack and drink at the bar at The Prado. Since it tends to get quite busy here on the weekends, I often opt for the more casual vibe of Panama 66 where the local beer flows, and the fries – amongst other menu items – are to die for!

San Diego is a wonderful city that will have you smiling every day, all day of your visit. Your visit to the San Diego Zoo will be just one of the highlights of your trip. There are a variety of things to do in San Diego, each just steps away from the next. In this Zoo day, you will have enjoyed great food, entertainment, exercise, and beer! Have fun and I’ll see you at the Zoo!

Visit the San Diego Zoo Today

With so much to see and do at the Zoo, you can easily plan a whole day around this San Diego attraction. Other activities inside Balboa Park can easily be added too, so you can experience two of the best area attractions all in one convenient spot.

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