Jeep Tours Zion: 2024 Best Deals

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Climb aboard a Zion Jeep Tour and journey to the Zion National Park and Virgin River Valley. Zion Rivers Edge Adventures offers exclusive access to a private road up to Zion Lava Ridge Mesa to see panoramic views of Zion West Temple, Canaan Mountain, and Smithsonian Butte. And get ready for a trip down memory lane to the historic Grafton Ghost Town. Details
As a first-timer or an expert, you’re in for an adventure at the Zion Jeep Tour—a private off-road trek up to Zion Lava Ridge Mesa to see breathtaking sights like the lush Virgin River Valley, Canaan Mountains, and Smithsonian Butte. The journey continues to Zion Cliffside Point with many picture-taking opportunities. Join the Zion National Park tour today! Details

Imagine yourself embarking on a road adventure in one of the most revered locations in the world, where nature unravels itself in its grandeur. This is what Zion jeep tours feels like. The exhilaration of traversing through rugged terrains, breathtaking landscapes, and wildlife sightings, all in the comfort of a sturdy and spacious jeep, is an experience unlike any other. 

As the jeep bolts on the rough, winding tracks, you feel the excitement. The natural world opens before you, showcasing a spectacle of red rocks, soaring cliffs, exuberant greenery, and a palette of other divine color spectacles that unfolds with the passing scenery. This tour offers more than just sightseeing; it provides an in-depth immersion in nature, providing you an opportunity to explore the landscapes, spot wildlife and marvel at the Native American wall paintings the Visitor Center Zion National Park is famed for. 

Journeying after twilight uncovers an entirely new vista filled with the setting sun and the surrounding landscapes. The panoramic views of Zion Canyon, the intricacies of the Slot Canyon and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon will truly leave you spellbound on these adventures.

Whether you seek the euphoria of an adrenaline rush or the serenity of a natural retreat, the Jeep Tours Zion in beautiful Southern Utah offers a bespoke adventure that's equal parts exhilarating and calming. With the Virgin River's soothing murmur in the background, the pristine beauty of the Emerald Pools to marvel at, the imposing majesty of the West Temple to awe you, and the challenge of conquering Angels Landing awaiting, these guided tours offer exciting off-road thrills. 

Ultimately, a Zion Jeep tour isn't merely a recreational ride but a wholesome experience soaked in natural beauty, adrenaline-pumping adventure, and memorable moments. 

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