One-of-a-Kind Zorbing Promised at Outdoor Gravity Park

February 25, 2016

Searching for a new way to experience adventure in the Smoky Mountains? Take a trip to Outdoor Gravity Park to try zorbing, a one-of-a-kind ride that features rolling fun inside a giant globe. It may sound a little strange, but trust me, you’ll love it.

Outdoor Gravity Park is the only official ZORB site in the entire United States.  It began in New Zealand and quickly became the newest craze. The concept is simple enough; riders climb into a large inflatable globe and tumble down a grassy slope.  The site in the Smoky Mountains up the ante of the original ZORB, as the tracks are nearly twice as long. You can go wet or dry, or purchase a combo and try out both options. 

The two rides featured:

H2OGOROLL:  This wet and wild experience is the most popular way to roll down a hill in an OGO. One, two or three riders enter the H20GO at the top of the 1000 ft hill. You will superman-dive into the OGO. Then, 10 gallons of water are added, cool in summer and warm in winter. After that, the door is secured and you launch the OGO downhill. The water inside the OGO makes the inside so slippery that the riders slide inside while it revolves around them. No dizziness or tumbling, just good clean fun!
DRYGO ROLLThe DRYGO is made up of three plastic spheres, one inside the other. The largest one is 11 feet in diameter. The middle sphere contains a cushion of water, and the smallest sphere slides around on the water layer. One, two or three passengers make Superman-like dives into the inner sphere and stay totally dry as they roll down a steep 1,000-foot-long hill. The passengers slip and slide without any tumbling as the smaller sphere spins inside the middle sphere.
Outdoor Gravity Park zorb rides are appropriate for everyone 6 and up.

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