Fleet Week San Francisco: 2023 In-Depth Guide

Take a front-row seat to the thrill of Fleet Week, where the skies transform into a canvas for breathtaking plane stunts!

A tradition running since 1981, San Francisco Fleet Week honors the men and women of the United States Armed Forces with jaw-dropping aerial shows and military-related attractions.

This anticipated event allows the public to pay tribute and create connections with the brave men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces as well. Plus, this features ship tours and disaster response activities throughout the week.

Mark your calendar in bold for Fleet Week, the ultimate showcase of all military-things related.

Fleet Week Tickets

Admission is free to Fleet Week San Francisco 2023. You can also purchase premium air show seating for the ultimate viewing experience. Click here to visit Fleet Week website and learn more about your options.

  • Flight Deck Club – $395
  • Premium Box Seats 1-23  – $125
  • Premium Box Seats 24-45 – $125

Other Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco invites you to step into its eclectic neighborhoods, theme and aquatic parks, or museums, and experience the spirit of the West Coast. Upgrade your Bay area vacation by visiting these other fun attractions:

Fleet Week Highlights

The Air Show

Enjoy sheer wonder as Fleet Week San Francisco’s aerial shows dazzles the skies with the great talents of US Navy Blue Angels and the prestigious airliner United 777 to perform a fully choreographed act. Join fans as they gather from all corners of the world to experience this monumental event.

The superb air show runs during Friday, Saturday Sunday on these following dates:

October 6, 2023 from 10 AM to 4 PM

October 7, and October 8, 2023 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

More participating groups aside from San Francisco Fleet Week Blue Angels and United 777.

  • Blue Angels Fat Albert
  • Navy Parachute Team, The Leap Frogs
  • Marine F-35B Demo
  • Ace Maker T 33
  • Patriots Jet Team
  • Coast Guard Dual Demo – Helos and C-27

Ship Tours

Cruise to the Port of San Francisco and gain a unique insight into the sailors’ daily routines by joining the ship tours. The Fleet Week San Francisco schedule for ship tours are as follows:

Pier 30-32

October 4 to 5, 2023, from 10 AM to 4 PM

Piers 30-32 & 35

October 7 to 8, 2023, from10 AM to 4 PM

Piers 30-32 & 35

October 9, 2023 from 9 AM to 12 PM

Pier 39 is not inluded as it has its own activities. Check it out here.

Parade of Ship

Set sights on a breathtaking view as the Fleet sails under the Golden Gate Bridge, with visiting ships heading to their ports. Then, be part of the Liberty Call celebration, showing gratitude to the dedicated Sailors and Marines.

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Located along the San Francisco Waterfront, the parade of ships happens on October 6 from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Fleet Week Exposition

Humanitarian Assisted Village

San Francisco’s disaster readiness is second to none, thanks to the unparalleled coordination between the military and dedicated civilian agencies.

Head to Marina Green to witness their disaster response exhibition.

It’s from October 6 to 8, 2023, and starts from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Stem Center

Explore the opportunities in technology, science, and math here. Discover the world of STEM through the eyes of career counselors representing the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, California National Guard, and civilian agencies.

Career Center

Chart your course towards a future filled with purpose and adventure, as both the Marine Corps, Army, and the Navy present you with a wide spectrum of impactful careers.

K9 Heroes

Be impressed as the cutest K9 heroes show off their skills in bomb sniffing, food detection, therapy tasks, and more.

This attraction runs on October 7, 2023, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Duboce Park.

Honor our Fallen Concert

Join the community in honoring the memory of those who selflessly defended their nation, as the United States Marine Corps 1st Marine Division Band delivers a touching tribute to our fallen heroes. Drop by Herbst Theatre SF War Memorial & Performing Arts Center on October 5, 2023, from 6 to 8 PM.

Neighborhood Concerts

Step into the rhythm of patriotism as you embrace the longstanding tradition of the Navy and Marine Corps bands’ participation in San Francisco Fleet Week’s Neighborhood Concert Program. Take the chance to connect with the service heroes through these concerts.

Participating Bands:

  • Navy Band Southwest Band
  • Destroyers
  • Navy Band Southwest Brass Quintet
  • United Marine Corps – 1st Marine Division Band Ceremonial Band
  • United Marine Corps – 1st Marine Division Band Wind Ensemble
  • United Marine Corps – 1st Marine Division Band Popular Music Group

Veterans Art Exhibit

Be moved as you delve into the artistry of veterans and active-duty service members, revealing the profound insights and emotions hidden within their creations.

Fleet Week Date

“When is Fleet Week in San Francisco” you may ask. San Franciso Fleet Week schedule is from October 2 to 10, 2023. The festivities start at 9 AM.

Fleet Week Venue

All the events are located throughout the city.

Experience San Francisco Fleet Week

Enjoy the magic of Fleet Week, a cherished tradition where the public and the military come together for a week of awe-inspiring aerial displays, magnificent ship parades, and unforgettable moments.

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Watch as the Blue Angels perform breathtaking stunts, hop aboard massive navy ships, or see the world through the eyes of the veterans through their artwork. This event headlined by the US Navy Blue Angels and is the only air show in the United States to perform incredible stunts.

The brave men and women of our military will showcase their musical talents in a series of concerts. Be swept away by live music that fills the air, inviting you to join in and sing your heart out.

Show your gratitude and support to our brave men and women at San Francisco Fleet Week.

This event brims with educational activities like STEM seminars and disaster and management exhibitions as well. So come with the entire family to this patriotic and entertaining event!


Start Date:

October 2, 2023

End Date:

October 10, 2023




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