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As Canada’s premier amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland has it all. Featuring 17 roller coasters, a 20-acre water park, two children’s themed areas, and more, guests will be entertained for hours. Thrill seekers love the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster, Yukon Striker, along with Canada’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, Leviathan.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Vaughan Travel Experts
  • Height and weight restrictions apply on select attractions throughout the park.
  • Admission includes entry to Splash Works, a 20-acre waterpark.
  • Features the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster, Yukon Striker.
  • Parking requires an additional fee.
  • KidZville and Planet Snoopy feature more than 25 kid-friendly attractions for the little ones.


from Canada's Wonderland
Canada’s Wonderland is home to more than 70 rides, including 17 roller coasters, two children’s areas, and Splash Works, our 20-acre water park. The park features North America’s largest variety of rides, including the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive roller coaster, Yukon Striker, as well as Canada’s tallest and fastest coaster – Leviathan.

NEW in 2019:
Yukon Striker and Frontier Canada
Be exhilarated by Yukon Striker's epic journey high above the park's skyline where you'll hang over a 90-degree drop for three breathtaking seconds, staring 245 feet down into an underwater tunnel. Then suddenly you dive, reaching speeds of 130 km/h and soaring through four dynamic inversions, including a complete 360-degree loop – the only one of its kind for a dive coaster. Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime beginning in 2019!

The launch of Yukon Striker coincides with the official opening of Frontier Canada, a gold rush-themed attraction area in Canada's Wonderland. Originally conceived of for the park's opening in 1981, Frontier Canada was never realized until now. Other attractions to be featured in the section include Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Lumberjack, Soaring Timbers, Flying Canoes, Vortex, Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon.

Halloween Haunt
14 Terrifying Nights in September and October
Canada's Wonderland is transformed for 14 terrifying nights in September & October to Halloween Haunt. This year will be bigger, better, and more terrifying than ever. Brave your way through horrifying mazes, scare zones, and live shows, in addition to 700 monsters prowling the Park.
• Not recommended for children under 13.
• Guests will not be permitted into Halloween Haunt if wearing make-up/costumes.
• Guests who leave Halloween Haunt will not be granted re-entry to the event.

Camp Spooky
Returning Fall 2019
Join us at Canada's Wonderland for the ultimate fall festival – Camp Spooky! Families and kids can participate in a collection of scare-free Halloween activities for kids including BOO-rific mazes, trick-or-treating, foam pits, and so much more. Plus, all of your favorite rides will be open during the day, including KidZville and Planet Snoopy kids' areas. Best of all, it's included with your Any Day Park Admission to Canada's Wonderland!

WinterFest 2019
Canada’s Wonderland will be magically transformed into a Winter Wonderland full of enchantment and holiday cheer! Become immersed in the season’s spirit with spectacular holiday lights and décor, world-class live entertainment, savory treats, and fanciful experiences.
• Please note: WinterFest is free for 2019 Gold and Platinum Season Passholders.

Admission includes Splash Works Waterpark!
Soak up the sun with our 20-acre water park. Filled with exciting water slides, cabanas and more! From the exhilarating free fall of Muskoka Plunge to the splashin' fun of White Water Bay, Splash works is sure to please every water lover!

Parking is $22 per vehicle for regular parking and $30 for RVs and campers.

