Carversteak Las Vegas: A Gastronomic Experience Worth Discovering

Experience the extraordinary culinary journey at Carversteak, Las Vegas’ leading refined, elegant steakhouse, thrillingly blending unforgettable flavors within an electrifying, gourmet setting.

Welcome to Carversteak – an unforgettable gastronomical journey teeming with culinary creativity and sophisticated flavors. Located at 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, inside Resorts World Las Vegas, it’s a unique dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

This isn’t simply about dining, no, not at Carversteak. Here, it’s about narrative, about the story that unfolds with each bite, the tale behind each plate crafted in their bustling kitchens. And if you need nearby hotels to stay at to cap the night off, we’ve got a few suggestions, too.

Carversteak Las Vegas: Your Premier Steakhouse Destination

Located right in the bustling heart of  Resorts World Las Vegas, Carversteak enjoys a prestigious standing as the ultimate destination for all steak enthusiasts. A modern innovation on the classic steakhouse archetype, Carversteak sets itself apart with a steadfast commitment to sourcing ingredients of unparalleled quality, all whilst maintaining the utmost ethical standards.

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Coupled with this, it’s not hard to see why Carversteak holds such an esteemed position. With every bite taken at Carversteak, one can taste the dedication, skill, and passion that goes into crafting each dish, showcased in every sumptuous Carversteak photo. That’s why, no doubt, this restaurant is a reservation worth making, especially for romantic date nights.

Interior fine dining room at dusk
Photo Credit: Carversteak via Facebook

A Fete for Foodies: The Carversteak Menu

You step into Carversteak, and the aroma of sizzling prime cuts emanating from the open kitchen greets you. As you get seated, a menu that almost feels like a piece of art makes its way into your hands. Let’s delve into what this epicurean marvel has to offer. Each dish served at Carversteak is painstakingly curated by Chef Daniel Ontiveros. And they’re a remarkable interplay of flavors, textures, and the finest ingredients!

Steak Selections

The heart of Carversteak’s menu is its array of premium steaks. The Prime Ribeye stands out for its rich marbling and robust flavor, a favorite among steak connoisseurs. For those who prefer a more luxurious texture, the Wagyu Beef, known for its buttery smoothness and unrivaled taste, is an exquisite choice. The Filet Mignon, celebrated for its tenderness and lean cut, offers a melt-in-the-mouth experience that’s hard to forget.

Short rib on a black plate with mashed potatoes
Photo Credit: Carversteak via Facebook

Shellfish and Raw Bar

Chef Daniel pulls out all the stops with dishes like Shellfish Platters, Seared Scallops, or King Crab Legs. The Grand Plateau is a lavish assortment featuring Maine Lobster, Gulf Shrimp, Oysters, Clams, and PEI Mussels, available either chilled or with Yuzu-Chili Butter.

For a smaller option, the Petite Plateau offers a similar variety in a more intimate serving. For those who enjoy bold flavors, the Spicy Salmon and the Big Eye Tuna Tartare are perfect, offering a creative mix of textures and seasonings

Delightful Desserts

The dessert menu at Carversteak in Resorts World Las Vegas offers a delightful array of sweet treats. It features the Baked Nevada, a shared dessert with mixed berry sorbet and coconut lime cake, ideal for groups. Chocolate enthusiasts can indulge in the rich Devil’s Chocolate Cake, while the classic Cheesecake with a raspberry twist caters to those who prefer a fruity flavor. For a touch of elegance, there’s the traditional Crème Brûlée.

For a lighter option, there’s an assortment of refreshing sorbets in flavors like Raspberry and Mango. Each dessert is crafted to provide a memorable end to the dining experience.

Toast to the Good Times: The Carversteak Beverage Selection

In addition to rewarding your palate, the Carversteak menu also takes care of your thirst. the beverage selection is as impressive as its culinary offerings, enhancing the dining experience with a harmonious blend of tastes. Their wine list is extensive and thoughtfully curated, featuring a wide range of vintages and varietals from renowned wineries around the world. Whether you prefer a bold red, a crisp white, or a sparkling option, there’s a wine to complement every dish and satisfy every palate.

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For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, Carversteak offers a variety of refreshing and flavorful drinks. These beverages are carefully crafted to be as complex and enjoyable as their alcoholic counterparts, ensuring that all guests have a satisfying and inclusive dining experience.

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Salmon on a white plate with greens and a cream sauce
Photo Credit: Carversteak via Facebook

Dining at Carversteak: A Reservation Worth Making

Your reservation at Carversteak guarantees more than a meal. It’s an immersive experience where culinary finesse meets high-quality ingredients for an extraordinary feast! If you read the countless glowing Carversteak reviews online, you’ll soon realize how much people love the delicious food and friendly atmosphere. Plus, the value you get for your money here is impressive.

The top-notch ingredients, creative chefs, festive ambiance, and quite reasonable Carversteak prices come together to give you a superior dining experience for every dollar spent.

Scallops on a black plate with greens
Photo Credit: Carversteak via Facebook

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