Carowinds Tickets Discounts – Your 2024 Ultimate Guide

Classic amusement park fun on the cheap? Sign us up!

Since 1973, Carowinds has been a theme park well-versed in making sure every guest on the premises has a blast. From thrill rides to family rides and all the snacks in between, there’s no shortage of ways to have a good time. You’ll need Carowinds discount tickets to enjoy it all at a bargain!

Daredevils will be eager to line up for the riveting Fury 325 roller coaster. Meanwhile, the kiddos will be racing to Camp Snoopy. And everyone will gather around the delicious dining options, from fried chicken to fair fries.

Amusement parks are notorious for being overpriced. So, before you pass up this experience, take a look at all the ways you can save! From discounted tickets to cheaper hotels, your trip to Carowinds in Charlotte doesn’t have to break the bank.

Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on Carowinds discount tickets.

Carowinds Discount Tickets

Of course, securing cheaper tickets is your best bet to save big! Purchase discount Carowinds tickets from Tripster online. In addition to saving some dough, you’ll save yourself some time! Less time in ticket lines means you’ll get to the ride lines faster.

Moreover, the simple online checkout process is a breeze. Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email. Print your tickets out before you go or just show them on your phone when you arrive!

Blue and yellow roller coaster with riders riding under a blue sky with trees surrounding the tracks
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Included With Your Ticket

When you buy a single ticket, you’re getting in on all the fun Carowinds has to offer. From kid-friendly rides to adrenaline-inducing rides and everything in between, the park has it all. Ride every coaster to your heart’s content!

Photo Alert: Amidst the theme park buzz, it’s easy to forget to snap a few photos. So, we suggest taking a few before your group splits up to get in line for their rides of choice! Take one outside the park before beginning your fun-filled day.

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These are just a few of the rides the park has to offer:

  • Fury 325
  • Afterburn
  • Nighthawk
  • Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
  • Plants vs. Zombies

Additionally, entrance to Carolina Harbor Waterpark is included with your ticket! Slip ‘n’ slide down some of the park’s best waterslides, like:

  • Blackbeard’s Revenge
  • Pelican Plunge
  • Hurricane Falls

The kiddos will especially enjoy splashing around at Pirate’s Landing!

Of course, you’ll also have to catch a show while you’re there. Watch a full-on performance at Plaza Stage or catch a pop-up show in a gazebo. Every production has something the whole family will love.

A few of the performances to check out include:

  • Music Goes ‘Round & ‘Round
  • The 325s
  • The PEANUTS Gallery
  • The Swell Tones

Finally, time your visit right to enjoy some of the special festivals throughout the year! Easter Weekend takes place in the spring, while Grand Carnivale is the star of the summer. Visit the Great Pumpkin Fest once the weather starts to get chillier. Finally, end the year with WinterFest!

Front sign of the Carolina Cyclone ride with roller coster in background under a blue sky
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Carowinds Coupons and Discounts

We’ve rounded up even more deals to keep your wallet happy. You won’t even need a Carowinds promo code for these! Find the results of our search for the best bargain below.

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Carowinds Military Discount

This North Carolina theme park salutes members of the military with an exclusive discount.

Carowinds Discount Tickets AAA

AAA members are eligible for a special deal.

View looking up at a roller coaster as people ride it at Carowinds
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Carowinds Senior Discount

Unfortunately, there is no exclusive senior discount. That doesn’t mean you can’t save with Tripster, though! Spare your hard-earned money when you buy discount tickets.

Carowinds Group Travel Deals

Come one, come all. If you have a group of 15 or more, you can take advantage of exclusive deals. Bring your school, youth group, company, or entire extended family!

Carowinds Food Savings

It’s no surprise that theme park noms can add up quickly. Moreover, Carowinds does not allow outside food and drinks. So, we suggest packing sandwiches in a cooler in the car. Then, you can get your hand stamped before exiting the park, have a car picnic, and return to the park afterward!

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However, if you want to spend a little extra dough for the convenience (and deliciousness) of on-site food, there’s no shame in that! Here are a few of the Carowinds restaurants to choose from:

  • Juke Box Diner
  • Papa Luigi’s
  • Sharky’s Grille
  • Blue Ridge Country Kitchen
  • Burrito Cafe

Pro Tip: If you’re saving on your meals by bringing your own to leave in the car, treat yourself to dessert with the money you saved! Enjoy super sugar cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon, indulge in a rich funnel cake at Funnel Cake Emporium, or slurp down a thick and creamy shake at Shake Central.

Four peanuts characters standing in a line
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Hotels Near Carowinds

There’s nothing like a day at a theme park to expend your energy. Crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows will sound like a dream once the evening hits! Don’t bog yourself down with yet another task when you arrive at the hotel.

Book your hotel online ahead of time so you’ll be able to get to your room quickly when you arrive. We recommend Comfort Inn at the Park to start with!

Savings on Other Charlotte Attractions

Stretch your dollars by enjoying other Charlotte attractions while you’re in the area! Since you’ve already made your way to the city, you might as well explore it all.

Find some of our other favorite attractions below.


The SEA LIFE Aquarium allows visitors to come face to face with their favorite marine creatures. Gaze in awe at spectacular aquarium landscapes. Additionally, be sure to check out one of the scheduled feedings!

A family with young kids playing in the touch pool at SEA LIFE Aquarium in Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: SEA LIFE Aquarium via Facebook

Discovery Place Science

Kids who enjoy learning about science, animals, and the rest of the world around them will be right at home at Discovery Place Science. Aquariums, science labs, and even an indoor rainforest comprise this experience.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is one of the biggest draws of North Carolina. Step into the history of NASCAR with exhibits and interactive experiences.

What to Bring to Carowinds

One of our biggest savings tips? Make sure you bring everything you’ll need so you’re not caught purchasing anything from an overpriced gift shop.

Pro Tip: While lockers are available throughout the park, they do require an additional fee. So, we suggest bringing a light backpack to keep on you! Bags and backpacks are allowed in the park. However, they aren’t allowed on rides.

Be sure to have these necessities on you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Phone charger
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Comfortable shoes

Additionally, keep a credit card or debit card on you if you plan to make any purchases at the park. Or, opt to use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Carowinds has gone cashless!

Red carowinds sign next to a body of water with a roller coaster in the background
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

More Ways to Save at Carowinds

A few of the opportunities you’ll find online are the Pre-K Pass and Season Pass. The Pre-K Pass is available for kids from ages three to five. The best part? It’s free!

Moreover, a Season Pass may be the way to go for you! If you’re planning on visiting multiple times, this is the best deal. The price for a season pass can vary throughout the year, so keep an eye out for additional promotions and discounts.

Apps & Online Resources

A free resource offered by Carowinds is the park’s app! Download the app before you go to take advantage. Some of the perks include access to a convenient park map, predictions about ride wait times, and a feature to help you remember where you parked your car.

Red amusement park ride at Carowinds with a theme park setting in the background under a blue sky
Photo Credit: Carowinds via Facebook

Get Carowinds Discount Tickets Today

Ready to get in on all the entertainment? It’s time to hop in line! Thanks to Tripster, your search for “Carowinds coupon” is over. Spend some extra time planning to give your wallet a break and make for a smoother Carowinds outing.

Whether you’re more excited for the thrill rides or the kiddie rides, the shows or the food, Carowinds is ready to deliver an amusement park experience like no other. Once your theme park visit is over, the North Carolina fun doesn’t have to end!

Plan a full vacation to Charlotte with our attraction savings, hotel discounts, and insider tips to make your experience the best it can be!

What’s Your Best Theme Park Savings Tip?

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