Rides at Carowinds: Your 2024 In-Depth Guide

Carowinds is the ultimate boredom buster in North Carolina. The rides at this theme park cater to all levels of thrill seekers!

The list of Carowinds rides is far from lacking. Feel the wind rush through your hair on a high-speed roller coaster. Or, the splash of refreshing water on your face on a waterslide! The possibilities are endless.

In addition to rides for adrenaline junkies, you’ll find calmer thrills for kids and families. Moreover, this theme park is an amusement park and water park in one. And, should you tire of the rides, you’ll encounter exciting shows, festive events, and tasty foods to keep the fun going.

Technically located in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll find this park on the North Carolina and South Carolina state lines.

Ready to hop in line, but not sure which ride to start with? Keep reading for the lowdown on all of the Carowinds rides to help you decide which are the best rides at Carowinds!

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Four peanuts characters standing in a line
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Hotels Near Carowinds

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Get ahead of the game and book your hotel before you even make your way to Charlotte! After you ride all the rides at Carowinds, rest will be well-deserved.

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Now, onto the ride guide!

Carowinds Thrill Rides

Adrenaline junkies and downright daredevils, take note! These are the Carowind rides you’ll have to hit during your time at the park.

Fury 325

Hold onto your hats when you hop on Fury 325! It ranks as the longest steel coaster in all of North America. Of course, it qualifies as one of the tallest coasters in the park. Talk about quite the reputation!

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The thrill of this roller coaster is unmatched. So, we actually suggest leaving it until the end. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the other coasters more. Once you ride Fury 325, the others may feel slower.

Now, for some stats. Fury 325 reaches a peak height of 325 feet! There’s an 81-degree drop. Moreover, you’ll reach speeds up to 95 miles per hour.

Blue and yellow roller coaster with riders riding under a blue sky with trees surrounding the tracks
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook


If you’re a true daredevil, how do eight inversions followed by a 115-foot drop sound? You’ll get up to 51 miles per hour. Moreover, you’ll be riding on your back and face down during different parts of the ride to add an extra thrill. This will make you feel like you’re flying!

Additionally, this coaster offers breathtaking views of the park! See it all from a bird’s eye view so you can pick out your next adventure in the park.


If you feel a little intimidated when waiting in line for Intimidator, we understand. Don’t get scared off though! Once you’re on the ride, you’ll be glad you put on a brave face.

This coaster makes it in the list of the top 10 tallest steel coasters in the country. It reaches speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Moreover, there are seven drops! There’s plenty of time to enjoy the rush with a ride time that lasts over three minutes.

Copperhead Strike at Carowinds on a sunny day in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
photo credit: American Coaster Enthusiasts via Facebook

The Air Walker

Take a break from your usual roller coasters and get in line for the Air Walker! Whirl and twirl through the sky. See the dunes of Kitty Hawk below. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air!

Other thrill rides include:

  • Hurler Wooden Coaster
  • Vortex
  • Drop Tower
  • Electro-Spin
  • Ripcord
  • Gear Spin
  • Hover & Dodge
  • Scream Weaver
  • Slingshot
  • WindSeeker
  • Air Racers
  • Carolina Cyclone
  • Carolina Goldrusher
  • Copperhead Strike
  • Ricochet Wild Mouse Coaster
  • The Flying Cobras
  • Vortex

Carowinds Family Rides

Don’t leave any member of the family behind! Family rides accommodate everyone without sacrificing any fun.

Mountain Gliders

Take to the sky and pretend to be gliding over the Blue Ridge Mountains or another scenic view! Soar and explore at high altitudes. You’ll even be able to control your carriage’s flight! Take control of your sky-bound excursion for the ultimate adventure.

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill

Step into a spooky landscape for an experience unlike any other. Don’t worry, though! The scares are so mild this ride is suitable for any age.

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Help Boocifer and his ghost friends using a special weapon known as a Boo Blaster. This ride is interactive. So, don’t just kick back! Get in on the action.

Red amusement park ride at Carowinds with a theme park setting in the background under a blue sky
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Carolina Skytower

The Carolina Skytower is one of Carowinds’ original rides. It’s been around since the park first opened on March 31, 1973, at a cost of 70 million dollars! Don’t leave the park without experiencing this timeless classic.

