Hawaii Forest and Trail: 2024 Best Deals

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Offered by Hawaii Forest & Trail, Maunakea Tour: Maunakea Summit & Stars Adventure offers an exciting experience for guests ages 13 and older to enjoy. The adventure includes a drive to the Mauna Kea summit to find picturesque views ideal for taking photos, a provided picnic-style dinner, a hooded parka and warm gloves, an interpretive guide of Hawaii’s spectacular cultural and geological history. Details
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Hit the backroads on this Hawaii Forest and Trail exclusive bird watching tour! Explore restricted lands at the Hakalau National Forest Reserve with a naturalist guide. Spend the day exploring the Hakalau Forest sighting endangered birds like the Akepa and Elepaio, native plants and rare animal species including carnivorous caterpillars and happy-faced spiders. Details
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Get ready for an excursion unlike any other on the Hidden Craters Hike through Kona. Your tour brings you behind 3 locked gates to discover Hualalai, Kona’s infamous volcano. Throughout your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the island’s volcanic eruptions in the 1800s, climb through a segment of a lava tube, and embark on a 3-4 mile hike you’ll never forget. Details
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Offered by Hawaii Forest & Trail, the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure offers an 8-hour round trip through the rainforest, ideal for guests of all ages. The tour includes a trip up the North Kona and Kohala coastlines near the lava flows (caves) from Mauna Loa, Mount Kea and the Kohala Mountains, and more. Guests are provided lunch, as well as walking sticks, warm wear, backpacks, and ponchos. Details
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One of the Hawaii Big Island’s top zipline tours, Kohala Zipline Adventure offers a one-of-a-kind experience for first-time and seasoned zipliners alike. Guests can enjoy riding through a lush mauka (mountain) forest, which spans a riverbed near the inactive volcano, Kohala. The three-hour tours are led by professional guides who are First Aid, CPR and ACCT certified. Details
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Discover Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from a whole new perspective when you tour the park with a local, interpretive guide. You’ll learn more about the historic events that changed the park and island forever while hiking throughout the park’s gorgeous natural landscape. Along the way, you’ll see a private lava tube, enjoy appetizers on a farm, and see parts of the park others may not get the chance to. Details
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Embarking on a Hawaii Forest & Trail adventure is akin to stepping into another world that's removed from the day-to-day worries and distractions. This journey offers a stunning and vibrant experience as you immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural beauty that only Hawaii Island can deliver. From the first step you take, it becomes an orchestrated symphony of exotic wildlife sounds, jubilant chirps, and harmonious rustles of the trees, painting the Hawaii forest trails.

On this adventure, you are bound to walk amongst the magnificent canopy of towering trees that house thousands of bird species, many of which are unique to Big Island Hawaii. The fresh, crisp air carries a subtle hint of tropical flowers, mesmerizing your senses. The verdant greenery of private lands, the majestic hidden craters, the spectacular lava tubes, and the panoramic views of Mauna Kea create a landscape that seems like a watercolor painting come to life. It's a feeling of being one-on-one with Mother Nature in her most diverse avatar.

  • Watching sunrise cast a golden hue on the cascading waterfalls

  • Trekking through the lush forests, filled with endemic plants and trees

  • Listening to the calls of rare birds echoing in the eerie silence of the forest

  • Feeling the mist from towering waterfalls on your skin while posing for a souvenir picture

Every path you tread, every stream you cross, and every vista your small group witnesses seem to share a story - about the islands' creation, about the beauty of untouched nature, about respect for every living creature.

Whether it's trekking through rugged terrains, navigating dense forests, or scaling the volcanic landscapes, an adventure at the Hawaii Forest and Trail is a memorable encounter with nature's divine serenity and raw grandeur.

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