City Climb NYC: 4 Ways to Save Up to 31% Off

Ever wondered what it’s like to be over 1,000 feet above the Big Apple? With Climb City at Edge NYC, you can do just that and live to tell the tale!

As the highest open-air building climb in the world, Climb City NYC is every daredevil’s dream. Think of it like climbing more than 4 football fields stacked up! When you get to the top, which is a crazy 1,271 feet high, you get to see 4 states–New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania! You’ll also be eye to eye with New York City’s pride, the Empire State Building.

You’ll even lean out into the air, held only by a strong tether! Sounds wild, right? Tickets can be a bit pricey but don’t worry. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to get those coveted City Climb discount tickets and some top tips for the best time ever at the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

City Climb NYC Discount Tickets

City Climb NYC Discount Tickets can be tough to find, but Tripster always comes through when they’re up for grabs.

With a discounted ticket, you’ll climb 161 heart-pounding steps, tied only to the building. When you hit the top, step right up to the edge, lean over, and trust the tether! Raise your hands and let out a huge “Whooooo!” While you can lean in any direction, we think facing the view is the best way to get that amazing rush and satisfaction that you achieved!

Family and friends can cheer you on from Edge as you reach the top. Tickets to Edge are sold separately if you’re not going to participate in the City Climb. Edge discount tickets are available on Tripster.

Two people in blue suits in climbing gear with their fists raised leaning back off of a building with the empire state building in the background
Photo Credit: Edge via Facebook

City Climb NYC Coupons and Discounts

City Climb NYC Military Discount

Good news for our active and retired U.S. military heroes! City Climb Edge gives special discounted entry for those with a valid military ID. Ready to book? Just give their customer service team a shout at (332) 204-8500 or reach out to them through the official website. Just a heads up, this special rate isn’t up for grabs online.

City Climb NYC AAA Discount

Have an AAA membership card? Then you’re in for a treat! Flash that card and they’ll slash the price by over 25%! It’s that simple to get a sweet deal for this heart-pounding experience.

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City Climb NYC Senior Discount

Epic views aren’t just for the young ones! Thinking of taking Grandma and Grandpa on an adventure at the Edge? Go for it! But a heads-up that as of now, City Climb Edge NYC doesn’t have any special discounts specifically for seniors.

City Climb NYC Vacation Packages

Looking for an all-in-one deal? Tripster offers City Climb NYC Vacation Packages. It’s a hassle-free way to plan your adventure without booking separate tickets. Bundle up and save more on your epic Big Apple journey with these vacation packages:

Looking up at the sky and edge observation deck from underneathHotels Near City Climb NYC

Why stay miles away when you can be right next to the action? Booking a hotel near City Climb NYC means shorter commutes, giving you more time to enjoy the climb plus a visit to Edge and the surrounding attractions.

A nearby stay also lets you easily return to your room after the adrenaline-filled climb! Take a quick rest or change before exploring more of NYC.

Here are some of the most affordable nearby hotels that don’t skimp on comfort:

City Climb NYC Hotel Packages

Dreaming of an all-in-one New York City adventure? Look no further than Tripster’s City Climb NYC Hotel Packages! You not only secure your spot on the highest open-air building climb, but you also get a cozy NYC hotel stay. NYC thrill ride and restful retreat, all in one!

New York City Attractions

American Museum of Natural History

While you’re in NYC, don’t miss out on visiting the American Museum of Natural History.

Spanning four city blocks, it’s the world’s largest natural history museum, packed with awe-inspiring exhibits and artifacts. It’s the perfect destination for both curious minds and history enthusiasts.

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Discover the profound stories of September 11, 2001, at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. This touching tribute not only remembers the events in NYC but also at the Pentagon and on Flight 93. Take time to explore the interactive exhibits, watch captivating films, and hear heartfelt stories that bring history to life.

Close up photo of the Last Column with a concrete wall behind it at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in NYC, New York, USA
photo credit:
National September 11 Memorial & Museum via Facebook

Central Park Bike Rentals

Explore New York City’s iconic Central Park on two wheels! With Central Park Bike Rentals by Unlimited Biking, you can pedal your way through 843 acres of scenic beauty, taking in historic landmarks, artistic treasures, and architectural wonders.

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Your rental comes equipped with everything you need–a helmet, a handy basket/bike bag, a detailed map, and a lock.

Insider City Climb NYC Tips

What to Bring

You literally need to bring nothing to climb. But if you pack some extras, no worries! You’ll be asked to stash them in a free locker. Every climber also gets a snazzy City Climb suit to throw over their clothes, but comfortable clothes and weather-fit outfits are key. Oh, and say bye to watches and earrings–they gotta go.

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For footwear, make sure they’re enclosed, from toes to ankles. And if you want to wear shades, that’s okay. You’ll get a tether to keep them snug.

We hate to say this but it’s for your safety and your camera too! Cameras are a no-go. However, you’ll snag a free video of your climb! Plus, you can buy some epic stills afterward.

Lastly, don’t forget your ID! You have to be 13 or older to join this party.

Can I Bring Food into City Climb NYC?

Hungry? Save that snack for later! No food is allowed during the climb. This ensures you’re all in on the climb experience. Additionally, every climber needs to take a breathalyzer test. To join in, your blood-alcohol level needs to be under 0.080.

Woman standing at the end of an observation deck looking over lower manhattanCity Climb NYC Parking

NYC City Climb is located at 30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, right above Edge at Hudson Yards.

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For those driving in, there are parking facilities at 10 Hudson Yards, Abington House, and One Hudson Yards. You’ll find these sites along West 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. They’re just a short walk away from your City Climb adventure.

City Climb NYC Reviews

Want to find out what other readers think of Edge City Climb NYC? Check out the most recent City Climb NYC reviews.

If you’ve always been on the hunt for that next great thrill, this is your moment. Conquer the heights, embrace the rush, and earn the ultimate bragging rights. Every thrill-seeker will find what they’re yearning for at City Climb NYC!

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