Bourbon and Boards: The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide & Review

If you have a penchant for great food and drink, Bourbon and Boards in St Augustine should be at the top of your must-visit list.

Nestled on King Street in the heart of the ancient city, this charming brunch bar has a history steeped in southern hospitality and culinary artistry. Let’s dive into all the details about this beloved local spot.

From the Bourbon and Boards menu that features culinary delights sure to satisfy any palate, to the rave Bourbon and Boards reviews given by locals and tourists alike, there’s much to explore at this St Augustine hotspot.

So, loosen your belts and prepare your taste buds as we take you on a gastronomic exploration of one of St Augustine’s culinary crown jewels, Bourbon and Boards.

The Bourbon & Boards Experience: A Comprehensive Review

Reflecting the rich cultural history of the ancient city itself, Bourbon and Boards in St. Augustine is a unique dining destination that effortlessly blends old-world charm with modern comforts.

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Occupying an iconic spot on King Street, the ambiance of this locale is both rustic and refined, offering an immersive dining experience that is second to none. Throwing light on the Bourbon and Boards reviews, they are filled with praise and enthusiasm from countless patrons who rave about their incredible dining experiences. This treasure of St. Augustine is renowned for its warm hospitality, decadent menu items, and exquisite craft cocktails.

What sets apart the Bourbon and Boards St. Augustine menu is the unique culinary collaboration of classic American fare with a contemporary twist.

The star of the show, however, is their picture-worthy charcuterie boards, a feast for both the eyes and palate. The boards, laden with a variety of premium meats, cheeses, and accompaniments, are designed to be shared – a fitting symbol of the convivial atmosphere that the restaurant embodies.

Indeed, an evening at Bourbon & Boards does not merely end with dinner. The restaurant transforms into a vibrant, late-night hub, where people can relax, converse, and enjoy live jazz music in the quaint setting of the Supper Club. Its intimate yet upscale atmosphere further magnifies the appeal, attracting locals and tourists alike who seek a truly unique dining and entertainment experience.

Whether you’re a foodie in pursuit of a culinary journey or someone in search of a refined late-night spot with live jazz, Bourbon and Boards has got you covered.

Tables and chairs in a dining room

Signature Dishes from the Bourbon and Boards Menu

Everyone knows that the true example of a restaurant’s caliber lies in its menu. At Bourbon and Boards, the food extends beyond mere sustenance and turns into an exciting culinary adventure. On the Bourbon and Boards menu, you’ll find a delicious collection of tapas-style appetizers and charcuterie boards that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are flavorful.

One thing’s for sure when you’re talking about Bourbon and Boards in St Augustine: they know how to assemble a picture-worthy charcuterie board. And when we say picture-worthy, we mean it.

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These boards aren’t just a casual assembly of cured meats and cheeses – they’re carefully curated selections of quality ingredients, such as aged prosciutto, spicy salami, imported cheeses, and fresh fruits, all arranged in an exceptionally artistic way that elevates the dining experience.

Trust us; these bold flavors and carefully balanced combinations will make your Sunday brunch or late-night date memorable.

The menu doesn’t stop there. Of course, we can’t forget the sweet side of the Bourbon and Boards St. Augustine menu.

Decadent desserts like creamy crème brûlée and chocolate lava cake are available for those who want to end their meal with a touch of indulgence – because who doesn’t deserve a little sweetness in their life from time to time?

In summary, the Bourbon and Boards menu caters to every gastronomic need and preference you might have. Whether you’re in the mood for a Sunday morning brunch or a late-night dinner or simply craving an exquisite craft cocktail, this spot on King Street has you covered.

Bourbon and Boards: A Brunch Bar Like No Other

Bourbon and Boards, the sunlight filters through the open windows, casting a warm glow on the red brick walls. This isn’t your average brunch spot in St Augustine; oh no, this is a brunch bar with a twist.

Renowned for their indulging brunch menu and meticulous craft cocktails, they aren’t named Bourbon and Boards for nothing. In an exciting fusion, their menu combines exquisite bourbon-based drinks with visually stunning charcuterie boards adorned with quality cheeses, fresh fruit, and various meats.

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Belonging to the same owners as the much-loved Ancient City Brunch Bar, Bourbon & Boards had big shoes to fill – and oh, how they’ve flourished.

A bourbon-infused piece of the Ancient City culinary story, they continually serve brunch delights that echo their commitment to unique flavors, quality ingredients, and unforgettable ambiance.

But brunch is only a fraction of what Bourbon and Boards does so well. As the hours roll on, the establishment transitions into a late-night cocktail and tapas bar with a twist of jazz. It’s not just a brunch bar; it’s a gastronomic experience that runs from day till night.

Bartender setting a mixed drink with fruit and mint garnish down on the bar.

Craft Cocktails: The Bourbon and Boards Speciality

Stepping into Bourbon and Boards, the allure of craft cocktails immediately grabs your attention. As a true connoisseur at heart, you’ll appreciate how the restaurant puts its own spin on these beverages.

The menu is a testament to the creativity and finesse of Bourbon & Boards’ mixologists. Be prepared to enjoy a liquid symphony composed of exotic flavors, as these distilled delights are meant to send your taste buds on an adventurous journey.

When the sun goes down, the sheer excellence and magic of Bourbon and Boards St Augustine only become more evident. As you order your late-night cocktail, the soft hum of jazz playing in the background enhances the overall mood and experience.

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For those after work seekers of relaxation, the weekly happy hour at Bourbon and Boards from 4pm to 6pm is a must-visit. This social event lets you unwind and mingle while savoring some of the best craft cocktails on King Street.

Meandering through the menu, you will find mixes with this precise bourbon, truly underscoring the name ‘Bourbon & Boards.’ Whether you’re a seasoned bourbon enthusiast or a curious novice, these bourbon-infused craft cocktails embody a spirit of experimentation that’s sure to captivate your senses.

So whether you’re here for the bourbon, the boards, or the ambiance, Bourbon and Boards ensures a memorable gastronomic journey in the ancient city of St. Augustine. One sip of their craft cocktails, and you’ll understand why this brand has become synonymous with sophistication and style.

Finding Bourbon and Boards in the Ancient City of St. Augustine

Bourbon and Boards is nestled at 17 King St, St. Augustine, FL 32084 in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. The location couldn’t be more apt. The street is notable, renowned for its sun-dappled lanes and historic architecture. Here on King Street is where the modern food scene in America’s oldest city comes alive.

Parking near Bourbon and Boards St Augustine couldn’t be easier due to its central location. Within the nearby vicinity, there are many public parking spaces, including

Wall of wine bottles

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Seize the Day: Your St. Augustine Adventure Awaits at Bourbon & Boards

We value your foodie opinions and experiences, dear readers! If you’ve had the pleasure of dining at Bourbon & Boards in the ancient city of St. Augustine, we’d love to hear about your favorite dishes and craft cocktails. So, drop a comment below; your insights could be the guide for someone’s next memorable meal!

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