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Jesse Lirette
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Trip to Toronto"
October 2018
It was unbelievable had a great experience and a great stay at the hotel
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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Amanda V
Tillsonburg, Canada
"Great for the family"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed July 17, 2019 NEW
Lots of rides. Yukon Striker is the newest, goes 130kms. I didn’t ride but teenagers did and enjoyed it. Leviathan kicked my butt!! Kids ages 13 & 15 were able to ride all the big rides and met the height requirements. The seats on the old wooden coasters are very small!! We saw a few new rides since our last visit. Our kids went on slingshot which is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen but they loved it. $25/person (cost above ticket price.) the “fast pass & fast pass plus” options are getting ridiculous. The prices of everything went up. Cost $10 to play for the sport games. Bottled water costs $4.50 each. Thank goodness you can bring in your own water. They have “smoking spots” but people were vaping/smoking and using marijuana wherever they wanted and no security did anything about it. Clearly the advanced security at the door is overwhelmed because the volume of people is so high and drugs are still getting in. The park was very clean. I’ve been going since childhood and the cleanliness was probably the best I e ever seen it including the bathrooms. There are very good food booths and we were pleased to see a healthy option with fresh salads and produce. The staff were all very friendly. They offer quality clothing and gifts but cost very high (but similar to other amusement parks.) Funnel cakes and Pizza Pizza were delicious. We loved that there were attire requirements especially in the water park area!! We watched the dirt bikes in the globe/contortionist sisters/human cannonball and the best Pratt of the show was Roger!! Best ride of the day for us was flight deck (old top gun) and the white water canyon. I don’t want to spoil the show by revealing details but definitely a great show. The Tim Horton’s beside the mountain was incredibly packed and the young men were too busy flirting with the girls to serve coffee, after waiting 45 mins for a coffee they told me they were out of cream. I complained about the service and how that should be posted as to not waste the time of the people in line. They didn’t care at all and I was treated like a joke. Who cares about my complaint when there’s 100 people behind me going to experience the same thing and buy something anyway just like I had to get a coffee without cream. We got discount tickets for entry at CAA and that helped a lot with the cost so our family could afford to go. They offer preferred parking now-another money grab like the fast pass and fast pass plus. I would recommend the purchase of the refillable drink. It’s definitely worth it. We would go again but not for a couple years.
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TripAdvisor user image
Brampton, Canada
"Day trip with son!"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed July 17, 2019 NEW
I have a seasons pass with my kids, a 13-yr girl and 9-year-old boy. My girl did not want to go with us yesterday to Wonderland, so my son and I spent the day together. We had a fantastic time! We went on about 15 rides and were there from 1 pm to 8:30 pm. The only criticism I can say is that I wish the general food prices were a bit more reasonable. Otherwise, we had a great day! I’d give 5 stars if they offered less expensive food and if the food was better made. We had a foot long hot dog, the meat was all dried up and we paid about $10 for it even with the season’s pass discount. The icee drink was expensive also (almost $6). Dippin dots ice cream kid size was over $6!! Another issue was that everyone in ALL sitting areas were smoking and it was making us feel sick. If they reduce their food prices and handle/monitor the smoking situation better, or make the park a smoke-free zone, I’d give a 5-star rating!! Thanks!!
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TripAdvisor user image
"Bad start to the day"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed July 15, 2019 NEW
Firstly, arrived to be funneled into the pay parking area, even though I was just doing a passenger drop off. Signage and design of roads is TERRIBLE, so you are funneled to a pay booth and then told you HAVE to pay, or back out against 100 cars coming in, and go in reverse on a one way road to a stoplight. Then you have to do a U turn on a 4 lane road, and arrive at a massively over congested drop off zone which is way too small for the volume of traffic. The whole entry approach and design needs to be re-thought. We booked tickets for our kids and a caregiver with fastpass ($420 for 3 people ...bit of a rip off), and then they are told that our tickets are flagged because we dont have the VISA card of the purchaser on hand (there is NO indication of this when you buy the tickets). They have the tickets and the email confirmation all printed out on paper. So they are escorted to security and have to make a bunch of phone calls to sort it out. So after wasting at least a half hour with all this nonsense, they finally get in the park. They find out that the $90 extra dollars for the fastpass doesn't count at the water park so they are in huge lineups there. Food is WAY too expensive and crappy. Signage to the water park is bad so it takes a long time to find it. Overall, the kids had fun on the rides, but this could have been a much better experience. The final analysis is that this is way overpriced and there are too many other cash grabs, which just leaves you with a negative feeling about the whole place.
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TripAdvisor user image
Mississauga, Canada
"Canada’s Wonderland meal plan a waste of money"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed July 15, 2019 NEW
Don’t buy the meal plan. A waste of money, limited vendors, horrible food especially Manchu Wok. Cheaper to pay as you go unless you are a glutton. Stepson got food from one vendor & when we saw it we went there. Different cashier and we were told that that item is not on the plan. No consistency in their operation. No beverages included. Save your money!
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TripAdvisor user image
"Amazing rides"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed July 15, 2019 NEW
After a long time being in a theme park and it was amazing. Great park. Enjoyed most of the rides. The new ride...”Yukon Striker” is worth going in even though I thought that my life was over hahahah. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit because the waterpark is a great place to relax when it’s too hot. Be aware the food is expensive in the park.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Canada's Wonderland

