DreamWorks Land – Everything We Know About Rides, Restaurants, and Opening Dates

This summer promises an exclusive thrill as Universal Orlando Resort gears up to unveil DreamWorks Land – a dynamic and animated park based on fan-favorite DreamWorks Animation characters like Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda.

Situated within the heart of Universal Studios Florida theme park, this sprawling newly-themed section brims with a myriad of exciting family activities, such as family-friendly rides, several interactive zones, live shows, character meet-ups, and so much more. Keep reading to discover more about DreamWorks land!


Much like ogres and onions, visitors can unravel layers of thrill in the riveting world of Shrek, where extraordinary surprises await them at every corner.

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres: This larger-than-life playground keeps the fun rolling with four interactive slides, areas designed for water play, and a climbing playground. Adventurous guests can even explore Shrek’s own outhouse for a splash of extra amusement.

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Mama Luna Feline Fiesta: The much-loved sequel, Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish, transforms into a captivating live experience set in Mama Luna’s cat retirement home. Attendees get to engage with Mama Luna’s adorable feline companions through high-tech interactive screens controlled by buttons, bells, maracas, and levers. And keep an eye out – you might just encounter the legendary Puss in Boots himself!

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony: Visitors have the unique opportunity to conduct their own symphony of amphibian croaks by actively stepping on a variety of interactive lily pads, which respond with an unpredictable medley of frog sounds.

Swamp Snacks: At this delightful kiosk, families can indulge in a feast fit for an ogre. The menu is brimming with Shrek-inspired treats such as the Shrekzel, Far Far A Waffle, and the Frozen Ogre, adding an enticing culinary layer to the adventure.

Artist rendering of Shrek's Swamp at Dreamworks at Universal Orlando
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort via Facebook


At the heart of Trolls Village in DreamWorks Land Universal Orlando, you’ll discover a spectacular fountain adorned with beloved Trolls characters, Poppy and Branch. Enveloped in an aura of unabashed joy, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and let your ‘happy place’ find you.

Trolls Trollercoaster: Guests of every age will be thrilled as they walk beneath a sparkling marquee prominently featuring the beloved characters from Trolls – Poppy, Viva, Tiny Diamond, Satin, and Chenille. Enhance your adventure by hopping onto the renowned Caterbus ride.

Participants can embark on an exhilarating journey, racing along a vividly painted track in hues of orange and yellow, escaping nefarious spiders on this family-oriented rollercoaster.

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Poppy’s Playground: Residing beneath a gigantic, 20-foot mushroom lies Poppy’s Play Zone – a perfectly shaded kids’ wonderland speckled with vivid flora and fauna. This playful spot boasts an abundance of exhilarating bouncing and climbing structures, specially designed for the tiniest of trolls.

Trolls Treats: Ever dreamed of tasting the vibrant world of Trolls in a scoop of ice cream? At Poppy’s Boombox, now turned into a fun-filled kiosk, treat your taste buds to the dazzling Trolls-inspired ice creams. Try Poppy-licious Pink with its unique pink lemonade flavor, or explore the tangy notes of huckleberry in BroZone Berry – each one an adventurous tribute to our beloved characters, Poppy and Branch.

High Five Hideaway:  Welcome to our brand-new retail outlet, hosted by the lovable Cloud Guy! Here, you’ll find the trendiest merchandise from your favorite DreamWorks franchises. Whether you’re a fan of Shrek, adore the Trolls, go ga-ga over Gabby’s Dollhouse, or revel in the adventures of Kung Fu Panda, we’ve got you covered with a range of exciting products including plush toys, stylish apparel, and fun-filled accessories.

Artist rendering of the Trolls roller coaster at Dreamworks at Universal Orlando
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort via Facebook

Kung Fu Panda

And speaking of Kung Fu Panda, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey alongside the adorable panda named Po. From the lively, action-filled world of Kung Fu Panda movies, Po’s thrilling adventures await you!

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp: The Kung Fu Panda franchise fires up your imagination like never before in this brand-new play spot that rejuvenates the Panda Village. With both splish-splash wet and thrilling dry play zones, you can dive into the fun-filled world of the pandas helping them with their laundry using gigantic water cannons, dunking buckets, immense fans, and more.

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As you explore, you’ll interact with exciting features like the harmonious gong, playful, chortling baby pandas, and larger-than-life merry-go-round noodle bowls straight from the iconic Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop.

Po Live!:  The immersive digital encounter allows visitors to participate in a real-time interaction with the renowned Dragon Warrior. Not only will he teach the visitors some dynamic Kung Fu techniques but will also cook up some mouthwatering stir fry, concurrently babysitting his little cousin, Ling Ling – all part of the exciting adventure.

Artist rendering of the Kung Fu Panda area at Dreamworks at Universal Orlando
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort via Facebook

Additional Experiences

Moreover, Universal DreamWorks Land will provide extra chances for visitors to mingle and engage with their favorite characters through unparalleled live performances.

DreamWorks Imagination Celebration: Your favorite DreamWorks Animation tales transform from cinematic scenes to captivating reality in DreamWorks Imagination Celebration. This energetic spectacle melds together hit tunes, lively dances, cutting-edge technology, and so much more to craft a vibrant party vibe. This immersive experience whisks guests away to the enchanting realms of their beloved characters, all unfolding within the brand-new DreamWorks Theater.

DreamWorks Character Zone:  At the DreamWorks Character Zone, you’ll get the chance to rub shoulders with beloved characters from DreamWorks such as Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse, and many more.

DreamWorks Land FAQ’s

Universal Orlando DreamWorks Land will be located right beside the 'Production Central' area in Universal Studios Florida, making it quite impossible to miss with its grand, whimsical entrance. That's a smart move, considering its position gives easy access to the park's visitors without much detour as they navigate through Universal Studios.

Ready for a new adventure? The long-awaited answer to your question has finally arrived. The latest addition to the Universal Studio's family is the incredible DreamWorks Land Universal Studios Florida. This newly opened park is a spectacle to behold, fully devoted to the magic of DreamWorks Animation. It is guaranteed to pull you into an immersive journey through your most beloved cinematic worlds.

Another thrilling venture within Universal Studios Florida is Universal's Epic Universe. This brand-new theme park expands the existing ‘universe’, providing park-goers with more opportunities to explore and immerse themselves. From iconic characters to exciting rides, Universal’s Epic Universe promises an unmatched level of fun and adventure, raising the standard of theme park experiences.

Planning Your Visit: Best Times to Explore DreamWorks Land

The best time to explore DreamWorks Land greatly depends on your preference. If you enjoy exploring in a high-energy atmosphere filled with enthusiastic fellow guests, then visiting during the summer months, particularly after its opening in the summer of 2024, is a great choice. Summer months are expected to be bustling with excitement as people flock to experience the new attractions.

However, if you want a quieter, more relaxed experience without the long queues, then visiting outside of peak season, such as during the fall months, might be a better option. Just be mindful that this fantastic new addition will not be open to enchant your imaginations until summer 2024, so plan your vacations accordingly.

Artist rendering of the entrance to Dreamworks at Universal Orlando
Photo Credit: Fun 4 Orlando Kids via Facebook

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Summing Up: Making Memories at Universal Studios Florida with Tripster

As we wrap up, we hope you’re as thrilled as we are about the epic adventure that awaits you at the new DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida. Get ready to immerse yourself into the enthralling world of your favorite DreamWorks characters.

If you have more questions or you’d just like to share your excitement, we’d absolutely love to hear from you! Please drop your questions, thoughts, or experiences in the comment section below.

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