Trolley Tours St Augustine: 2024 Best Deals

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Explore the Ancient City aboard the St. Augustine trolley tours! Embark on a leisurely journey with a knowledgeable guide, covering 22 stops and over 100 attractions, including the St. Augustine History Museum, Fountain of Youth, Potter’s Wax Museum, and more. Enjoy convenient transportation and engaging live narration with a complimentary beach bus ride. Details
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Experience the best of America's Oldest City with this St. Augustine Trolley Tour Combo Package. Take advantage of St. Augustine Hop On Hop Off Trolley tickets with unlimited reboarding for the entire day. Plus, enjoy general admission access to the Old Jail, St. Augustine History Museum and the Oldest Store Museum. Come experience history like never before! Details
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If you're looking for a remarkable journey through history, look no further than St Augustine trolley tours. This uniquely immersive and narrated tour invites you on an unforgettable exploration of America's oldest city, promising to leave you awestruck and inspired.

Imagine boarding a vintage, vibrant trolley, immediately evoking the city's rich antiquity. As the Old Town Trolley begins its journey, you're transported through a mesmerizing blend of stories that span over 500 years of history. With the hop on hop off tours, you have the freedom to explore 22 unique stops, each unveiling a new chapter of this city's fascinating tale.

Your trolley tours St Augustine aren't short of fascinating pit stops. These include a visit to the breathtakingly lifelike Potter’s Wax Museum and a walk around the historic City Gates; it also includes free admission to the St. Augustine History Museum. Prepare to be awed at the sheer spectacle of the Lightner Museum, Castillo de San Marcos, and Flagler College. And let's not forget an exploration of the legendary Fountain of Youth.

Furthermore, the ghost tours will serve to heighten the excitement of your trip; seek out the spine-chilling secrets of the historic and purportedly haunted buildings in St. Augustine, Florida, and make sure not to miss the eerie allure of the Tolomato Cemetery.

The trolley tours of St Augustine offer more than just a visual treat; they engage all your senses. Feel the cool ocean breeze at St Augustine Beach, hear the distant call of the seagulls, smell the distinct mix of ocean and old town, and even get a taste of local culture through food and music.

Whether you're a history buff, culture enthusiast, vacationing family, or simply a day tripper, St. Augustine trolley tours are a journey into the past you wouldn't want to miss!

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