What is the cost of parking?
Parking fees are:

  • Autos and Vans: $22.00 per vehicle.
  • RVs and Campers: $30.00 per vehicle.

Handicapped parking spots are available. A drop-off and pick-up area is located on the east side of the main parking lot, off of Jane Street between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue. Re-entry is not allowed for day parking vehicles.

Can I rent a locker inside the park?
Yes. Lockers are located at the Front Gate adjacent to Thrills are Wonderland and inside the entrance of Splash Works. Rental fees range from $17 to $30 depending on the locker size you choose as well as the season. Canada’s Wonderland is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Does the park close if it rains?
Some attractions may close in the case of inclement weather until conditions are deemed safe to resume operation. During this time, guests can enjoy a live show, meal or shopping until such weather passes. Canada’s Wonderland cannot issue rain checks or refunds for inclement weather.

Are ATMs available in the park?

Can I bring outside food and drinks into the park?
No. Outside food, beverages, and coolers are not permitted. Baby food, formula, and plastic water bottles are allowed. If you wish to bring your own food, treat yourself to a picnic at the public picnic pavilion located just outside the front gates.

Guests with special dietary needs requiring outside food should visit Guest Services for consideration. For more information, contact Canada’s Wonderland Guest Services.

Can I bring my pet to Canada’s Wonderland?
Service animals are only permitted in the park. Canada’s Wonderland offers an air-conditioned kennel where guests may keep cats and dogs for a daily fee of $6. The facility is self-serve and requires pet owners to provide care for their animals during their stay. Pet owners are responsible for water, food, and exercise.

The kennel facility has a water faucet, bowls and kennel cages for guest use. Pets must be kept in one of the provided cages. For the comfort of your pet, they must be able to stand and turn around in the cage. The largest cage available is 71 cm (H) x 116 cm (W) x 68 cm (D). Please do not leave pets inside your vehicle.

Are strollers or wheelchairs available for rent?
Single and double strollers are offered for one-day rentals. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not available.
  • Single Stroller: $15.99 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit)
  • Double Stroller: $25.99 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit)

Electronic convenience vehicles (ECV) are also available for single-day rentals. Again, rentals are on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.
  • Manual Wheelchair: $15.99 plux tax (+ $5 refundable deposit)
  • ECV: $49.99 plus tax (+ $50 refundable deposit)

I am bringing a young child. Do they need a ticket?
Children under the age of 3 do not need a ticket. Children ages 3+ must purchase a child’s admission ticket.

Can I leave and re-enter the park?
Yes. If you wish to leave the park and return on the same day, have your hand stamped at Front Gate.

Can I bring my drone to film while at the park?
All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at (in) all Cedar Fair parks, including Canada's Wonderland, with the sole exception of the company’s certified Pilot-In-Command listed on the park's Special Flight Operations Certificate. Any unauthorized drone(s) observed over Canada's Wonderland will be reported to Transport Canada and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation. According to Transport Canada, drones must fly at least 30 meters away from vehicles and the public (if weighing more than 250g up to 1kg) or at least 75 meters away from vehicles and the public (if weighing more than 1 kg up to 35 kg). If it’s believed any drone flying near Canada’s Wonderland property poses a risk to public safety, the safety of staff and/or violates Transport Canada guidelines, it will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Can I bring a selfie stick?
Yes. However, they are prohibited from being used on rides.

