Valleyfair Tickets Discount: 7 Ways to Save Up to 28% Off

Discover Valleyfair, the ultimate amusement park adventure where thrilling rides and family fun create unforgettable memories. Dive into our guide to local discounts, insider tips, and budget-friendly plans for an exciting getaway.

Planning a thrilling getaway to a Twin Cities amusement park? Look no further than Valleyfair, home to over 75 rides and attractions designed to entertain visitors of all ages.

Feel the rush on the Wildcat coaster as it hurtles down its first drop, screams echoing through the air. Spin wildly on the Enterprise, defying gravity with every turn. Race through Planet Snoopy, laughter echoing as you leap from ride to ride.

Hear the splashes as riders rocket down Power Tower, with your hearts pounding. Indulge in the sweet scent of funnel cakes, mingling with excited chatter as families plan their next thrill. Under the summer sun, Valleyfair buzzes with energy, a playground of adrenaline and joy.

Before heading out, make sure to grab your Valleyfair discount tickets to save big and enjoy more. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a family looking for a day of fun, this guide will help you maximize your visit.

From special promotions to insider tips, there’s plenty to discover at this exhilarating destination. Don’t miss out on these great deals and tips for a perfect outing!

Where Can I Find Valleyfair Discount Tickets?

Are you searching for affordable thrills? Valleyfair tickets discount is available through Tripster, offering significant savings on your next adventure.

Imagine experiencing all the roller coasters and water rides without overspending. Score irresistible deals and plan your amusement park outing today.

Are There Any Other Valleyfair Coupons or Discounts?

Finding affordable tickets for Valleyfair can often be a daunting task, especially when planning a fun-filled day of thrilling rides and attractions. It’s disheartening to see prices adding up, making the dream of an exhilarating amusement park experience seem out of reach.

We understand the frustration of wanting to make unforgettable memories without breaking the bank. Luckily, Tripster offers valuable coupons and discounts, ensuring an affordable and exciting adventure for your family or group.

Valleyfair Local Discount: While Valleyfair does not offer specific discounts for local residents, you can still enjoy significant savings by booking through Tripster. Take advantage of exclusive deals and make the most out of your adventure!

Valleyfair Military Discount: Salute to our heroes! Valleyfair is proud to offer $5 off tickets not just for active and retired military members, but also for up to six of their friends and family—because your squad deserves the fun!

AAA Discount: Unfortunately, Valleyfair does not provide AAA discounts, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing all the fun. Secure your tickets through Tripster and enjoy massive discounts that will leave your wallet happy.

Valleyfair Senior Discount: Seniors may find themselves without dedicated discounts at Valleyfair, but Tripster has got your back. Book through Tripster today and capitalize on unbeatable savings for a budget-friendly outing!

Valleyfair 2024 Pre-K Pass: Your little adventurers can enjoy the kiddie rides all summer and fall or dive into fun at Soak City with the free Pre-K Pass! This is a perfect way to introduce your youngsters to the joys of Valleyfair without breaking the bank, offering free admission for endless fun and excitement.

Valleyfair Group Discounts: Bring your group to Valleyfair for a day packed with rides, food, and experiences for everyone! Enjoy a group discount of $5 off tickets for groups of 15 or more and make lasting memories together.

Wide shot of a theme park with multiple roller coasters, a ferris wheel, water park and slides all surrounded by green trees.
Photo Credit: Valleyfair via Facebook

Are There Any Money-Saving Valleyfair Vacation Packages?

Why stop the fun at Valleyfair? Bundle your tickets with other exciting Minneapolis attractions with Tripster’s Vacation Packages, and you’ll be on a non-stop thrill ride of savings!

Where Are the Best Hotels Near Valleyfair?

Securing the perfect hotel near Valleyfair Amusement Park can be a real thrill ride, especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget. It’s frustrating to dodge endless reviews and sky-high prices, wondering if you’re actually hitting the jackpot.

Luckily, booking through Tripster makes the process a breeze with our unbeatable hotel offers. Score massive savings by booking through Tripster, transforming your trip planning into an adrenaline rush, and keeping both your wallet and family on cloud nine!

To make your Valleyfair adventure even more epic, dive into the fun and book from our selection of nearby hotels:

Valleyfair Hotel Packages: Start your adventure with Tripster’s Valleyfair and hotel package, where twists, turns, and thrills are just as delightful as the savings! Whether you’re tackling coasters or relaxing at nearby accommodations, this bundle ensures your epic journey is both exciting and cost-effective.