Fun Fact: The planning of Carowinds was led by Charlotte businessman Earl Patterson Hall.

Find your seat in an air-conditioned cabin. Next, you’ll be transported up, up, and away — 262 feet in the air! Enjoy the panoramic view of the entire park and its surroundings at the top.

Other family rides include:

  • Do-Si-Do
  • Gyro Force
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller
  • Scrambler
  • The Grand Carousel
  • Windstar
  • Zephyr

Carowinds Kiddie Rides

If visiting Carowinds with smaller children, there are plenty of rides just for them!

Pro Tip: Carowinds ride heights vary, even on the kiddie rides. So, check this out on the Carowinds website before you go to avoid disappointment.

Wilderness Run

The littles can explore the backwoods of Camp Snoopy while they prepare for future thrill rides! Start the kiddos small with this roller coaster made specifically for them. Tame hills and speeds up to six miles per hour ensure they’ll be able to enjoy the rush without overdoing it.

Then, one day, they’ll be well-prepared for the big leagues on rides like Fury 325 and Intimidator!

Airplanes strung up like garland over a walkway at carowinds
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Flying Ace Balloon Race

Get in on the experience of riding in a hot air balloon without the price tag. This ride will take you high in the sky for the ultimate view! Moreover, if you’re a little scared of heights, the secure basket will make sure you feel safe.

Kite Eating Tree

This mini drop ride offers up the right amount of thrill for the kiddos. Pretend you’re climbing to the top of a tree to help Charlie Brown get his kite out of a tree! You’ll get up to 20 feet on this ride.

Other kiddie rides include:

  • Beagle Scout Acres
  • Camp Bus
  • Woodstock Whirlybirds
  • Kiddy Hawk
  • Charlie Brown’s Wind-up
  • PEANUTS Pirates
  • Snoopy vs. Red Baron
  • Woodstock Express
  • PEANUTS Trailblazers
  • Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies
  • Snoopy’s Junction

Fun Fact: The Woodstock Express originally opened as a ride called “Scooby Doo” in 1975.

Aerial view of Carowinds theme park
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Carowinds Water Rides

Now it’s your turn, waterbugs. If you relate more to the fish than the landlubbers, these are the rides for you! Get ready to make a splash.

Pelican Plunge

Pair up for this double-tube ride! This is a great slide to introduce kids to the bigger waterslides. It’s not too wild and not too tame, so everyone can enjoy!

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Just like a pelican, plunge into the water after winding down 125-foot-long chutes. These slides are open-tube, so don’t worry about claustrophobia!

Front sign of the Carolina Cyclone ride with roller coster in background under a blue sky
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Hurricane Falls

Navigate a 564-foot-long slide on a four-person raft! Hold on as you twist and turn throughout the journey. You’ll descend a whopping four stories before landing in a small pool.

Storm Surge

Four different slides are part of this attraction, so pick your favorite color and go for a spin down the slide! Choose to fly solo or with a friend. The experience begins with riders getting soaked under a waterfall. Then, you’ll drop into darkness for the remainder of the thrilling ride!

Other water rides include:

  • Barracuda Blasters
  • Surf Club Harbor
  • Boogie Board Racer
  • Coastal Currents
  • Myrtle Turtle Beach
  • Pirate’s Landing
  • Kiddy Hawk Cove
  • Seaside Splashworks
  • Tidal Wave Bay
  • Blackbeard’s Revenge
View looking up at a roller coaster as people ride it at Carowinds
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Catch an Adrenaline Rush on Carowinds Rides

No matter which ride suits your fancy, you’re in for a treat at Carowinds. Slip ‘n’ slide down the waterslides. Then, dry off in the cool wind on a roller coaster as it zips around. Get ready to twist and turn in every direction. Once you get off, you’ll be ready to get back on again and again!

The fun doesn’t have to end when you leave the Carowinds grounds. Plan a full trip to Charlotte! Tripster is here to help with attraction deals and hotel steals.

Which Ride is Your Favorite at Carowinds?

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