Can I bring my camera or phone on rides to take pictures?
For safety reasons, the taking of pictures, videotaping, and filming of any kind on any ride except Swan Lake, KidZville Station and Jokey’s Jalopies is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of GoPro style equipment, mounts, and harnesses. All cameras and cell phones must be safely secured in cargo pockets, a waist pack, in a bin on the ride platform, left in a locker, or with a non-rider. Ride attendants cannot be responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged while riding. Due to the potential for water damage, Riptide, Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon riders should leave their cameras and other valuable items with a non-rider on in a locker.

Will my bag be checked?
Yes. For the safety of all visitors, the following security procedures are in place:
  • Guests arriving at the park will go through metal detection every public operating day. 
  • All bags, purses, backpacks, waist packs, etc. will be examined prior to entering.
  • Sharp objects (including pocket knives and metal chains), firearms, or other items that could be considered a weapon are strictly prohibited. 

What should I wear?
Weather appropriate attire and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Guests who wish to enjoy Splash Works Water park must adhere to the dress code:

  • Appropriate swimwear is required. Thongs and transparent clothing are not permitted. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear.
  • Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivets, zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride Splash Island Kiddie Slides or Splash Station Slides.
  • Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation on back, sides, or front of swimwear is not permitted. No foreign objects are allowed in pockets. 
  • Absolutely no jewelry can be worn while riding the slide. This is including but not limited to piercings of any type (including cartilage piercings), necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. 
  • Footwear is not permitted on Splash Works attractions. Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Lazy River, Riptide Racer, Super Soaker, and The Plunge.
  • Diaper dependent guests are required to wear swim diapers or a diaper specifically designed for aquatic use.

Are life jackets available at Splash Works or should I bring my own?
Life jackets are available for use throughout Splash Works. Life jackets are complimentary and are available to any guest wishing to use one. Children, first-time swimmers, and weaker swimmers are encouraged to wear a life jacket. If you choose to bring your own life jacket, it must be coast guard certified.

What is the Boarding Pass Program?
The Boarding Pass Program assists guests with mobility restrictions or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by allowing them to access rides at designated times via the exit ramp. The program works as follows:

  • Guests with a mobility impairment or ASD should visit Guest Services upon their arrival at the park to express his/her inability to wait in the regular line. Some questions are asked to ensure that the rider has the required physical criteria in order to safely experience rides, and a Boarding Pass is issued for the guest in question and up to 3 riding companions. 
  • In addition to a Boarding Pass, the guest with a mobility impairment or ASD will receive a “Rider Access Form” that lists the rides that the guest with a disability can safely enjoy.
  • The rider (or a member of their party) obtains a boarding time from the ride associate at the Alternate Access Entrance, equivalent to the length of the ride line. The rider can then wait comfortably away from the queue area.
  • The guest listed on the Boarding Pass must be present as a rider when a Boarding Pass is being utilized. 
  • Guests may not accumulate more than one boarding time at a time.

Can I go on the rides if I am wearing a cast?
Guests wearing casts and braces may be restricted from rides where the cast/brace will not fit inside the ride unit or where it will present a hazard to the guest or others. Guests with full arm (elbow restricted) and full leg (knee restricted) casts or braces are restricted from most rides and water slides at Canada’s Wonderland.
  • Braces with exposed metal parts are not permitted on select slides in Splash Works.
  • Casts of any kind are not allowed on Behemoth, Launch Pad, Leviathan, Muskoka Plunge, Sledge Hammer, Soaring Timbers, Super Soaker, and The Plunge.
  • Any type of foot or leg cast is not allowed on Backlot Stunt Coaster and Time Warp.

Is wheelchair seating available at the show venues?
Yes. Please speak with an usher in advance for assistance with entrance and seating.
  • Arthur's Baye - Wheelchair seating available near The Marketplace Buffet.
  • International Showplace - An outdoor amphitheater with tent covered bench seating. Wheelchair seating available at the front and rear of the house. 
  • KidZville Playhouse - An outdoor children's theatre with tent covered bench seating. Wheelchair seating available at the rear of the house. 
  • Wonderland Theatre - An indoor, air-conditioned theatre with wheelchair seating available at the front, middle, and rear of the house.