What to Expect Aboard NYC Big Bus Tours

July 31, 2019

I moved to Tennessee three years ago. When my new friends and acquaintances found out that I’m from the North, they always ask the same questions.

What is New York City like? What’s your favorite Broadway show? Which NYC borough is best? While I gladly answer their questions, my answer is always the same — you have to experience the city to understand the city. And the best way for first-time visitors to experience the city is with NYC Big Bus Tours.

New York City isn’t somewhere you can just hear about. You have to visit in order to fully understand the wonder that the city holds within five magnificent boroughs. NYC Big Bus Tours allow visitors to see top attractions, experience iconic landmarks, and maximize their vacation in the Big Apple.


How Do NYC Big Bus Tours Work?

First, purchase your NYC Big Bus Tours ticket from Tripster New York City. You can choose from the following tour loops:

  • Uptown Loop
  • Downtown Loop
  • Brooklyn Tour
  • Night Tour
  • Multiple Day and Loop Packages

Once you have your e-Ticket, you can redeem it and begin your hop-on/hop-off tour experience at either stop:

  • The M&M World Stop (Stop 1) at 48th Street and 7th Ave. in Times Square
  • The Welcome Center inside BB King’s at 237 West 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

From here, enjoy your ride! Tours run every 20-30 minutes, allowing you plenty of time to explore and discover the NYC landmarks you desire.


What Does Hop-On, Hop-Off Mean?

NYC Big Bus Tours offer guests the freedom to explore any of the attractions or sites visited on the tour. For instance, if you want to experience the Empire State Building, simply hop-off when the tour arrives at the building. When you’re done, hop back on!

What Do NYC Big Bus Tours Provide?

An NYC Big Bus Tour provides visitors with:

  • A local knowledge of the city
  • Complimentary headphones with 10 audio languages available for commentary
  • Rain ponchos (if necessary — tours operate rain or shine!)
  • A phenomenal view of all 30+ NYC sites
  • A map and phone app to help plan your day

You’ll have everything you need to see the city and explore some of the greatest attractions in the Tri-State area, such as:

Instead of walking all over the city trying to fit everything into one vacation, you’ll zoom from one landmark to another - all with the freedom to get on and off the bus as you wish!

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Tips for Enjoying Your NYC Big Bus Tour

As with every NYC tour experience, a few words of advice can go a long way. To have the ultimate NYC Big Bus Tours adventure, use our tips:

Rise and Shine

If you plan on doing more than one tour loop and hopping off at various attractions, plan to rise early and spend your whole day on the tour(s). Or, purchase a multiple day tour ticket from Tripster New York City.

Enjoy the Views

Try to get an upper-deck, outdoor seat. These seats provide the best views of the city, landmarks, and sites. Perfect for taking phenomenal photos of the city, landscape, and landmarks!

Take Your Time

Tours run every 20-30 minutes, so take your time and go at your own pace. NYC moves fast, but there’s no need to rush! The Uptown and Downtown loops take approximately 2.5 hours each to complete - meaning you’ve got time to explore; especially if you’ve purchased a multi-day tour pass (highly recommended).

Perfect for NYC Beginners

If you’re a bit nervous about exploring NYC on your own, NYC Big Bus Tours are perfect for you. You can see the iconic landmarks, bypass walking all over the city, and enjoy the convenience of a guided tour all in one experience.

Experience a Night Tour

Want to see the city light up at night? (The correct answer is, yes!) If so, then purchase your ticket for a night tour. You can see all of the famous landmarks glow and experience the buzz of the Big Apple at night.

Use Your Map

Don’t forget to use the provided map. This resource will help you identify other attractions along the way, find your tour stops, and plan the rest of your NYC vacation.

Bring Water and Snacks

Since the best way to experience an NYC Big Bus Tour is to take your time, it is important that you bring water and snacks along for the ride. Keep in mind that some attractions may not allow food or beverages inside. However, you’ll have plenty of time to purchase additional beverages or snacks before hopping back on the bus.


Purchase Your Tickets for NYC Big Bus Tours Today

Ready to discover the Big Apple with NYC Big Bus Tours? Get your tour tickets from Reserve New York City today.


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