Zion National Park Things to Do

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Climb aboard a Zion Jeep Tour and journey to the Zion National Park and Virgin River Valley. Zion Rivers Edge Adventures offers exclusive access to a private road up to Zion Lava Ridge Mesa to see panoramic views of Zion West Temple, Canaan Mountain, and Smithsonian Butte. And get ready for a trip down memory lane to the historic Grafton Ghost Town. Details
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As a first-timer or an expert, you’re in for an adventure at the Zion Jeep Tour—a private off-road trek up to Zion Lava Ridge Mesa to see breathtaking sights like the lush Virgin River Valley, Canaan Mountains, and Smithsonian Butte. The journey continues to Zion Cliffside Point with many picture-taking opportunities. Join the Zion National Park tour today! Details
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Have you dreamt of giving your adventurous spirit free rein while exploring pristine natural beauty? Or perhaps you've imagined a full day filled with tranquil walks, discovering fascinating geological formations and vibrant ecosystems? That's the immersive experience that awaits you with the things to do in Zion National Park, a unique jewel in the United States National Parks system. 

With a tapestry of landscapes, Hikes in Zion National Park is a haven for adventurers and casual wanderers alike. Bask in the panoramic vistas of deep, rust-red canyons contrasting with the verdant greenery of plant life. 

The joy of your day might begin with a down-to-earth sunrise yoga session, followed by an invigorating hike up to Angel's Landing. Or perhaps you'd prefer to hike the Narrows, wading through rushing waters while canyon walls rise on either side. Adventurous spirits will delight in the breathtaking views from Bryce Canyon or the captivating sights along the Canyon Overlook Trail; there's always a new vista waiting. 

Don't miss the Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel, as it provides the perfect gateway to the undulating Kolob Canyons. At Canyon Junction, you can hop on a shuttle stop and embark on the serene riverside walk, following the course of the Virgin River as it flows through the park. Your journey may finally lead you to the enchanting Temple of Sinawava, a sight that lends a whole new meaning to natural beauty.

Whether it's hiking through a slot canyon, witnessing the unique spectacle at Weeping Rock, or enjoying the serene environment at Zion Lodge, Zion National Park offers a rich assortment of experiences for every type of nature enthusiast.

No two days at Zion National Park are alike. Regardless of your preference, the best things to do in Zion National Park provide a captivating encounter with nature that both challenges and rejuvenates! 

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