Useful Tips and Things to do at Wrigley Field: A First Timer's Guide

August 11, 2017

As a first time visitor, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all things to do at Wrigley Field. For the ultimate baseball game experience, keep these tips and things to do in mind.

When in Chicago, IL, you have to sneak in a Cubs game. Even if you’re a fan of another team, going to a game at the second oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the country is a must. This stadium is beaming with history, from the ivy-lined brick walls to the infamous Steve Bartman seat.

inside wrigley field baseball field in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Tips for Visiting Wrigley Field

Any sports fan knows that enjoying the game is only half the experience. Between getting to the game and finding food, the logistics of it all can be cumbersome. Follow these tips for an entertaining first game at Wrigley Field:

Getting to the Stadium

While there are multiple parking garages around Wrigley Field, it is a nightmare. Between the high hourly rates and the headache-inducing traffic, it’s not worth it. Your best bet is to take public transportation to the stadium. The easiest option is the Addison stop on the CTA Red Line, located a half block away from the field.

Another option is to take an Uber or Lyft to the game. Keep in mind that these ride-sharing services may have surge pricing during popular games such as the Crosstown Classic (Cubs vs. White Sox). The stadium also offers free bike parking for those who choose to pedal to the game.

Food and Drinks at Wrigley Field

The food at Wrigley Field has an unfortunate reputation for being sub-par. If you’re in the mood for a classic hot dog, popcorn, hamburger, or another type of concession stand food, you’ll have no problem getting it at the park. To save money (and potentially your taste buds), consider bringing your own food to the game. Wrigley Field allows fans to carry-in their food along with sealed bottled water in a soft-sided cooler.

For food, fun, and non-stop entertainment on game day, explore the Chicago Cubs’ neighborhood, known as Wrigleyville. Not only will you find souvenir shops and live music, but also delicious restaurants, bars, and eateries. Top food choices in Wrigleyville include:

On game day, Wrigleyville restaurants and bars will be flocked with fans. Plan to get there early, have a drink or two, and fill up before the big game.

There’s no bad seat in Wrigley Field!

Where to Sit in Wrigley Field

When purchasing your tickets for the game, know that there’s not a bad seat in the entire stadium (with the exception of the Steve Bartman seat, of course.) Whether you sit behind first base or in the bleachers, you’ll have a great view of the game.

One area to consider is the rooftop seats. While technically pricier than bleacher seats, this particular section includes all-you-can-eat food and beverages. When you factor in the price of a few hot dogs, sodas, and maybe an alcoholic drink or two on top of bleacher seat prices, rooftop seats are the better value.

However, if you want the full Chicago Cubs baseball experience, buy bleacher seats. The die-hard fans will make your game experience one for the books. Plus, with the seats situated the way they are, you can’t help but strike up a conversation with your neighbor!

Remember—no matter where you sit, keep an eye out for foul balls and home runs. Aside from your safety, you could potentially disrupt the play if you try and lean over the side to catch the ball. From looking at Chicago Cubs history, you do not want to be the person that ruins a play in the favor of the home team!

How to Get Cheap Chicago Cubs Tickets

With the 2016 World Series win, there is no such thing as cheap Chicago Cubs tickets. Instead, you’ll want to look for slightly more affordable tickets. Aside from sitting in the bleachers, choosing to attend a midweek game tends to have lower ticket prices.

Another way to score affordable tickets is by attending games during the colder months. Season ticket holders likely won’t want to sit through the sharp Chicago winds or snow and will sell their tickets the day of. Keep an eye out for these last-minute deals.

By Arturo Pardavila III from Hoboken, NJ, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

4 Exciting Things to Do at Wrigley Field

Although the majority of your attention will be on the game, there are so many fun things to do at Wrigley Field while you’re there. Add these experiences to your day for a memorable baseball game.

Browse the Statues of Former Chicago Cubs Stars

Outside of Wrigley Field at the corner of Clark and Addison, you’ll find statues of four former Chicago Cubs greats: Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Harry Caray. If you’re into baseball history, you’ll want to see these statues in person. Remember to get your picture with them!

Take the Stadium Tour

If your trip to Chicago allows, immerse yourself in Chicago Cubs history with the Wrigley Field stadium tour. As one of the more engaging things to do at Wrigley Field, the 90-minute, daily stadium tours include behind-the-scenes experiences, a knowledgeable guide, and more. Plus, you never know, you might meet a Chicago Cub player along the way! Tickets are $25 per person (purchased in advance) with children under the age of 2 admitted free.

Do note that game day versus non-game day tours do differ in context and areas toured due to game-day operations.

Receive a First Game Certificate

Ideal for younger baseball fans, guests can get a “My 1st Cubs Game” certificate before the game by visiting the Fan Services Booth. The booth is located behind home plate on the first level of the stadium. Visit the booth before the national anthem and first pitch to receive this piece of memorabilia!

Get a Player’s Autograph

Who doesn’t want an autograph from the Chicago Cubs? To get an autograph, head to the wall along the outfield side of the dugouts during batting practice or about 45 minutes before the game begins. You’ll see other fans calling over players for autographs. When doing this, be respectful of the players. After all, they have a game to prepare for! Most of the players are good about autographing baseballs, fan memorabilia, programs, and other items during this time.

If by chance you miss this opportunity, you can also wait by the Cubs’ parking north of the field on Waveland after the game. Once again, be respectful of the players! Being rude and shouting won’t get you that beloved autograph.

Enjoy Your Time at Wrigley Field

Once you’ve used our tips to get to the stadium, secure your seats, and more, take a step back and soak it all in! You’re in the presence of baseball history. With so many things to do at Wrigley Field, your first time at a Chicago Cubs game is sure to be fantastic.

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