What Other Minneapolis Attractions Should I Visit?

iFLY Minneapolis Indoor Skydiving: After soaring aboard exhilarating Valleyfair rides, keep the adrenaline pumping at iFLY Minneapolis Indoor Skydiving, where you’ll experience the exhilaration of free-fall without jumping out of a plane. This indoor skydiving center is perfect for both beginners and seasoned flyers, offering a unique and safe adventure.

No prior experience is needed, as professional instructors guide you through each thrilling step. It’s an unforgettable way to add a burst of excitement to your trip!

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf: For a fun twist on mini-golf, head to Moose Mountain Adventure Golf. The whimsical course features intricate designs, challenging obstacles, and a cozy backwoods theme that’s both entertaining and Instagram-worthy.

It’s a fantastic activity for families and couples alike, blending playful competition with charming scenery. After a round or two, you’ll find yourselves laughing and creating lasting memories.

SEA LIFE at Mall of America: Explore the wonders of the ocean without leaving Minneapolis at Sea Life at Mall of America. This incredible aquarium offers a mesmerizing underwater adventure, where you’ll come face-to-face with sharks, sea turtles, and colorful fish.

Walking through the glass tunnel surrounded by marine life is a highlight that captivates visitors of all ages. It’s the perfect mix of education and awe, making it a top-notch attraction for your itinerary.

Are There Any Valleyfair Reviews?

Before planning your day of fun, take a moment to check out the reviews! Dive into firsthand experiences and discover what makes Valleyfair a top pick for thrill-seekers and families alike!

Spin, Soar, and Scream Your Way Through a Day of Valleyfair Fun

From the heart-pounding thrills to the delightful family moments, Valleyfair has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on exploring Planet Snoopy 15 kid rides where the little ones will have endless fun. Cool off and make a splash at the exhilarating Soak City waterpark.

Treat your family to an unforgettable day filled with laughter and excitement. Get ready to create lasting memories and enjoy every ride and attraction.

Don’t wait any longer; purchase discounted ticket through Tripster today! Valleyfair is where adventure and joy meet!

Valleyfair Discount Tickets FAQs

The fastest ride at Valleyfair is Wild Thing, a steel hypercoaster that reaches speeds of up to 74 miles per hour. Wild Thing is also the tallest and longest coaster at Valleyfair, standing at 207 feet tall and stretching over 5,460 feet long.

The Xtreme Swing at Valleyfair will have you soaring through the air at speeds of up to 60 mph. At 60 mph, the Xtreme Swing offers an exhilarating experience with amazing views of the park.

When packing for your fun-filled day at Valleyfair, don't forget to bring comfortable walking shoes—you'll be on your feet all day enjoying the rides and attractions. Sunscreen is a must to protect against those sunny Minnesota rays, and a hat can be a good backup for added sun protection.

Stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle. You might also want to pack some snacks or a picnic lunch if you're planning to save on food costs; remember, you can leave the park to eat and return with a hand stamp.

A light jacket or sweater could come in handy for the evening when temperatures drop. Lastly, a small backpack is perfect for carrying all these essentials, making sure you’re prepared for whatever the day brings.

While Valleyfair does not permit outside food or drink inside the park, you won't be left hungry with the various dining options available. From burgers to seafood, the park's eateries cater to a wide range of tastes.

Coasters Restaurant offers a diverse menu, providing everything from sandwiches to. salads For seafood lovers, Chickie's & Pete's serves their famous crabfries and other delectable seafood dishes.

The Route 76 Diner delivers a classic diner experience with comfort food favorites. If grilled dishes are more your style, Northwoods Grill offers mouth-watering BBQ options such as smoked turkey legs and brisket.

For those looking to save money, you can pack a lunch and enjoy it in the designated picnic area outside the park before re-entering with a hand stamp.

Valleyfair is a sprawling 125-acre amusement park nestled in Shakopee, Minnesota, offering thrilling rides and family entertainment. You can find it at 1 Valley Fair Dr, Shakopee, MN 55379, United States, promising unforgettable experiences for everyone.

The amusement park offers preferred parking which gives you access to prime parking near the admission gate. Only 100 spots are available daily and spots are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There is no charge for parking if you are dropping someone off or picking them up from the park. If you are dropping someone off or picking people up and will be in the parking lot for 30 minutes or less, you will not have to pay for parking.

Valleyfair single day parking fee is $20, while the preferred parking fee (near the main entrance) is $30. Campers and oversized vehicles will have an additional charge.

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