Asheville NC Yoga Festival: 2024 In-Depth Guide

Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the esteemed Asheville Yoga Festival serves as a beacon for yogis worldwide. Renowned as a world-class event, this annual gathering epitomizes the essence of Asheville, North Carolina.

It offers not only dedicated yogis but also families and couples on a budget-friendly vacation a chance to imbibe the city’s unique blend of stunning natural beauty, soul-stirring arts, and vibrant culture.

The festival, traditionally known as Love Shine Play, offers an immersive experience that interweaves yoga’s profound teachings with Asheville’s distinct charm.

As you prepare to delve into this kaleidoscope of relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure, let us provide all the requisite information and inside tips you would need.

Join us as we explore the Asheville Yoga Festival — a magical nexus where the serenity of yoga harmoniously intertwines with Asheville’s pulsating rhythm!

Unveiling the Asheville Yoga Festival: Dates and Location

Mark your calendars; the next Asheville Yoga Festival, popularly known as ‘Love Shine Play’, is scheduled to take place from July 25 to July 28, 2024, offering you four blissful days of world-class yoga experiences.

This rejuvenating event will be unfolding at the heart of Asheville, within the picturesque settings of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The precise location is 121 College Street, Asheville, NC 28801, where yoga enthusiasts gather under the gentle Carolina sky.

Parking at the Festival: Parking near the festival venue can be challenging due to the large number of attendees. To make your trip smoother, plan to arrive early and consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services. Downtown Asheville also offers various parking garages that are within walking distance of the event.

Secure Your Spot for the Asheville Yoga Festival: To secure your spot at the illustrious Asheville Yoga Festival, visit the official website to check availability and book tickets.

Accommodating various budgets, ticket prices for this transformative world-class event start at $445. Ensuring a hassle-free experience, the website provides a seamless and secure ticket booking process.

Love Shine Play: The Heart of Asheville Yoga Festival

Taking place annually in the heart of the vibrant city of Asheville, NC, the not-to-be-missed Asheville Yoga Festival, also known as Love Shine Play, is a life-changing experience that brings together yoga enthusiasts from across the nation and beyond.

This world-class event features yoga classes conducted by renowned instructors, inspiring music performances, wellness workshops, and a vibrant marketplace for yoga merchandise. The Asheville Yoga Festival is held during the most anticipated season.

Anticipate being swept away by the infectious energy of the Asheville Yoga Festival. The schedule is packed with a diverse array of yoga sessions—from beginner-friendly classes to advanced workshops—that cater to practitioners of all levels.

Alongside the yoga offerings, you can expect engaging sessions on wellness and mindfulness, all set to the soundtrack of live music performances that will uplift your spirits and get your heart pumping.

Also, don’t miss the array of stalls offering bespoke yoga accessories, organic beauty products, and artisanal craft items—a perfect way to commemorate your visit to this love-shine-play yoga festival in the awe-inspiring surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner looking to deepen your practice, this yoga festival provides an incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and be part of the welcoming yoga community of Asheville.

Asheville North Carolina Skyline
Downtown Asheville North Carolina NC Skyline Aerial.

Accommodation in Asheville: Best Hotels for Yoga Enthusiasts

The city of Asheville, ideally nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, provides a myriad of comfortable and world-class hotel options for yoga festival attendants.

Whether you’re seeking high-end luxury or budget-friendly coziness, Asheville’s unique hospitality scene has something to cater to every preference.

Secure your accommodation with Tripster now and look forward to unwinding in your temporary Ashville abode after a day brimming with love, shine, and play at the Yoga Festival Asheville!

Must-Visit Asheville Attractions: Complementing Your Yoga Festival Excursion

While the Asheville Yoga Festival is an absolute must-visit, don’t limit your Asheville excursion to just the festival grounds! When you’re not experiencing world-class yoga, explore the enchanting Asheville area and its attractions.

Don’t miss out on the Scenic Helicopter Tours – Asheville,  Downtown Asheville Electric Bike Tour, or elevate the experience with  Autumn Color in the Blue Ridge Photography Experience.

Experiencing the Asheville area from above via Scenic Helicopter Tours is a breathtaking adventure. It grants visitors an unforgettable view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the cityscape, and the lush greenery that makes Asheville so unique!

The Downtown Asheville Electric Bike Tour is a refreshing way to explore the city. Riders can anticipate a blend of urban exploration and natural beauty, zipping along the streets, experiencing Asheville’s vibrant neighborhoods, and enjoying the lush scenery that encircles the city.

Expect to be drawn into a mesmerizing world of vibrant autumn hues with the Autumn Color in the Blue Ridge Photography Experience.

This unique adventure offers panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, allowing participants to capture professional-grade photos of the spectacular fall colors.

Insider Tips to Make the Most of the Asheville Yoga Festival

Now that you’ve got all the important details, how about we equip you with some insider tips to truly transform your Asheville Yoga Festival experience?

Strap in; we’ve got the ultimate compilation of tips and advice that are sure to make your trip a memorable one.

Here’s some insider advice straight from the heart of all the yoga-loving natives. First, comfort is key, so yoga attire you feel good in is a must— flexible leggings, breathable shirts, and don’t forget your trusty yoga mat.

Also, considering the event takes place in the heart of summer, you might want to pack a hat and sunscreen to protect against the dazzling Asheville sunshine.

A refillable water bottle is essential to keep that hydration going throughout the day. Portable snacks, like energy bars or granola, can keep you fueled and feeling great between sessions.

Memorabilia from home or personal items like a journal, incense, or even a favorite crystal—you never know when you’ll get an epiphany that you just need to jot down or set an intention.

Lastly, it’s always wise to bring a light jacket or sweater for those chillier Blue Ridge Mountain evenings. So, are you ready to embark on the journey to Love Shine Play in the world-class Asheville, NC Yoga Festival?

Wrapping up the Serene Journey: Love Shine Play at Asheville Yoga Festival

So, whether you’re looking for world-class yoga, unique local accommodations, or just exploring Asheville’s abundant, vibrant attractions, it’s clear this city delivers above and beyond.

Love Shine Play at the Asheville Yoga Festival offers an unrivaled experience to connect with your inner zen. Asheville’s specialty truly is making visitors feel right at home, embracing both the yogi and adventurer within us all.

So, go ahead – pack your mats, tie those shoelaces, and embark on a journey for the senses at the Asheville Yoga Festival. Welcome to our little mountain habitat, where you’re sure to leave with beautiful memories and a rejuvenated spirit.


Start Date:

July 25, 2024 @ 12:00 am CDT

End Date:

July 28, 2024 @ 12:00 am CDT



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