The Strat SkyPod: 5 Ways to Save Up to 13% Off

Thrilling heights, rides, and views await at the top of the STRAT. Experience the Las Vegas skyline like never before!

The Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada, now known as the snappier STRAT, triples as a hotel, casino, and observation tower in one. It’s an iconic must-see on every trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World. So, follow our STRAT SkyPod Las Vegas tips for an experience that will leave you on a high!

Located on the Las Vegas strip, the STRAT Vegas is home to the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, called the SkyPod. As if that wasn’t enough, it lays claim to the world’s highest controlled descent, called the SkyJump. These two activities combined with other thrill rides, fantastic dining options, and a lively casino mean there is no shortage of ways to fill your time in the largest city in Nevada.

The STRAT hotel, casino, SkyPod, and SkyJump will have you shouting, “Viva Las Vegas!” Read on for our STRAT Las Vegas tips to make the most of your high-flying time.

View of the STRAT Tower and the city skyline with a pink and purple sunset in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
photo credit: The STRAT Las Vegas via Facebook

The STRAT Las Vegas Discount Tickets

An exciting time awaits at the top of the STRAT in the form of adrenaline-rushing thrill rides and observation decks. There’s heart-pumping fun to be had on rides Big Shot, Insanity, or X-Scream, but the real stars of the show are the SkyPod and SkyJump.

SkyPod at The STRAT Discount Tickets

If you’re looking to take in the Las Vegas skyline, the SkyPod is the best seat in the house! The very top reaches 1,149 feet in the air, allowing visitors to see the whole city in all its splendor. Talk about a spectacular bird’s eye view!

Book your trip to Las Vegas with Tripster for the best deals! Multiple ticket combinations are available to suit every level of thrill-seeker. Include thrill rides with your SkyPod ticket or stick to the observation decks. Here are the most popular SkyPod discount tickets:

Can’t decide how many rides you want to try? Here’s a sneak peek of what to look forward to:

Big Shot

This terror-like sling through the air shoots riders 160 feet at 45 miles per hour to a height of 1,081 feet. Sounds fun, right!?


This roller coaster shoots you right off the edge of the building, catapulting riders 27 feet over the edge of the Tower at 30 miles per hour, then dangles you 109 stories with your feet in the air. Sounds terrifying? More like the best thrilling ride of your life!

aerial close up view of the SkyPod at The STRAT Hotel in las vegas nevadaInsanity

This insane claw drops you as quickly as your heart leaves your chest, then swings riders out 64 feet over the edge at 900 feet in the air and spins at a 70-degree tilt.

SkyJump at The STRAT Discount Tickets

If you want to take the experience to new, dizzying heights, SkyJump is calling your name. Only for the brave, this attraction holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial decelerator descent.

It begins at a whopping 855 feet in the air and reaches dashing speeds of around 40 miles per hour. Do it all in daylight, or go even bolder with a nighttime jump. Geronimo!

Looking for SkyJump at The START discount tickets? The SkyJump and SkyPod discount ticket combo provides the perfect high-stakes fun for extreme daredevils. The SkyJump + SkyPod Experience Admission is available on Tripster!

The STRAT Las Vegas Coupons and Discounts

The STRAT Las Vegas Military Discount

This attraction is doing it right by offering the lowest room rates for military personnel! In addition, military service members and immediate family get free SkyPod admission. So if you’re planning to try out the rides at the SkyPod, you only need to pay for the rides. Just don’t forget to bring a military ID!

View of someone in the air after the have jumped the SkyJump at The Strat with the city of Las Vegas under them in the back ground at twilight in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
photo credit: The Strat via Facebook

The STRAT Las Vegas AAA Discount

A visit to The STRAT Las Vegas can be expensive, so we totally understand the desire to squeeze out every last The STRAT Las Vegas coupon and The STRAT Las Vegas discounts you can find. While there isn’t any special discount for AAA membership cardholders at this time, you can still save big with The STRAT SkyPod Discount Tickets or The SRAT SkyJump Combo Tickets on Tripster.

The STRAT Las Vegas Senior Discount

Wondering if The STRAT Las Vegas offer a senior discount? Of course, they do! When you avail of The STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod Seniors Discount, you get an extra 10 percent off already low rates to stay on the Vegas Strip.

No need to present a senior citizen ID at the ticket booth! The STRAT Las Vegas allows guests to avail of this discount by booking hotel rooms and activities on the official website.

The STRAT Las Vegas Group Travel Deals

The thrills and wonders of The STRAT were made to be enjoyed with the people we love. There are multiple group packages to choose from, depending on the occasion. All of these can include unlimited SkyPod Thrill Rides (excluding SkyJump) and access to the Observation Decks:

  • Private Events
  • Private Dining
  • Reception
  • Proposals

Have a big group event in mind? Call The STRAT group reservations team to arrange the best experience for everyone!

For small groups who aren’t interested in organizing a private event and just want to experience The STRAT’s amazing activity packages, check out The STRAT SkyPod Discount Tickets and The STRAT SkyJump Combo Discount Tickets on Tripster instead.

The STRAT Las Vegas Vacation Packages

Take your Las Vegas trip to new heights with bundled tickets offering access to The Strat and more. Check out our packages for an unforgettable yet budget-friendly experience.


Three women in neon green gear and harnesses ready to jump at the SkyJump at the STRAT in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
photo credit: The STRAT Las Vegas via Facebook

Hotels Near The STRAT Las Vegas

If you’re going to visit the STRAT, why not stay at the STRAT? Luxury hotel rooms and rooftop pools mean there’s no reason to leave once you’re ready to come down from your SkyPod high. Dive into a pile of luxurious pillows and comforters to end the day on a high note!

