4 of the Best Myrtle Beach Shows for Kids

March 15, 2018

When you travel to Myrtle Beach you’re in store for a wealth of family fun.

From beach activities to mini-golf courses and interactive attractions like Ripley’s Aquarium, there is a lot to see and do. There’s also excellent entertainment showcased at local theaters throughout the Grand Strand. Which shows will win you props from your kids? Read on to find why these four shows are the best Myrtle Beach shows for kids.

1) Pirates Voyage

Kids will be singing “It’s a pirate’s life for me” after seeing this show. Highly engaging from start to finish, Pirates Voyage features two pirate crews battling it out on the high seas for Davy Jones’ treasure. The high-flying acrobatics of the crew, along with the aid of sea lion, special effects, elaborate staging and an amazing lagoon serving as the stage makes this show one of the best in Myrtle Beach. A delicious dinner is served with the show, too

2) Medieval Times Dinner & Tournamentwhite knight and black knight sword fighting on performance floor at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Los Angeles, California, USA


Travel back to Medieval Times, right here in Myrtle Beach. Kids love cheering on their knight to victory as he battles in competitions like jousting, swordplay, horsemanship, and falconry.

The Andalusian stallions capture kids’ attention, too, as they gallop and race through exciting action scenes. Even better, at Medieval Times you get to eat in true medieval fashion—utensil-free!

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3) Thunder & Light

This show is a feast for the eyes! Kids will have a hard time looking away from the spectacular combination of lights, lasers, dancing, and music. The award-winning clogging group, All That! combines their impressive clogging talents with an epic light show that will leave you speechless. Visually stunning, it not only captivates kids but at a running time of only 45 minutes, it’s short enough to keep their attention the entire length of the show. No squirming in the seats for kids at Thunder & Light! And, at $12 a ticket, it's also one of the best deals in Myrtle Beach.

4) Pure MagicMagician and Woman in a box at Pure Magic - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Are your kids mystified by magic? If so, reserve your seats for Pure Magic in Myrtle Beach. Between the disappearing acts, card tricks, comedy, drama, and so much more, your family will be dazzled from start to finish by the magical team, the Wagsters. The show also boasts entertaining audience participation throughout!

Which Myrtle Beach Shows for Kids Do You Love?

In my opinion, these are some of the best Myrtle Beach shows for kids. Do you have a favorite I left out? Tell me about it in the comments.

Written By Ashley


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