Philadelphia Historical Tours: 2024 Best Deals

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Select a single or multi-day pass to see the City of Firsts through the City Sightseeing Philadelphia tour! Experience the rich history, multifaceted food scene, and cultural treasures— like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Independence National Historical Park— as you've never had before. Hop off, take the trip at your own pace, and then hop on to continue the adventure with your expert local guide on a wonderful trip around one of America's oldest cities! Details
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Total Price: $49.98 (USD)
Embark on a unique food tour in the historic Reading Terminal Market, a Philadelphia landmark for over 100 years. Taste local favorites like Philly cheesesteaks and Italian cannolis, and discover new culinary trends in Philly's diverse food scene. Sample locally-sourced and sustainable dishes while learning about the city's rich cultural history. Details
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Total Price: $480.42 (USD)
Join the Philadelphia bar crawl for a tipsy tour of historic taverns in Philadelphia. On the Philly bar crawl, you’ll drink your way to discover hidden history your teacher left out about the City of Brotherly Love. Enjoy a fun, out-of-the-box social studies class with a local guide while laughing along with fellow travelers and drinking exclusive local beers! Details
Total Price: $71.38 (USD)
Explore the best of Brotherly Love on this Philadelphia tour in a private vehicle! The city is known for its rich revolutionary history, abundance of public art and outdoor experiences. Learn about Betsy Ross, visit the famous LOVE statue and numerous other sites, and enjoy tickets to Magic Gardens with two levels of indoor and outdoor sculpture gardens. Details
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Discover the birthplace of the United States of America on a private Philadelphia walking tour. Follow in the footsteps of founding fathers as you visit historic sites including Christ Church, Carpenter’s Hall, and Liberty Bell. Learn about the city's colonial past, the city’s role in the slave trade, and more. End the tour with a visit to Independence Hall. Details
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Total Price: $264.18 (USD)
On this private half-day Philadelphia walking tour, you’ll delve into the city’s historical core and discover Philadelphia’s highlights. Guided by an exclusive expert, explore Independence Mall, see the Liberty Bell, learn about notable figures like Benjamin Franklin, and more. Pass Betsy Ross's house and iconic churches, and end at Reading Terminal Market. Details
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Total Price: $317.22 (USD)

A journey into Historic Philadelphia tours is like embarking on a time machine into an era of profound greatness and rich heritage. These enlightening and great tours open treasure chests of stories, cultures, and events that collectively piece together the foundation of America.

From the moment you step into Historic Philadelphia, it's as if you're plunging into a colossal real-life history book. Surrounded by historic sites that once echoed the footsteps of our founding fathers, you're immediately filled with a palpable sense of awe and reverence. The warm, bricked roads are like passages leading you to different chapters of the past, where you'll learn a lot about courage, freedom, unity, and Philadelphia history.

The Philadelphia Historical Tours are not just about revisiting history for 90 minutes; they breathe life into the past, giving it a vivid, tangible, and relatable persona.

Every corner you turn, every cobblestone you tread, presents a new piece of the puzzle that is America's vibrant history. You learn about the penning of the Declaration of Independence, feel the intense vibe of the Revolutionary War, and witness the sheer magnitude of the Liberty Bell's symbolism.

From Betsy Ross House to Independence Hall, the architectural grandeur further enhances the experience, with each structure standing as a sentinel of history.

Tour guides, well-versed in history, engage you with their seamless storytelling, making the history tour of Philadelphia enjoyable. Stepping onto the big bus tours or the hop-on hop-off trolley tours in Philadelphia is like setting on a journey through time.

The walking tours and field trips break away from the dullness of traditional history lessons, replacing them with an interactive and humanized narrative. And if you dare, the ghost tour will offer an eerie yet exhilarating experience of the city's past.

This wholesome and immersive experience of Historic Philadelphia tours leaves you with a powerful, lingering connection to the city and its illustrious past.

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