When is the Best Time to Visit Seattle?

February 24, 2020

Planning a trip to outdoor haven Seattle? You’ll need to know the best time to visit the Emerald City.

Even though each season brings its own noteworthy events and beautiful sights, it can be difficult to narrow down when you should book flights and schedule out vacation time.

Searching for the best weather, most cost-efficient times to visit, and less crowds? Use our helpful guide below to see the best time to visit Seattle.

Of course, there are several factors to consider when planning a trip such as work and school schedules, budgets, and travel preferences. To help you save time while planning, decide which factors are most important to meet your travel needs:

Summer in Seattle brings warmer weather and grand festivities.

When Should I Visit Seattle for the Best Weather?

Those searching for the best weather conditions when visiting Seattle should plan to see the Emerald City between June and August. Temperatures consistently remain around 75 degrees, and the infamous Seattle rain seems to take a vacation as well.  With that being said, it's best to pack light layers in case.

Popular Summer Events:

  • Indigenous People Festival (June)
  • Seattle International Film Festival (June)
  • Bite of Seattle (July)
  • SEAFAIR Summer 4th (July)
  • Olympic Music Festival (August)
  • Seattle Art Fair (August)

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When is the Most Affordable Time to Visit Seattle?

Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Seattle on a budget. During the spring season from March to May, you can experience crisp weather without freezing rain and snow blanketing the streets. Average spring temperatures, depending on the month, range from 55 to 65 degrees. Further, summer crowds haven't tricked in yet, so traveling and hotel rates remain more manageable.

Moreover, the same can be stated for the fall season. As summer wanes, crowds exit the city and therefore traveling and accommodation prices drop. Furthermore, the weather can be fairly pleasant, as the winter winds have not approached yet. Just remember to pack for rainy days and cooler weather. Average temperates vary from 40 to 70 degrees throughout the season.

Exciting Spring Events:

  • Best of the Northwest (March)
  • Emerald City ComicCon (March)
  • Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival (April)
  • Seattle Restaurant Week (April)
  • Ballard Jazz Festival (May)
  • Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration (May)

Fun Fall Events:

  • Fremont Oktoberfest (September)
  • Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival (September)
  • Borealis Festival of Light (October)
  • REFRACT  - The Seattle Glass Experience (October)
  • Best of the Northwest (November)
  • Enchant Christmas (November)
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What Time of Year is Ideal for Families?

As summertime nears, the city shows its appreciation by hosting expansive concerts, parades, and festivals, perfect for guests of all ages. Because of the many outdoor events and festivals that take place, try to plan your big family trip during the summer months. Also, due to vacation schedules, this will line up well when traveling with little ones. Although flight and hotel costs may raise, you can plan ahead and book through Tripster Seattle to cut costs.

However, because this season is so popular, we recommend booking well in advance to score top notch hotel rates and discounted plane tickets.

On the other hand, if your family relishes cold weather and snow sports, you may want to check out Seattle during the winter months. From iceskating and snowshoeing to skiing and snowboarding, your family has plenty of options. Better yet, you can score incredible travel and hotel deals. Average temperatures do consistently remain in the 30s and 40s, with rainfall ever present, so make sure to bundle up with several layers.

Magical Winter Events:

  • Winterfest at Seattle Center (December)
  • Garden d'Lights (December)
  • Seattle Boat Show (January)
  • Vietnamese Lunar New Year (January)
  • Northwest Flower & Garden Show (February)
  • Seattle Museum Month (February)

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When is the Perfect Time to Visit Seattle?

The best time to visit Seattle is from March to May or September to October. Visitors can find quality travel and hotel rates during these seasons because of the absence of crowds, and the city presents crisper, cooler weather on average. Just keep in mind you'll need layers and rainy weather gear.

For the best savings deals on hotels and attractions, head to Tripster Seattle.

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