7 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Williamsburg

August 9, 2019

Between the crisp air, the jaw-dropping foliage, and the abundance of festivals, there are plenty of reasons to love fall. 

After all, autumn is the ideal season for a getaway to quaint towns like Williamsburg, VA. Don’t believe me? You will after reading seven convincing reasons why fall is the best time to visit Williamsburg.

The unbeatable weather is just one reason why fall is the best time to visit Williamsburg.

1) The Fall Weather in Williamsburg is Unparalleled

Imagine sitting around the fire pit with your friends and family on a crisp autumn night in Williamsburg. Or, daydream about walking around downtown Williamsburg and not feeling too hot or too cold. Plus, the only thing you need to bring along the way is a cozy sweatshirt in case you get chilly. The autumn weather in Williamsburg is fantastic for any activity you choose to enjoy.
For reference, typical autumn weather in Williamsburg ranges from 70-90° during the day and 50-70° at night.
Take advantage of the pristine weather by visiting these popular Williamsburg attractions this fall:

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2) Have You Seen Williamsburg’s Fall Foliage?

Have you ever heard of families taking vacations with the goal of witnessing the country’s best fall foliage? There’s a reason they all stop in Williamsburg. The town boasts magnificent foliage, especially throughout Colonial Williamsburg.

Stroll through Colonial Williamsburg on a crisp autumn day and you’ll instantly feel transported back in time to the days of the Revolutionary War. All throughout Colonial Williamsburg, you’ll find stunning trees transforming into spectacular foliage with burnt orange, crimson, and gold leaves.

The awe-inspiring foliage is just one of the many reasons why fall is the best time to visit Williamsburg.

Tour the Yorktown Battlefield during the Yorktown Victory Celebration

3) Too Many Fall Events to Count

Williamsburg residents adore autumn, too. Each year, the town hosts several events to celebrate the return of the season, fall foliage, and historic autumn battles during the Revolutionary War. When traveling through Williamsburg in the fall, find time to check out these events.

Williamsburg Fall Arts is a season-long festival celebrating art in its many forms. From exhibits at the Williamsburg Art Gallery to performances by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, you do not want to miss this renowned festival. Art enthusiasts across the country claim this festival is one of the top reasons they believe autumn is the best time to visit Williamsburg.

What would the fall season be without visiting Busch Gardens for their annual Bier Fest? Featuring authentic German food and beer paired with the cool autumn weather, there’s no beating this classic fall event. Before you head to Williamsburg for Bier Fest this fall, read these Busch Gardens tips for first time visitors. You’ll thank me later.

Yorktown Autumn Events

If the arts and theme park festivals aren’t your thing, try checking out these autumn events in Yorktown. You’ll learn a whole lot about the historic battle in the fall of 1781 as a result. Events in Yorktown this fall include:

Busch Gardens / Facebook

4) Halloween + Williamsburg = Hauntingly Good Fun

Williamsburg has a rich history filled with hauntings, ghost stories, and tragedy. With such a haunting past, Williamsburg is the place to be for a frightening Halloween experience every fall season.

First, head over to Busch Gardens once again for Howl-O-Scream. The amusement park becomes ridden with nightmarish horror at night when goblins, terrifying zombies, and the unmentionable monsters take over the park. For a horrifying adventure, enter one of the haunted houses — that is, if you dare. With “scream” in the title of this event, it’s guaranteed to scare you to the core.

If you’re still on board for more Williamsburg hauntings, it’s time to join the official Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Walk. While your guide shows you around the historic area, you’ll hear the chilling tales of tragedy, the paranormal, strange occurrences, and so much more. Will you have the honor of seeing one of the many famous ghosts that roam Colonial Williamsburg? For paranormal enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy being scared (not me!), fall is by far the best time to visit Williamsburg!

Williamsburg National Golf Club/Facebook

5) Practice Your Golf Swing

Williamsburg is also home to pristine golf courses. When the autumn weather is just right, head over to one of Williamsburg’s top golf courses for a phenomenal game.

Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism/Flickr

6) Go Pumpkin Picking 

There’s so much to do during the fall, especially in Williamsburg. If your family is looking for a wonderful autumn getaway to Williamsburg, make sure you fit these quintessential fall activities into your schedule.

Pumpkin picking is a timeless autumn tradition for all. You’ll have your pick of pumpkin patches just outside of the greater Williamsburg area. Visit one (or all) of these Williamsburg pumpkin patches this fall:

beautiful orange red fall and autumn trees in a row in williamsburg virginia7) Get Outdoors

Thanks to the marvelous weather, autumn is the best time to visit Williamsburg, especially for those who love to explore the great outdoors. With plenty of hiking trails, kayaking opportunities, and places to ride your bike, there’s no better way to spend the fall season in Williamsburg. Discover more of Williamsburg’s beautiful landscape at these area parks and trails:

Autumn is by Far the Best Time to Visit Williamsburg, VA

By now, I bet you’ve already packed your bag and organized your travel plans for a Williamsburg fall vacation. When booking your Williamsburg vacation, remember to use Tripster Williamsburg for fantastic deals, discount tickets, and more. Don't forget to bundle your hotel room and activity tickets for even greater discounts this fall!

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