Alternatively, Tripster has you covered if you’re looking for a different experience or if you simply want more budget-friendly accommodations. There are dozens of hotels in and near the Strip so you won’t have difficulty finding a range of accommodations to choose from. Here are some of the best hotels near The STRAT Las Vegas for every traveler:

exterior view of building and water at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USALas Vegas Attractions

Bryce Canyon & Zion Combination Tour

Simply wait at your hotel for the bus to pick you up and venture on a full day of spectacular sightseeing! The bus tour takes you to soak in the grandeur of the Arizona Strip, which includes sweeping sandstone canyon views, evergreen trees, and wildflower fields.

Pro Tip: Wear hiking or athletic shoes! This 14.5-hour tour involves a lot of exploring the magnificent landscapes on foot.

Book Bryce Canyon & Zion Combination Tour on Tripster for effortless travel arrangements and zero booking fees.

sandstone formations of Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA with several trees during the daytime
photo credit: Pixabay

River Dogz Kayak Tours

Set off on the Colorado River for a half-day of exploring via kayaking. If you’ve never gone kayaking before, no worries! River Dogz Kaya Tours is geared toward beginners and includes basic instruction from your guide.

Your guide will also point out exciting sights like Emeral or Falcon Cave. Moreover, possible wildlife sightings lurk at every corner, such as bald eagles, rainbow trout, and big horn sheep!

Vegas Balloon Rides

While the SkyPod gives you the best view of the Strip, there’s much more to Las Vegas. Take a balloon ride to see it all like never before! The trip embarks before sunrise to ensure the most stunning view.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will have you swooning over Western Nevada and Eastern California from soaring heights of 10,000 feet and more! Vegas Balloon Rides tickets are available on Tripster.

A large red and yellow hot air balloon in the sky as part of Vegas Balloon Rides in Las Vegas, Nevada, USAInsider The STRAT Las Vegas Tips

What to Bring

Wondering what else you need to pack for a day of adventure at The STRAT? Bring your best camera, for one! Enjoy 360-degree views of Las Vegas’ unique landscape and while you’re at it, shoot a couple of selfies that deserve a permanent square on your Instagram feed.

If you’re planning to experience the wild rides at The STRAT Las Vegas, wear closed-toe shoes or bring one!

Can I Bring Food Into The STRAT Las Vegas?

If it’s high time for lunch or dinner while you’re at the STRAT on-site dining options are numerous. Whether you’re looking to grab a bite poolside, chow down on American diner food, or get fancy at a restaurant that literally revolves 360 degrees, there’s an eatery for you! Outside food and beverages are not allowed.

The award-winning Top of the World Restaurant delivers if you’re searching for an upscale, up-high experience. The delectable menu full of steaks, seafood, and fresh, seasonal fare is a draw on its own. However, the best part may be the view. Every 80 minutes, you’ll get a new perspective of the Las Vegas skyline, as the restaurant revolves 360 degrees! So leave stale views and stale meals behind. The Top of the World Restaurant brings the freshest of the fresh!

If you’re looking for something a little more laid-back, the Strat Cafe has a casual vibe on the casino floor. The menu? It’s full of classic comfort food. Think of anything you can find at an American diner: burgers, chicken tenders, and buttermilk pancakes. If you prefer food that’s a touch more original, they have that too! Try the crispy fried cheese ravioli, braised beef, cheddar cheese sandwich, or grilled salmon.

Need to recharge post-Strat adventures? Delve into our complete guide to Las Vegas restaurants, offering something for everyone

A couple at a candle lit table having wine and dinner with large glass windows to the right showing Las Vegas night life in Las Vegas, Nevada
photo credit: The STRAT Las Vegas via Facebook

The STRAT Las Vegas Parking

Las Vegas offers public transportation, but the bus, while cheap, tends to be time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend forgoing this option and taking a cab or using a ridesharing service, like Uber or Lyft.

Moreover, if you’re taking your car, you’re in luck! The STRAT offers free parking and valet. So whether you’re staying for a few hours or a few nights, you can take advantage of these services!

People excited riding the X Scream at the Skypod at the STRATS in the daytime with a blue cloudy sky in Las Vegas, Nevada
photo credit: The STRAT Las Vegas via Facebook

The STRAT Las Vegas Reviews

Want to find out what other readers think of The STRAT Las Vegas? Check out the most recent The STRAT Las Vegas reviews.

Now that you know all that the STRAT Las Vegas has to offer, are you ready for your own sky-high experience? Go straight to the top and visit the SkyPod. Or, if you’re feeling really risky, head to the SkyJump to take a big leap! To top things off, fine dining and luxurious lodging are also in store.

Not sure where to start? Plan your trip with Tripster Las Vegas! The best rates and package deals are waiting for you.

The STRAT Las Vegas FAQs

Perched atop the tower resides the Skypod, a delightful mix of a rotating restaurant, lounges, and observation decks. The pinnacle of the tower also boasts an array of exhilarating thrill rides.

Providing restaurant guests a complete 360-degree vista of Vegas, The Top of the World completes a full rotation every 80 minutes. These moving tables are strategically placed at the periphery of the restaurant, while the Skypod's floor-to-ceiling windows make sure that every seat is paired with a mesmerizing view.

With over 2,400 affordably priced accommodations, the conveniently situated Stratosphere offers a wide selection for guests. You can choose from a range of options, such as calming spa rooms to sumptuous penthouse suites. Indeed, whether you prefer a simple mini suite or a lavish premier suite, the Stratosphere has just the right place for you.

What is Your Favorite Activity at the STRAT?

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